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BSN No-Xplode for MMA?


Is this recommended for mma training. I hear it is great for energy and performance, so i'd like to take when I feel nackered but need to train.

I dont want to take it on every training day like it says..

Also, I hear you are meant to cycle No-Xplode.. So is it still useful when you will only take it every few weeks?



Is this recommended for internet training. I hear it is a great time saver, so I'd like to use it instead of making useless threads.

I don't want to use it EVERY time I'm about to make a useless thread like it says..

Also, I hear you are meant to cycle "SEARCH"..

Will I have to cycle if I'm only using it once every two weeks, just so I don't look like a retard?


Save your money.



Becareful! Ive heard of people taking it and becoming too huge!



Do you have any recomendations to give you a crazy energy boost when you feel dead but need to train?


You'd save a ton of money if you just snagged the Spike pills for $10.

NO-Explode is just crap.




what are you guys talking about? along with squats and milk, no-explode should be a staple for every serious lifter/athlete. and yes, you do need to cycle steroids.





NO-XPLODE isnt a steroid


snagged the Spike pills?

what does that mean lol


MMA101, the guys are just joking. Read this.


That should help you understand why most people here regard them as crap.


brant drake. i try to imagine what people look like by how they speak, and i just imagine you looking liek your avatar. just thouight id share.


Cheers.. seems like a con lol, but is that the general opinion from all experts, or just that one?

Can anyone recommend any products that give you an amazing "pump" like No-Xplode clam to do?



Anyway, everyone's right. NO-Xplod is total bullshit, and BSN is making a killing of selling said bullshit. If you want energy, take a Spike or hell, a 5-Hour Energy Shot.

I know from personal experience that NO-X does absolutely nothing.


The pill is puttng me off..

Of Spike

Is it healthy, does it contain loads of shite?


Yeah, here's a product that can give you a "pump" you're looking for: a dumbbell. If that's all you're looking for, make sure you grab a pink or baby blue dumbbell less than five pounds, and proceed to curl said dumbbell 40-50 times to get hyoooge.

Man, you're kind of off to a bad start around here. I hope you do some reading of articles on the site... soon.


Try Spike and noexplode. Come back here and tell us you prefered Spike, or save your self some money and do a little research and realise noexplode does not work as advertised. Either ways is good.





Look @ the top of the screen, click 'store', scroll down to Spike!, purchase, save money, save your insides from having to deal with NO-Explode.

You are either a very ignorant beginner or a troll. sorry man. (if your not a troll)