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Malibu Walk

Intuitive lifting day today, or more accurate Party Lifting Day

normal warm ups plus the tank reverse drags to warm up my knees
pull ups x 8 ( at 24 hour so this cool rock climber grip)
anderson zerchers 45x5, 135x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5 x 5 sets, 245x3 x 2 sets, 260
zercher hold lunges 45/5/leg, 65x8/leg, 85x8/leg
pull ups x 6 neutral grip last rep help up top and slow decent

100# preloaded 24 hour fitness barbell carry x 5 mins -clean grip as long as I could then drop to zercher grip then clean grip/rack position again then zercher grip

bell up oh kb waiters walks 8kg /100 feet /arm, 10kg x 80 feet/arm -these have helped my shoulders feel a bit more snugg and nice so I have been doing them more.

the tanks drags x around 5 minutes, used the dip belt attachment to drag from around my hips- BIG SIDE ASS PUMP!
the tank power row x about 2 minutes
cool rope climber machine for triceps x 3 mins

NICE!! I feel good! My GOD its been gorgeous out! Me and my girl have been able to get out for double walks on the last two weekends. So very nice!

The mozzies are out though for sure. Only downfall to being out in the nature zone is walking through swarms of mosquitos amped up and ready to take a drink from the warm blooded creatures that pass by.

My girl’s aqua paw just showed up! Here she is being cautiously interested.

She’s now conditioned to where she goes into the bathroom looking for peanutbutter in the tub after walks! This is fantastic! I think in another week we’ll be in the tub all the way with the water running.


Yay! I’m sure you’ll have her wanting baths on the regular. Wanted to respond to the life epiphanies but it seems like you’re doing fine. Have a great weekend.


Thank you ! I really appreciate it!!

And for the suggestion of the Aqua Paw! She’s into it!

Sneaky camera shot of her loving it by herself in the tub taken a few minutes ago!


Malibu Walk


We did it! Next quest: to train her to let me trim her dewclaws… Or I’ll just pay someone to do it!


UPDATE: She just jumped in the tub after her bath!!! :D!!! She loves the aqua paw!!!



Congratulations on the PR!



Its been a long time since I had a PR, which means PR oreos! Malibu will get carrots!


pull ups x9
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x5, 90x5 x 5 sets
fs 45x10, 135x2, 170, 190, 210 x 3 x 3 sets, 180 x8 x 5 sets
monster walk lunges x 200 feet
kb bell up oh waiters walks 15#/ arm x 100 feet, 25# x 80 feet
3 circuits of :

  • pull ups x 5
  • cable rows x 10-15
  • rear delts x 15
  • triceps x 10-15
  • kb bell up oh carries one arm 15# one hand 8# x 100 feet alternating arms

This thing turned up last week at turbo gym. I do not know if its an “elephant bar” or just a long long long deadlift bar! I have not tried it as I am afraid of it! Mostly because of the hamstring woes I have heard that can happened with those type of bars…I will try it empty but not today!

Closed up my clean stance a bit and it felt better on my hip/whatever inside my leg that gets upset since I messed it up. Toes a bit more forward but a slight flare of toes. I tried that stance for fs today and it made me unstable and forward leaning big time, hit my knees bit time.

So I guess I have pinpointed a good fs stance of wider toes out hip might hurt here and there, and now a decent clean stance which happen to be different. Knees hurt more then hip when I closed up my fs stance, wider and toes out appear to be the better choice.



Dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 185, 225, 255, 280x5 x4 sets, 300 x2 x 2 sets
Anderson zerchers 45x5, 135x5, 185x5, 205, 235x5 x4 sets, 255x3, 275
Pull ups x9
Stepmill x17.5 mins! Hard today!

I’m feeling better with my recovery compared to last week. Feet are feeling better and my calf too. I’ve had a ton of spinach!!! Spinach added on everything!!


pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x3, 87x6 x4 sets, 87x5, mens log 85#x3
pull ups x 8
kb bell up oh waiters walks 15# x 100 feet/ arm
sand bag loads 100# x 3, 150# x 5 x 5 sets
sand bag carry 100# x 5 mins 45 seconds
dead sled plus 20# carry x 5 mins 45 seconds, first 500 feet no drop, then a drop/regrip every 100 feet, did a total of 1200 feet

dead sled carry x 50 feet dragging chains behind it , then power row with handles attached to the chains it back 50 feet- did dead sled plus 20#, 50#, 70#,

same thing but reverse dragged it back since it was too heavy to power row with dead sled plus 90#, 110#, 130#

Attempted GIANT LONG BAR! Empty x 5- dead lifts. Then added these tires onto it that I didn’t know where 93# each x a few dead lifts. I’m afraid to mess this thing up, its so long and looks prone to bending.

3 circuits of- claw grip rows x 12
- triceps x 10
- rear delts x 15
- db oh press reps/oh hold steps 20’s x 5/5,4/4,3/3, 2/2, 1/1

Malibu Snow Boot Walk!

