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So now they’ve caught this guy… and after reading/watching reports about him, I feel ill…The accounts of his first murders; the kid walking in and seeing his family…
And I was thinking; given DNA evidence as well as everything else, why is he gonna get a trial? The right to a fair trial was thought up long before DNA testing was even a thought right? It seems in certain cases where DNA is a match, lets just cut the b.s.
I say lets let the families decide what happens to him. Or they can consult me: tie him to a post in Death Valley, give him a fluid drip and tie meat around his neck.

maybe the prosecutors can use his right to a speedy trial against him and send him on his way.

but i like the death valley idea, too.

The beauty of and the problem with the American Justice System is everyone gets their fair day in Court, even the slime like this guy. If he pleads out, it’ll all go faster, but he’ll only get death if they have a jury trial. Judge cannot impose the death penalty, only a jury. (any attorneys that want to make sure I’m right on that last point, please double check me. My specialty is Juvenile law, not adult.)

As for the death valley idea, well…too easy

read your history of the Old West and find out what the Apache would do. My fav was staking the guy down and tying pieces of prickly pear to him with green rawhide strips. As the sun dries, the rawhide constricts and pulls the spines into the victim. With proper attentiona nd forcefully giving the victim water and some food, could make it last 3 or 4 days easy.

…and thats your happy thought for the evening.