BSN Mass Stack

Hey guys. I was hoping to get your opinions on supplement stacks. After my cut, (2.5 more weeks) i’m going to do a lean bulk with some supps, usually i just take whey, creatine 4-5 cycles a year maybe.

right now i am looking at BSN’s mass stacks, they include NOXplode, Nitrix, and cell mass. Some include Axis and syntha 6 as well. Anyone ever tried this stack?
or, what stacks have you tried that seem to work reallllly well. open to any suggestions

In addition to food, whey and creatine are all you need.

If you want stacks, don’t waste money on BSN (nitric oxide is a joke). There is an article written by TC in the last week which state all manner of stacks, including for mass. It is on the front page as a sticky under most discussed threads.

[quote]invnoone wrote:
In addition to food, whey and creatine are all you need.[/quote]

No one “needs” whey or creatine either, although they are both useful products.

I do agree that the OP should check out TC’s article on stacks, though.

I suggest you check out the Massive Eating articles, spend your money on real food, along with some quality protein, a pwo drink like Surge, and maybe creatine, depending on if you like the stuff.

Enjoy a bulking phase, enjoy real food, cuz you for damn sure dont get to eat anything halfway enjoyable when dieting.

Just make sure you are busting your ass in the gym to make it all count.



I would agree that the BSN mass stack is a bit much and that your goals will probably be better served with the basic supps. TC’s quick article is great for outlining that, and there’s also one over at’s one of those easy to absorb “20 Things” articles.

However, I think that the Cell-Mass component would be a good albeit expensive creatine option, if you’re set on buying BSN product.

Good job for asking questions before you buy. Don’t waste your money on the mass stack. The best mass stack I ever used consisted of milk, steak, chicken, cottaged cheese, potatoes, and rice.