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BTN Push Press for Shoulder Width?


Coach Thib (or anyone else reading this),

I've been reading about how you love push pressing for shoulder development, and I've come up with an idea. I have a hard time building shoulders, specifically shoulder width, and I find that behind-the-neck pressing seems to light up the lateral portion of my deltoids so much more than traditional barbell military pressing.

Since this is the area I'm trying to build (since I'm looking for width / lateral head development), what is your opinion on behind-the-neck push pressing? What it be unsafe loading up a lot of weight behind-the-neck? Would the overloaded eccentric portion of the movement be a sure way to tear something in my shoulder? Or would this movement be a good way to build up shoulder width? (P.s. I've never had any trouble with regular BTN presses in past, my shoulders cope with it fine). Any response would be great, thanks!



i'm not CT but i do remember him recommending these (i think it was his HST100 program for shoulders on 'width' day), he said to use a very wide grip to ease the stress on the shoulder joint -from personal experience, the wider grip actually hit my side delts more.


Thib said before he likes btn snatch push press