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BSN Mass Stack


Im thinking of buying the mass stack. has any 1 here tryed it and dooes it actually give you great pumps and does it give you more strentgh and size if u actaully take it for a full 4 weeks while workin out 4 or 5 times a week and if i get of the creatien im takin now will the mass stack help me even though im on creatine now thx 4 the help...


It's a bunch of shit. Buy some quality stuff from Biotest (T-Nation). Read every damn article on this site about nutrition. EAT FOOD. Don't rely on some magic supplement "stack" to get you HYOOOGE. Oh, and try using correct grammar. You will not get many people to actually read your post if they literally can't read it.



Over priced, lots of suppliments are.

Eat more, lift harder.



I've tried so many supplements in the past and for the money, I probably would of been better off using AAS. Of course, I was young at the time, so that would of been an even worse move.

If I could of done my younger years over again, I would of eaten more eggs and chicken and taken less protein powder and supplements.


BSN makes decant protein, and pre-workout drink, other then that there test is promoted with females that means it's not strong enough for a man. Take a look at the Alpha Male by Biotest; I would be willing to bet that you would have bigger gains with it, then you would with that mass stack.

Like mentioned before nothing is going to work very well if your diet isn't in order


I agree their protein is decent and their desert is overpriced for what it is but taste really good and if you know how to hustle you can get it for a decent price.

BTW, most of these creatine or arginine (sp?) or bcaa supplements aren't that bad. They're just overpriced because you're paying for their fancy labels and advertisements with the muscle bound guy and the thong-clad chick. You don't need them, in all honesty but some are fun to play around with.

My point is if you dont' mind paying so much then go right ahead otherwise look around the net and not only will you find it cheaper but you'll find the main ingredients in these products sold in bulk powder form.

You could get 6 months worth of CellTech's main ingredients for what one large container would cost. And that's from the Vitamin Shoppe, cause only retards of people with no other choice shop at GNC.


Don't listen to anything anyone here says, Bull Shit Nutritionals products are great, the reason that Ronnie keeps winning the Olympia is because he uses the BSN mass stack...hahaha


I'm guessing my post went up before yours there guy?


i guess, im just havin some fun, i tried a free sample of NO-Explode and it was actually a decent stimulant, just too expensive and frequent users have told me it loses its effect after about a couple weeks


I've used the NO-Xplode sample pack a couple times this week, the first time I didn't feel anything from it, but the second time it was a nice feeling. I can't wait to get my HOT-ROX.


I've use Nitrix,CellMass,No-explode.
but not their protein.

i'll say they're overpriced, only make me fat, but i don't understand why...

by the way, NO-explode include one thing: glycocyamine!!!

i think Cy Wilson have said this chemical is pontentially harmful...

and No-explode have a lot more chemicals that i never able to know they're dangerous or not...

so my advice to you is eat REAL food to get big!!!