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BSN True Mass Help


I just recently purchased a tub of BSN True Mass. Its the 5.75lb tub and it says that it contains 18 servings. 3 Scoops equals one serving and it is recommended to take 2-4 servings daily. If i take the minimum of 2 servings such as one in the morning and one at night thats 2 servings a day meaning the tub would run out in 9 days.

Now im not a mathematician but im pretty sure i got that right...and that just doesnt seem right to me. The tub sells for retail at 59.99 i bought it for 31.99 but there is no fuckin way that thats right. It just doesnt make sense. Is there a larger size tub and where can i get it? Or if i just have this whole thing wrong let me know. Thanks.


No you have it right. 18 servings will be gone in 9 days. I am not a big fan of meal replacement/mass powders and think most are overpriced for what they give you.

That said, you are looking at about $1.72 for a serving (in other words a high protein, high carb, moderate fat meal for $1.72) which is not bad if you really cannot fit enough real food in or if real food is going to cost you significantly more than $1.72.


No, you're correct...Its just food. You can't expect to get 600 calories out of one scoop...Think of it as 18 fairly large meals you just bought. At the price you bought it, thats less than 2 dollars per meal. And, you're buying a considerable amount of protein. Protein ain't cheap to eat.

That's about it. Whether it be whole food or protein shakes/weight gainers, its gonna cost money.


OMG BSN IS OVER PRICED?!! You mean the King Ronnie lied to me?! But but I can get as big as him by drinking this and NO-Explode right??

Haha welcome to the real world man.


Lol, to add to ^,

You mean my hair won't fall out by the time I turn 30 and I won't look disgusting like Branch Warren if I don't take Cell-Mass??