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BTN/Bradford Presses as Assistance

Hi Jim,

What’s your opinion on using Behind-the-Neck or Bradford (alternating front and BTN presses) Presses as assistance work with the original program? Do you feel they are too unsafe or taxing?

I really don’t have an opinion on either as I haven’t thought of them much in the past 7 years or so. We seem to get very strong without them but if you feel they are the best option to get stronger than god, then use them as you see fit. We wouldn’t use the BTN press as assistance though; that would be supplemental.

I have used BTN as the supplemental on my press day.
I usually run my press as 5 progression.
I started very light my BTN ,bar and have worked up. I do 5x10 keeping it light, so I never doubt a rep.
It’s been fine and in fact my shoulder mobility has improved and they loosen up quicker on squat day.