Bubbling Sensation in Pectoral Muscle

I have been feeling a bubbling sensation deep within certain muscles recently. Primarily my left pectoral, but last week I felt some in my right spinal erector.
If it was only my left pec I’d be terrified, maybe, but having it in the erector makes me think it’s not my heart freaking out.
I seem to experience it a few minutes after exertion. It’s like a little elf is drumming his fingers on the inside of the muscle. Anyone experience this? Should I be worried?

Update: a common-sense friend suggested dehydration and lack of electrolytes. Both of these seem to apply, I haven’t drank enough water or had many electrolytes lately. So fixing that right now!
Will update again if it changes.

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sounds like small tremors or twitching. Keep us updated on your hydration/electrolyte plan

Yep sounds luck muscle tremors. I get this in the legs mostly after lots if exertion. Also used to get them after a long run. Hydration would be my first go to and then just some self massage and relaxation . Maybe a nice bath.

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