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Brute's NAS Strongest Man V - Hampton, VA

Just wanted to start a thread and see who all was planning on competing at this. My training partners and I are planning on this for our first strongman competition. It would be nice to meet some fellow T-Nation members!

Just sent out my entry form today. This will be my first competition as well. What division are you planning to enter? I’ll be with the super lightweights, <175.

I’m glad someone finally posted in this thread! haha. I’m gonna do the novice 232+. My other option would be the open 265+ and I would get absolutely smashed haha. The other guys from our gym are entering as novice 231 and under. We have a 220ish guy, 200ish guy, and a 180ish guy that will be there but, none of us have ever competed in strongman. You have a long drive? It’s going to take us about 9 hours to get there so, we will probably come down a day or two early

Yeah, I had debated entering the novice <231 division. But, I’m sitting at just over 180 right now, and didn’t really want to be competing with guys over 40 lbs heavier than me. And I figured the novice division would have a lot more people. Not that I’m expecting to win or anything, but I’m damn sure gonna at least try!

My drive won’t be too long. I’m in NC, and it looks like it will be about a 3 and 1/2 hour drive.

Open class scares me lol. I couldn’t handle the weights for the 265+ right now. Well, if you see a tall, ugly, bearded guy that doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, that’ll be me lol. You keeping a log on here leading up to the meet or anything?

No kidding, the weights in the 265+ are brutal compared to the novice division. And, I will be the short, long-haired, bearded guy who will also probably not appear to know what he’s doing! I won’t be keeping a log on here, but I do log all of my workouts on Fitocracy (same user name minus the hyphen). How about you, planning to log your training for the meet?

Hmm, I just saw that the mystery 4th event on the first day was added. Looks like we will doing a car squat. Not sure how to train for that one. Squatting from pins maybe?

Holy crap. I can’t find where it shows the car squat but, that makes me very nervous. We have a “log” under the bodybuilding section. It’s call “So It’s Been a While.” It wasn’t intended to be a log at first but, kinda just turned into one lol. Where did you see the 4th event added? I would like to check it out lol.

I just seen it on the forum. Holy crap. Okay, well, I wasn’t so nervous before. Now, I’m nervous!

I’m pretty sure that the car squat will be done from the same apparatus as a car deadlift but with an extension that mimics a yoke set up, with a much smaller diameter bar across the back.

That’s what I was thinking. Still makes me nervous as hell. Wonder what the weight on your back will feel like for the novice group? I’ve never had the chance to do a car deadlift or car squat so, I’m a little worried about it.

I’m not sure what type of percentage you’re looking at for the squat, i’ve seen the guys at the gym loading it up with tires so far.

Hopefully it won’t be too bad since it’s being used for both novice classes and I’ll be in the 232+. We will just see how it goes haha.

You all fat.

nelson from the simpsons

fat and small biceps, unlike yourself.

I’ll be there supporting teammates, but I’m competing 2 weeks after this so I’ll probably be mostly sitting on my ass.

Cron-Yep, i’m very fat.

Any of your teammates going as novice, threewhitelights?

No, no novice competitors.

Well, if you’re around, I’ll be the tall, fat, bearded guy trying his best in the novice 232+ haha.

Scuba, how has training been? It’s closing in on us haha. Hope all is well.