Buccal Testosterone

i have a buddy that just started TRT, and his doc put him on a daily buccal tablet for treatment… i’ve never heard of that, and from what it sounds like, is kinda expensive.

anybody here use that?

i suggested he might want to talk to his doc about self injecting, or having his wife do it, who’s a nurse. seems like that would be way more predictable and inexpensive…

My dr lets me do injections at as my insurance doesn’t cover . Creams and axiron are 450 to 500 amonth. Then is aveed 991 dollars for a 750mg shot of test undeconate has to be done at clinic every 10 weeks after build up. They just informed me that insurance covers testopel but to much blood work plus i want to spike it.I have no experience with buccal does it pass through liver

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Christ guys. I pay 8 euros per ampoule of sustanon ( 24 per month ) and nurse injects it for me, for free.
But as it is for Buccal testosterone, i’m highly sceptical that it’d work well. Tests will tell your friend in time.

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I just use tcyp at 20bucks per ml they dont let me get the 10ml bottle no more for 110bucks working on spiking my trt a little and stopping about 6to8weeks out From my blood test . I tried mk2866 a sarm for 3 weeks now haven’t noticed much just seem a little fuller.

yeah, i think he said he had bloodwork in a month. he also said something about the doc saying that insurance wouldn’t cover it well, and he might need to try a different style of treatment, which confused me as to why they even tried it in the first place…

oh well. he’s happy to on the road to feeling better… he said he was 130-ish (out of 300-800).

i don’t know much about it, but it looks like the buccal delivery system skips the liver… the half-life is pretty short, tho, and needs twice a day dosing. not sure why his doc has him on one a day…

I heard they are coming out with a testosterone nasal spray if his wife is a nurse there should be no problem with him taking his shots at home also if he gets 200 milligrams for 2 weeks which is what they started me out when I switch to injectables I asked him if I could just do a hundred milligrams once a week they said they had no problem with that you won’t get the higher level but you won’t have as much of a crash the last 5 days before your shot also less convert to estradiol

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yeah, that’s what i suggested to him. i think he’s gonna do what his doc said for now, and see how this stuff works and how his insurance pays and stuff…