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BTN Press:OHP Press Ratio?

What should be the optimal ratio between standing BTN press and standing overhead press from the front?

There is none.


My BtN is about 80% of my press from in front (with minimal layback). Not to claim I am optimal, but for a data point.

I OHP(standing) 155, and bench 265. Not sure what the ratio is supposed to be but I would think it should be around 75%. Btw I dont train Ohp much and havent maxed on it in a couple months so It could be a bit higher.

I’m too scared to do BTN Press so zero

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Never really bothered with BTN, get enough front delt volume through my other push movements and my OHP

As pointed out by @T3hPwnisher their isn’t one. I can second that.

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100% irrelevant to any goal I can think of

that’s not what he asked. BTN means Behind the Neck. lol.

Ohh lol I didnt know what It ment,thought it was some term for a program or something.

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