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bubbles tiny bubbles

This is a serious, but weird question. Sometimes when I pee I have lots of bubbles in my urine. What causes this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t mean to worry u, but your u may have kidney problems. The bubbles indicate protein loss.

I started noticing bubbles in my urine and feeling intermittent pain on the lower-left hand side of my abdomen.

I had a routine blood and urine test and was then referred to a kidney surgeon. I’ve had lots of tests since and am currently waiting for the results.
Although a CT scan revealed did reveal a swollen left-kidney, they don’t know what’s causing it yet.

Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can, the earlier a problem is diagnosed the better the chances of dealing with it effectively.


It could be that your urine isn’t diluted enough and the force of expulsion is foaming it on contact with the water in the toilet or surface of the urinal. Drink more water, see a doc for a pee test if you’re worried.

Splashing in the toilet water does this, especially when I pee forcefully to push floating poo-poos around.

thats glucose, blood sugar. High amounts of blood sugar cause urine to bubble-thats your body dumping excess blood sugar away. your blood sugar level is presumably high

Well it seems to me that it has been doing this a while. I just thought about posting it because I realized it the other day. I notice it more when I am either eating lots of protein, taking andro products, or anabolic drugs. So what do you guys think. I do not have any pain or anything else. I think this has been happening for a good while now. Yet I do not have any serious side effects. Anyways I would love some more feedback. Thanks.

One last note I do not have bubbles every time I urinate. Just sometimes. Thats one reason I do not understand what it is from.

Try to aim your penis so you urinate near the edge of the toilet rim, hitting the side with your piss instead of directly impacting into the water. This will help you determine whether or not the bubbles are just from the forceful impact of your urine into the water. Have fun.