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Pull ups x8
Log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x2, 87, 92 x5 x4 sets, 92 x 4
fs 45x10, 135x2, 165, 180, 195, 210, 220x2 x4 sets, 175x8 x4 sets, 175x7
Monster walking lunges x 100 feet
Farmers handle carries x 50 feet 43.5#/hand, 83.5#/ hand x 2 trips, 113.5#/ hand, 143.5#/hand, 163.5#/hand, 183.5#/hand

3 circuits of:

  • seated rows X12
  • rear delts x15
  • triceps x20

Kb bell up oh waiters walks 15#/ hand x100 feet x 2 trips

Cool! Low pull up power today. I am hormonal and carrying a ton of water in every body part from chest down.

I also am swooning and cooing over cute things! I lost it looking at Malibu’s feet today!! So ADORABLE!!! HA HA!!!

I am pleased with the handles! I was curious and glad to see I could still do them. I am pretty sure I could have added 20# as well, it would have been a grinder but I felt strong !

Also took a side view of my fs to see the depth. I feel these are decent too! This is a clip of my last set , which probably had the worst form. Some where higher, some the same, and when I get more fatigued the lower I go. As in I drop and loose control. Overall I am very happy to get my fs looking better!

Also this thing showed up at turbo gym!

I did NOT attempt to lift it! Looks like a SI joint disaster to me!!!


dead lifts 45 x 12, 135x2, 185, 225, 255, 280, 300x3 x 5 sets
at the knee ( lowest possible at 24 hour rack, I would really benefit from using one notch lower since mid knee is my sticking point) rack pulls 45x3, 135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 345x3, 365x3, 405x3
anderson zerchers 45x5, 135x3, 185x3, 225x5, 245x5 x 4 sets, 265x2, fail at 280
pull ups x 8
stepmil lx 20 mins

reverse drags of the tank to keep my knees happy post dead lifting, harness on hips focusing on side ass!
oh kb bell up waiters walks 8kg/200 feet each arm, 10kg x 200 feet each arm, 12 kg x 80 feet/arm

That fire hydrant can weigh anywhere from 150-500 pounds?? According to the internet. I’d guess 180#. I will wait until they put the lil wt number on the side like they do most weird things at the gym. Even then I might not try!

We all get to the point in our life experiences- and lifting ones- where we can rapidly identify bodily dangers. Like those big mutl gallon arrowhead water cooler jugs. I see them and know right away changing those bastards out is guaranteed elbow pain, possibly clavicle pain too.


Malibu Walk, totally gorgeous morning. Around 50 degrees, deer, robins, wonderful!

Stepmill x 20 mins
tried various standing face pulls with a 6# wt’d ball with handles- hard and weird, my arms are so long, its hard to figure out some exercises
oh kb bell up waiter’s walks 8kg x 200 feet per arm

Another Malibu Walk! Its STILL wonderful out. Kinda overcast, not warm, not cold, perfect!

Last week I suddenly felt burnt out at my job, it happens that way. One day my patience just gets less, I get cranky, it means time for a day off. Luckily I was able to get today off. Should do the trick.

Here’s a picture of my coworkers dogs hanging out together in a cage! :)!!! Ronan, Pigeon, and Leo!

I have a tire waiting for me at my parents house! Next time I’m there I’ll pick it up and pop it in my car for the DIY sled!


pull ups x 10
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x5, 82x3, 87x6, 90x6x 4 sets

pull ups x 8
sand bag carry 75# x 45 seconds, 100# x 6 mins- at 5 min loaded it to shoulder x 30 seconds to carry on shoulder each side
t bar dl 77x5, 167x3
t bar carry 217# x 6 mins, first drop/regrip at around 2 minutes/400 feet in, then a regrip every 100- 200 feet for remainder of time
monster walking lunges x 200 feet

pull ups x 6
stone hold at bottom 107# x 30 seconds, hold at top 107# x 15 seconds
stone loads 107, 140
sand bag loads 200# x 5 single loads, walked 50 feet after each load

prowler plus 140# power row one way x 50 feet, low handle push way back x 50 feet x 6 mins, around 5 back and forths

prowler plus 140# reverse drags x 100 feet

baby log (33#) oh carry x 3 minutes
3 circuits of:

  • baby log strict press reps/oh carry steps 6 reps/6 steps, 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1 then 6 reps
  • claw grip seated rows x 12

then 3 rounds of

  • rear delts x 15
  • back extensions normal/superman x 10

then peck flies 3 x 10
kb oh bell up waiters walks 15# x 100 feet per arm

Malibu Walk!

