Bud Jeffries Has Passed Away


His wife posted a long message to his Instagram account today breaking the news.

RIP. Seemed like a swell guy and was definitely an entertainer.

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Just saw this. Absolutely crushing. His son passed a few years ago: it’s been a rough time.

My first ever exposure to Bud was in Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Beyond Bodybuilding”, where this photo was published

Never again will we witness such a unique blending of size, strength, power and sheer brutal insanity.

RIP bud


The first time I saw him was deep in the recesses of wild things he posted. It was something similar to the photo you posted, only it included a neck harness and probably fire.

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I remember first having gotten bit by the iron bug at age 12-13 back in late 2000s and seeing his posts on youtube and really wanting to just lift heavy shit/do a strongman comp after watching.

Cherished and will be missed, RIP.

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[speaker warning, super-loud]

Saw the news over the weekend. Really came out of left field. I’ve followed his work for 15+ years, back when his 1,000 pound squat vid was making the rounds. Might’ve been the 900 squat, actually. They kinda blend together in their insanity.

I bought his “Training Trio” of ebooks years and years ago - Twisted Conditioning, How To Squat 900 Pounds Without Drugs, and Super Strength and Endurance for Martial Arts. And he sent me 50 Power Points of Super Size, Strength, and Endurance for free.

Tons and tons of phenomenal info about odd object lifting, using mixed methods (like high-rep bodyweight and heavy low-rep lifting) in a session, and just getting absurdly strong.

Twisted Conditioning even includes this little challenge in the beginning of the book:

I was happy for him when he lost a bunch of weight a few years ago, but he always got a lot of grief for using partial reps and odd lifts. He always seemed really gracious about it, while i’d’ve been like, “700-pound quarter squats are ‘easy’? Okay, you do one.”

I actually reached out to interview him for TN years ago but he was unavailable, on tour doing speaking engagements, and we never got a chance to put something together.

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