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Bubble Tea


Anybody else like this stuff?

Its a Taiwanese drink and its basically a slushee with tapioca pearls in the bottom.

My favorite flavor is Tarot. I think thats everybody's favorite flavor.

I haven't had it in a while because anything that has to do with Asian people or Asian culture reminds me of my girlfriend too much and it makes me wanna cry (Chris, you're a T-man, dammit! T-men don't cry!). So until she gets back, no bubble tea for me.


Bubble Tea is awesome! My friend runs a Bubble Tea place here in NJ and my brother is thinking about opening one up also. Bubble Tea is the Asain version of Starbucks. And I think its catching on pretty quickly here in the USA.


Whats your favorite flavor?

Honeydew is good, too.


Yo chris... you gotta go to Southern Cali and go to a Tea Station. Their taro boba tea is the freakin best! Tastes a bit like a vanilla shake with the tapioca balls.

Everytime I visit LA I go to the Tea Station and get one.

Oh man, can't wait till I go back. I'm goin to Vegas this weekend, maybe I'll stop by on the way.


What is this, fucking menshealth.com?

Boys, grab hold of your balls and say something vulgar.



Dude the insulin spike you get from one of those fuckin drinks is unbelievable!

Fuck yeah! I'm gonna go get me one of them muthafuckas right now!

Let me bang out 8 Bear reps with 225 first.

Fuck yeah, tapioca rocks!


Luckily, I'm a girl and I can talk about estrogenic things such as tea and strumpets, er, crumpets.

Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condenced milk is a very naughty treat. Yum


Passion fruit is good! By the way here's a website that you can make Bubble Tea yourself.