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BS Fine Against Tuck


So, looks like Tuck of the Giants got a $7500 fine for his roughing the passer penalty against the Cowboys. For one, looked like a decent sack to me.

The big gripe I have (especially as a Skins fan) is how can you call that play a penalty and even fine the guy, when the Steelers this past Monday night (forget the player), literally wrapped up Campbell and turned him 180* to just body slam him into the ground and neither a penalty or a fine.


No, that was NOT a penalty.

Yes, protection of Quarterbacks has gotten ludicrous in the last few years.

I remember two years ago an entire game that my Packers were thwarted by a terrible call of roughing the passer against Seattle.

Yet another reason the NCAA is dominating the NFL in almost every regard this year.


Lamar Woodley....also remember the roughing passer call on against Farrior? That was very touchy call. Some of these calls are just ridiculous. NFL is pissing me off this season.


This is getting ridiculous. In my opinion, unless it's something flagrant enough to get a player ejected from the game, they should not get fined.


the fine is so bad that it has to make you wonder if there is something else behind it? Is this his second or third warning or something?


it would seem "plausible" to me if it were Romo (or Manning, Brady, etc), but a 3rd string QB? (not that I would agree with the fine even if it were the above named)


But the main reason the domination is occurring is the Big 12.


Woodley got fined $10,000 (I think) for that hit on Campbell.

According to ESPN Goodell rescinded the fine on Tuck after seeing the clip himself.


That's good to hear. That hit was as clean as they come.


As if he didn't see it before the fine.