BTM - 5/3/1 for Size - Swap Bench/Press

I want to run BTM a second time again. After the first time I did the BBB and BBS. I have only 3 training days until my final exams are going to come.
I read from some user that it is okay to change the press with bench press. I do powerlifting competitions here and yet, so it would make sense. My shoulder feels really bad after doing dips, so does anyone have a good substituion for them? CG Bench for 100-200 reps is too much, maybe 100 reps of JM Press or Skull Crushers. And should I swap chins and rows also? Because I had a rounded back in the past. I know a lot to change, but this should be okay.

I know Jim recommend the programm for only 6 weeks, but I won’t to stick to the programm for a longer time.

Thanks to Jim and you guys :slight_smile:

Instead of dips, do push ups.