I feel good!!! Sleeping better! A nice lifting day today. Some times things click, like today when I 360 degree braced for one of the dead sled chain drag carries- it made it easier on my knees.

I don’t do heavy carries much at all since they beat my knees to hell. I just didn’t get a ton out of them for what they were costing me in fear I will explode my knee at any step and some serious claw cramped hands for days.

The big balloon super breathe 360 brace noticeably took strain off my knees. COOL! My grip is way behind and I’m not sure I’d be able to get much up to hold, but its good to know that tip for when I get some kinda fever to do them again.

The sand bag loads were great too!! Less scary hip pain! I LOVE sand bags. LOVE THEM. I wish they had a 180# roundish bag to use for loading at turbo gym since the 200# one is a blob and not round at all.


Stepmill x 20 mins today after running some errands. Went to a strange 24 hour fitness , got that stepmill in however.


Malibu All The Snow is Gone Walk!

Pull ups x7
FS 45x10, 135, 165, 135x25, 135 x10 x 6 sets, 135x8
Bb mp 45x2
Clean once oh press empty hex/tbar unknown wt x25, empty tbar x5 x 3 sets
Empty t bar rows x20 x 3 sets

Monster walking lunges x 5 mins around d 24 hour fitneses cardio lanes
Oh kb bell up waiters walks 8kg x100 feet per arm, 10kg x 100 feet per arm

The Tank reverse drags with harness on hips one way ( focus more on side ass and quads) , push the other way moderate pace highest resistance- no idea what that means- x 10 mins

The tank reverse drags - rope in hands ( more hammy focused) one way , power row back the other x 4 mins

Nice! I got some blood work pulled yesterday for the first time in forever. I am not sure what exactly it’ll be since it’s whatever is covered on a well woman exam. I think thyroid and cholesterol for sure.

I have hyper and hypo thyroid disease amoungst my sisters and both parents BUT hopefully I still will be rocking a normal thyroid.

A few co-workers have recently had some thyroid nodules pop up. 4 coworkers actually! We do x-rays as techs and the longer your in the field the more exposure you’ll get.

I HATE TAKING XRAYS. Mostly because a lot of the time the animals are hard to restrain!! And they are STRONG when they decided to not cooperate!!

Working in ER you do them multiple times a day, a most of the time either the doctor or the owner just wants them done NOW and you don’t get to give any sedation. Sedation costs money and can take time to kick in. I however thinks it’s WELL WORTH IT!

My first dog bite was a great Dane who flipped out and chomped right inside my elbow for stupid x-rays! I needed stitches for that one, however I got lucky since it then bit the vet in the face. :frowning:

Thyroid shield or not- which is part of the lead equipment we wear for xrays, there’s scatter radiation that adds up over years and years of taking stupid xrays since often it takes forever - multiple failed views that don’t show what the vet needs to see on the X-ray- since the dogs are flipping out–understandabley but not ideally!

If your dog or cat even needs x-rays, that is why it takes so long sometimes. You can’t tell a cat to extend his forelimb , and turn it a bit please.

So far no cancerous nodules where found on them however its no joke!


Snow Sprinkled/Frosted Tips Malibu Walk

On our walk as well I came up with an idea! It involves either a trash can lid or a small sled and some rope for a DIY sled to use out in the field for drags…

Also as a “get the sand bag back to the car after I am really tired and the field is quite long” tool ! HA HA! Just thinking about it gets me all amped up! YESSSS!!!

Something hardy and satisfying about outside carries. I wanted to do them this week but my car was in the shop and my sand bag lives in my car. Its also that time of year where I want to do carries all the time!

Someone once told me that “You run around just carrying everything like an asshole”. That person was kicked to the curb, but his words ring in my ears often and make me clench my fist-- in a vice grip on whatever I happen to be carrying around.


I know you can make a tire sled for almost nothing. Most tire places will give you a tire they need to dispose of anyway. Google diy tire sled. I really need to learn to weld I think most of this stuff you can make yourself.


You live in Co. there has to be some unloved snowbaords up there. Get your handy sis, to put a couple together with some acrap 2x4


YEAH! I also found a few good tires!!!


YEAH!!! So much you can do on your own for next to zero dollars!


The next project I picked up at Walmart today. A mermaid colored hula hoop!

Unlike my twinnie who is loaded with the patience, skill, and is a civil engineer, I am a bit of a slapdash sloppy crafts person.

I feel a bit bad asking her to make more things for me since she is the one who just seviced my car!

She is not a mechanic but is self taught and loves Toyotas. She changed the timing belt, water pump, and fixed the allignment by herself in my parents garage over the weekend and filmed it for a tutorial on YouTube. She taught herself how to do all this in my old car that was stolen, as well as rewired my dad’s Ram and a $700 dead Matrix that now runs like new. Also a few bits and bobs fixed on a Mercedes .

I did this today. However I am proud of my makeshift hula hoop stand comprised of sand bags from my wt’d vest and a couch cushion!

And this is how it’s going so far :slight_smile:


Wow! You’re sister sounds like quite a mechanic to me!


Chicken! She is like you, very industrious!