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Bucephalus's Training Log

I will keep this log up to date more than anything to keep myself accountable. I donâ??t have aspirations of being UFC champion or anything. I’m just a regular guy who likes to challenge himself.

I competed in powerlifting for some time. Best total was 505-335-550=1390 “raw” at about 255lbs. I did pull 600 starting about 2" off the ground on a really good day but never in a meet. So I wasn’t terrible but definitely not Ed Coan either. I’d injured my groin a few times doing squats and about a year ago was rehabbing it when I realized I didn’t have the passion for the sport I once had and decided to kind of put it on the back burner for the time being.

I began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai soon after that, having gained some weight from being inactive. Since my Dad has always been into martial arts we kind of followed MMA since its early days and I have always been fascinated by the sport.

I started out really just looking to get into a new hobby and get into better shape, but have gotten a lot more serious in the past few months. I am looking to compete in a few BJJ tournaments later this year and hopefully compete in amateur Muay Thai next year.

I am trying out the following schedule for now. I work as a CPA (accountant) so I may miss some days due to working late. However this time of the year is busy but not terribly so, so hopefully that will not be too big of an issue.

Monday: Brazilian Jiu, Jitsu (Gi), Muay Thai
Tuesday: rest or light cardio
Wednesday: Brazilian Jiu, Jitsu (Gi), Muay Thai
Thursday- Brazilian Jiu Jitus (Gi), Mixed Martial Arts
Friday: rest or light cardio
Saturday: Muay Thai (sparring class), Brazilian Jiu, Jitsu (Gi)
Sunday: Weight training

Trying to see how doing weights once a week works out. I’ve found that maintaining strength doesn’t take a whole lot. Also that weights add up to CNS fatigue pretty soon when combined with Martial arts training.

Aug. 4: weights

Clean and press: 135x3 155x3 170x3
Front squat: 195x3 225x3 245x3 265x1 (used clean grip for all reps)

Pull ups- 2 sets of 10. 1 set of 9 (purple band assistance)
superset with Dips- 10,10,9 with 25 lbs.

Glute ham raise- 3 sets of 5
superset with Ab wheel 3 sets of 5

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- drilled a triangle choke and an armbar variation transitioning from the triangle choke. Got to do plenty of rolling.
First roll was with another white belt. Dominated positionally most of the time, but got caught in a sleeper choke while in the mount.
Second roll was against a good, fast blue belt. Had his back at one point but unable to get hooks in and he got out, ended up in an awkward position and got caught in an armbar. Started gassing and got caught in another arm bar. The instructor pointed out I tend to leave arm out while in opponent’s guard which is why I got caught.
Third roll was against another white belt. Managed to get an Americana lock.

Muay Thai- went kind of light today. Back and forth drilling a few cominations with a partner. One was a spinning elbow which was new to me and felt a bit awkward.

Felt a bit sore from lifting but nothing too bad. Didn’t notice myself moving any slower than usual

Wanted to go to BJJ but worked late.

Muay Thai drilled a number of combinations. One was a one-two-hook feint kick into superman punch. Another was teep kick transitioning into a clinch. Then worked them together. Superman punch was new on me and felt weird at first but got the hang of it and found I could generate a lot of power this way.

8-8: worked late

8-9: Muay Thai - went to beginner class as I got out of work early, then in regular class drilled the same stuff as Wednesday

8-10: 18 month aniversary, spent day with gf

Clean and Press- 120x5 135x5 155x5 5 push presses
Front squat- 170x5 195x5 225x5
Chins- (purple band)x10 BWTx5,5,4

Complexes with kettlebells
overhead press
sumo high pull
push press
front squat

deceptively hard, did 3 sets of 6 reps for each - need to work on this only used 35s and it kicked my ass

Wow forgot to update this:

8/12: BJJ then Muay Thai - got to roll with 2 purple belts; against one I dominated positionally but ended up in a choke/ against second got dominated positionally - able to muscle out of submission attempts but he did get an arm bar from mount
8/14: BJJ then Muay Thai
8/15:BJJ then MMA
8/17:Muay Thai then BJJ - not a big turnout, so did bag work instead of sparring

Later that day was a buddy’s birthday. Turns out liver cardio isn’t what it once was so spent Sunday hugging the toilet and praying for death

Front Squat- 185x3 210x3 235x3 255x1 275x1
Clean and press- 135x3 165x3 185x1x2 sets 205x1