Boy O Boy are those sandbag loads rough! Its been a long time since I did the 200# bag and it felt that way! The load was a tad high for what I had in me but I’m pleased I was able to load it today. That bastard 200# sack of sand is floppy and wild to get a good purchase on.

I must have done a weird sand bag shouldering too because I felt it ever so lightly let me know not to push it for more loading on the platform after the 5 single, and sand bag loads require a decent amount of shoulder/push power for me at least to get that thing on the platform. I also think I have figured out I can benefit from partial reps on my oh pressing.

I go pretty much to my clavicle for strict press reps, maybe I can avoid making my shoulders pissed if I do some controlled partials, say to chin height on accessory oh stuff.

More things I’m figuring out about myself- and my body- is what my limitations are. I do not care what the bro police think of my ROM! I have nothing to prove! For my leverages I gotta work what I can in a smart way so I don’t bust myself of again. My arms are beyond long and my strength in proportion to how long my arms are will never add up, they’d have to be way bigger then they are capable of being to do that. Light and partial, so be it for some things.


Today- Malibu Walk

Holy Beautiful Weather! Man its been nice! This morning’s walk was fabulous! MAN I am LUCKY! :D! I love mornings like this!

Not sure if I’ll do anything else today lifting wise. I have to go waaaaaaaaay north of where I live today to pick up new contact lenses. I’m currently looking for 24 hours fitness’s around there just to see as I like checking out different gyms! :D!

Got to wait out rush hour a bit before I head out. With the summer coming up- and it will become scorching hot FAST- I am going to be toying with my lifting times on weekend days a bit. As in either get up early to beat the heat and take out my girl first, or get up even earlier to beat the heat to get done lifting before 6am or so.

It gets HOT! Malibu has almost a husky type coat and she gets hot too, the sun…over all just better to get everything done before the UV index is 11 and the floor is burning her feets!

I’m a creature of habit, yet also pretty easy to “train” to be classically conditioned as in I develop habits fast and then the stick for better or worse. I think once I make my mind up to make a change its easy for me to get hooked on that change, as it then becomes a habit and then its set.

Stubborn is another word for that. :wink: My general frame of mind and has improved a lot and when that happens, I don’t have to rely on the big, knarly, take all the energy out of my body- because being tired and tacked psychically DOES make you less full of inner angst mentally- lifting days to keep me calm.

I don’t need to focus my energy to go harder and heavier because I am content. I know I have a limited amount of energy every day. I can use my energy FIRST to enjoy peaceful Malibu Walks when its not 1,000 degrees outside and have a “sub par/ not insane” lifting day after that. This is the state of mind I have had before when I have a good dog. A solid companion does wonders.


Super cool training video! If you are interested! If you are a fan of strongman, these days you are quite spoiled for choice of almost daily new vids ! Its VERY COOL! Long gone are the days when I’d get “amped” to lift by listening to Russ Martin talk radio in a hot as hell trailer in Texas. No cd player or stereo, no mp3 player, just an am fm alarm clock radio and thank God I had reception.

I save watching stuff like this for after training though or between lifting days as it keeps the spirit alive! SO spoiled these days. I don’t try to be this fast at all for my loading and carries, not at all!

Ended up doing stepmill x 20 mins at a strange to me 24 hour fitness on my way home form the eye dr. Got home and it STILL is gorgeous so we took another walk on the trail, and saw Tina too!

Malibu thought it was cool :wink:


Malibu Walk

Pull ups x10, x8
pull ups x 6 hold up top x count of 1 each rep
pull ups x 4 hold up top x count of 4 each rep



Wishing you a safe, quiet, and thoughtful Easter.