Bubb Rubb

Have you heard of this guy? It all started when he was interviewed about a whistling device that you get installed in your muffler. He is fast becomming an internet celebrety. WOOO WOOOO!

Here’s a link to the original newcast (it’s 3.75 MB!) http://homepage.mac.com/howheels/rubpics/woowoo.wmv

There are many internet sites devoted to this guy. Here’s a good one: http://bubbrubb.howheels.org/

A list of other sites can be found on http://98online.com/photos/98%20at%20Nite/index.html

I would throw rocks at the motherfuckers if they drove through my neighborhood with that shit. I can’t stand idiots with loud mufflers or stereos. If your dick is so small that you use your car to compensate, at least do it away from residential neighborhoods.

did they manage to find the two thickiest bastards ever to explain the noise or what!!

I like how the girlfriend said it’s just decoration, but you probably couldn’t see it unless your face was 6" from the muffler. You’d think it would be annoying to ride in the car.

But’s that’s not important!

What’s important here is Bubb Rubb! He is already getting a following, with many websites devoted to him. I predict you will soon see Bubb Rubb T-shirts. I predict he’ll be on at least one talk show. I predict you’ll see him in at least one TV commercial. Hell, the company that makes those damn whistling things should hire him as their spokesperson! I can even see him going on tour like the “What’s Up Guys” did, and getting paid to scream “WOOO WOOOO!”

Of course, this guy’s fame will only last 15 minutes, and no one will remember him by next year.

Even if you have dial-up, it’s worth downloading the original newscast!


Did you see her almost drive into the sidewalk on the other side of the street when she was leaving, almost hit the car that was coming around the corner, and then drive right through that stop sign?

Hey, wait a minute, was that my ex-wife?

Yeah, they did run the stop sign!

Wow, there’s Bubb Rubb sound boards, shirts, MP3 remixes. I highly recommend “Woo 2” http://homepage.mac.com/howheels/rubpics/Woo%202.mp3 It’s based on “Song 2” by Blur!

It`s Dat Woo Woo!

LOL. Gave me the best laugh of my week so far! A kids mind locked in an adults body. Poor Guy! Drives like an asshole too! Showtime! LOL

(For a real buzz, click all the buttons rapidly. The sounds overlap.)

LOL. Gave me the best laugh of my week so far! A kid`s mind locked in an adult`s body. Poor Guy! Drives like an asshole too! Showtime! LOL

Correction. Lil Sis (Dekarashun) drives like an asshole. You can see Bubb Rubb trying to wave back to the news cam without getting killed. Based on the being there quality spirit of both displayed in the interviews, such driving behavior makes sense too.