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BSN Lean Dessert Protein?

I have been taking Muscle Milk and was considering switching to BSN Lean Dessert Protein. Has anyone tried this product or have a knowledge about it? I am trying to build lean muscle and cut bodyfat and would only be usinging before workouts.

the nutrition facts have two minor problems in my book for cutting:

  1. it contains canola oil, small amounts but still, i’d rather choose my own fat source rather than downing some damn cooking oil. Canola oil does have a relatively good lipid breakdown.

  2. It contains a small bit of malto, which is great p w/o but for a cutting diet, pre w/o nutrition i would probably only have a lean protein powder and some fish caps at the maximum of any source of fat.

If you are trying to get sub 10% from wherey ou are at right now, it may hinder you ever so slightly.