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Buckwheat Protein Fractions


OK, this was a new one for me. Anyone 1) ever heard of them 2) ever used them and 3) have any opinions on if this is just bull shit marketing about protein supps?

it is supposed to be a high quality protein supplement, that, as the name states, is not from an animal product. Whey causes me to break out, so I am always on the look out for other options.

Any thoughts?


Buck wheat itself is great to mix with grains like half and half with your oats, Both are incomplete sources But they finish one another off making them Complete. If memory serves right its the Lysine that most grains are missing that buck wheat is rich in.

BUT the buckwheat alone and I imagine these fractions as well would be an incomplete source on their own



okay, here is a PDF that a company called Kemistry is putting up on Buckwheat protein.

any science rockstars at their that can tell me if this is bunk or if there is any "real science" behind it. I would love to find a vegetarian protein source i could rely on. I am a meater eater, but like to use protein supps and just find whey doesnt really work for me in terms of side effects


T-Nation: if this is for real, any chance you would have a protein product like this in your pipe line?