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Bud Jeffries Challenge

Apparently Bud Jeffries has done a 1000 lb bottom position squat using only a belt and a lifetime without steroids. (Video on his strongerman website.)

He has just posted that he will give the first person who duplicates his feat $1000.

To quote Bud:

"People are going to say all kinds of stuff about this. That?s fine. Let me tell you some of why I?m doing this. Because I honestly want to see if anyone else can do it, not to stroke my own ego. Because I think it is the most legitimate way to squat regardless of what anybody else?s rules or competitive organization says.

Because I don?t think competition would legitimize a lift or settle any kind of controversy. Because I want people to see that true drug free heavy lifting DOES exist. Because I also want people to see that you don?t have to have on double suits and wraps to squat heavy. Because I don?t normally acknowledge critics and I won?t acknowledge them on this, but this is my answer. "

I wonder if there will be takers!

No one who can do it is going to, Bud’s too nice a guy. He started this challenge a while back when a lot of folks were challenging that he claimed to “squat 1000lbs” drug free since he started the lift high of parallel. Damn strong lift though, which most of the guys involved acknowledged.

Not quite sure what happened in the middle, weird posture shift.