Bubropion For Libido Boost

I’ve been on trt for 7 months now and my results are quiet good. My muscle mass has increased, and my mood has improved. My issue is that my libido hasn’t improoved as much as I would like. I have noctural erections every night and on the weekends, when I see my girlfriend, I am able to have sex multiple times per day. Still my desire to have sex is not where I would like it to be. I talked to my Doc about this and she told me that it might be a dopamine issue. She told my to see a doc and ask for a bupropion perscription. I did my reasearch and I got mixed results. Has anybody tried it and care to share his experience? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
I am on 140mg of test per week split into two injections and I take 1,5 arimidex per week+ 2.I.Us of HGH.

Unless she is raping you … You are having sex multiple times per day but just hate it? Oh hell if you can have sex that much you do not have a problem. Is it possible that your girl is not as exciting to you as she once was? That is normal. Usually you only go crazy and have sex every hour on the hour, when you are really young and you have not been with the girl very long. Maybe you just dropped from madman to energetic.

I am on Bupropion XL and it is basically a slight overall mood enhancer (for me at least). It’s also known as Wellbutrin. My PCP prescribed it to me when I complained of no sexual desire and lack of libido. I knew more was going on but my PCP wasn’t familiar with TRT so he didn’t have any insight on that side of things. Luckily I found an NP who got to the bottom of everything. I am still taking the Bupropion XL, but it wasn’t until I started Test C and Arimdex that I started being more intrested in sex with my fiance.

Just my $.02 :slight_smile:

As an alternative to SSRI’s it does have a big advantage for sexual function.

If neural transmitters are not right and dampening one’s libido, if Wellbutrin helps, then it can do what many other AD meds would mess up.

Otherwise it is not a love drug.

I have ADHD but I never took anything for it. Before I started TRT my doc suggested ritalin to combat the symptoms but I thought that maybe testosterone will solve it. Is there any possibility my ADHD gets in the way of my libido since I got noctural erections almost every night?

Thanks for the reply brother

Multiple times a day isn’t good enough?

FWIW, Wellbutrin was a net negative for me sexwise. In some studies Wellbutrin appears to also causes some sex problems, just not as many as Most other antidepressants do. Wellbutrin may improve someone’s sex life compared to, or when added to, an SSRI taken for depression, but there isn’t much evidence that Wellbutrin alone would improve the sex life of someone already having sex several times a day. Since wellbutrin is a strong psychotropic drug having a multiplicity of other side effects, many unknown, on the brain, I would avoid taking it just for this.

There are isolated reports of such things. Seems like a dopamine thing and as such, effects may not be sustained over time. If someone found a drug that was effective at increasing libido, it would be a major seller. The best of this nature is the effect of TRT in restoring lost libido.

Thanks for the reply KSman, I’ll give it a shot.

I used 300mg bupropion xl /day to combat miss-diagnosed dhystimia.
Holy sheet I have to say, it didn’t do crap for my mood but i still LOVED it because of the sexual effect…
It DOES work and you get not only more libido but stronger and more vascular erections, sex feels more intense, higher ejaculation volume and specially strong orgasms, like eye-rolling ones lol.

I never had any side effects and I gladly paid the expensive price.