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Buck Wheat as Carb Source?

What do you all think of Buck Wheat as a carb source?
I’m eating it at the moment instead of rice.

Come on!
Someone must know what this is!
I’m concerned that either its estrogenic in some way or its got a high GI, both of which I don’t know.
I know one thing it tastes as good as rice, is full of fiber, natural, and I can’t understand why more bodybuilders are not eating it!

I have been eating buckwheat for ages as a carb source before workouts. I find it an excellent source of carbs. I like to add some tuna in with so I get protein and carbs at the same time. I guess I must be doing somehting right I am 245 lbs. @ ( last I checked 11% bodyfat) but it may be higher due to my bulking phase i’m in right now.But I haven’t grown any breasts or anything like that so I guess it is Ok to eat.

Thanks for your input!, I thought is was good but everyone I’d asked had never heard of it.

Buckwheat?!?! doesn’t his hair get caught in your teeth??

j/k, i couldn’t resist!!!

Be careful. If you have any asthma or allergy related issues this may cause anaphalactic shock. Two of my friends had to be rushed to the hostpital due to food allergies they were not aware of. Other than those issues it is a good source.