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Buckwheat Lowers Test/Libido?

Is it possible that buckwheat in higher doses (~250g a day, longterm) lowers testosterone production/and libido?

ive read that it contains DCI compund which is helpful for PCOS women, because it lowered their testosterone (~50%). and buckwheat is a primary source of this compound.

has anyone observed sth like this?

God I hope not! I actually buy Buckwheat Pancake mix (and then I walk around the kitchen exclaiming things like “Oh’Doh!” and “Ny Goodness Daycious” while cooking -lol. My girlfriend’s not usually as amused as I am).


No idea. I ate 100g a day for the last couple of months almost every single day and dropped it last week. Not quite the quantity you are talking about, but I didn’t really notice any problems with my libido.

If it goes through the roof now that I’ve stopped eating it I’ll probably notice.

maybe sb else?