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dead lifts 45x12, 135x2, 185x2, 225, 245, 265, 285 x 5 x 5 sets
at the knee anderson zerchers 45x10, 135x3, 185x3, 205 x 5, 225x5 x 4 sets
monster bw lunges ( as in no stop kinda bounding lunge steps) x 100 feet ss putting away wt’s x 4 trips
prowler reverse drags x 200 feet on cement ( low friction) added 70#, 140#, 210#

That’s it! Warming pants are still the bomb.com so far! Only thing is I did not realize I needed to air them dry and had put them inmy backpack yesterday after taking them off-they were still damp this morning! SO Not as much as the warm embrace sliding them on today but they did the job once I was warmed up.

Warm ups are more these days as well. Every lifting day its hip circle side walks, hip circle glute bridges, bird dogs, and if its a dead lift day reverse drags of something to make my knees lubricated. Log days its the same but add some pull ups in first.

I think I will end up needing warm-downs as well. Typically i hit a point and I know that’s enough.My ac shoulder area is still a bit on and off so I will continue to rest the oh pressing this week. I’m being mature about it too and careful! I do not want a shoulder injury!

Whatever has happened to my back- whether its a lat or a erector I LIKE it and its from doing log presses! If its a fat blob its strange to be going in that direction. I think its a good change! Over head pressing is the only real change over the last year and a half or so for me for lifts and my back has changed! Be good Brutie and rest! Don’t get hurt!


pull ups x 10
sand bag carry 75# x 1 min
t bar carry 237# x total of 5 mins- regrips every 240-120 feet
pull ups x 8
sand bag carry 100# x 5 1/2 mins
monster walks / bw lunges (no reset each step see * below!) x 5 mins
t bar dl 167, 237, 267, 297, 327, 347 then carried slowly and upright posture focused x 30 seconds/slow 120 feet
prowler plus 100# high handle push x 50 feet/low handle push x 50 feet x 5 mins 30 seconds
prowler plus 140# reverse drags with this on my hips x 5 mins

Dragging it this way is a big time side-ass pump!

*Copied from an article I got the idea from for the lunges: “particularly effective when you avoid pausing at the half-step point when both feet are together and you’re in a standing position. Many will do this to regain balance, make their quads stop burning, and take a rest. Instead, do full strides by taking the trailing foot and bringing it forward into the next, long step before lunging down.”

Yes, those monster walk lunges are no joke!

My sister found this shirt at walmart for me! She though it said Brute, but I think it says Brite! Either way I got it on and its most JAZZY! HA HA!

My Girl looking Beautiful and smiling on the rug!

I am doing an experiment today. I wanted to see how the sedation drugs she got for vet visits effect her. My goal was to get her to the new doggie wash station at my apartment complex but I don’t think that is going to pan out… My girl is terrified of the tub! And now she is terrified and drunk! I can’t get myself to do that to her and force it, I can’t break her trust! It not worth it!

Some dogs you can get away with and almost you need to be at times dominant and forceful to make them comply with things—but heavy handedness stuff on a girl with her temperament will shut her down, its better to give her confidence vs forcing her to do stuff.

With my past dogs Nigel and Mossimo the Cane Corso’s you had to be firm and direct. Malibu doesn’t need that and that style of communication with her will be damaging, she I believe needs security from her person.

So she will remain a dusty girl and we’ll just get more dirty tomorrow out on the trail. I am going to now start a process of seeing if I can train her to jump into my own bath tub willingly like Mossi did.

Peanut butter splots here and there leading to the tub, and maybe in a few months she’ll get the idea that the tub is not a scary slippery place! Or at least she’ll know its a place that has peanutbutter. I mentioned before that when I first got her she refused to eat it, the fact that her hair is down enough that she will is a sign of trust. :D!

So today she will just sleep off her trazadone and gabapentin. I did learn that she will take pills in peanutbutter so it was not a total loss. She is smart enough that I would have thought she’d pick them out of the pb but she didn’t! That’s a good thing to know.


OH YEAH! I figured out what my shoulder issue is from- tricep extensions. I have been doing them WRONG!!! I figured that out after tuesday’s single set of tricep stuff that my shoulder didn’t like! That’s a relief because I can figure that out now and do them right!


Progress :wink: Sneaky Spy Cam on Malibu peanut butter snooping in the scary slippery bath tub!


Have you thought of putting those rubber mats with the tiny suction cups on the bottom? Just peel off after Malibu use.

Old people (not me LOL) use those to avoid slipping in the shower/tub.

Just google rubber bath mats on Amazon, plenty of sizes and options.


That’s a good idea!!!


YThere was a video on facebook where the owner just put peanut butter on the shower wall and the dog just licked it while she gave it a bath. I thought that was pretty sneaky.
One of my peeps has an artifical loofah bath mat. I bet Malibu might like that. It kinda feels like grass…lol


That’s a good idea too! And the fake grass!!

I have to also think of a way to get her to get INTO the tub on her own…like some kinda step or something…

! Now that I just typed that out, I think I can actually teach her in one of our training sessions to step on something…like one of those old step aerobics steps! This is fantastic!! I have been trying to think of new things to teach her to do! I bet she is smart enough to do this! :D!!!

Gotta head to goodwill and see if I can find an old Denise Austin Plastic Step Aeoribics step!!


Malibu Walk- seeing the deer, geese, squirrels, and ducks in the slightly chilly dawn hours

Stepmill x 20 mins, 2 min beak , then x 5 mins a bit faster

Another Malibu walk just now in the beautiful weather!

I had no idea spring was supposed to start Wednesday, but it HAS! And it is NICE OUT!!! Squirrels chasing other squirrels up and down tress, geese honking and having small goose-fights! Very exciting out on the trail in the great weather! Malibu is below checking out the scene :D!!!

My Twinnie is on it and making up some kinda wooden home made step to start Malibu’s training too! WOOOHOOO!!!


Today- Malibu Walk

UGH! She ate a bird! SO GROSS! I attempted to pull it out of her mouth but it was tiny and crunching and hard to get a hold on with the feathers…I don’t know what it is about feathers but they gross me out when the bird is no longer longer alive.

Blood, brains, intestines, poop, slobber, no big deal, but dead feathers attached to a dead bird gross me out! Also any and all reproductive animal things. I was asked to help the repro doctor at my job “collect a sample” from a breeding dog last week who was coming in special just for that purpose and her nurse was not working that day. The breeder had called the vet on her phone and she agreed to come in, I guess it was some time sensitive sperm? Lucky for me he did not show and I did NOT have to be involved at all! NOPE. Sorry. I like my animals sterilized and without any type of reproductive ability.

That is a new specialty service my clinic started to do about a year ago-- its just creepy. The Theriogenolgy vet and her tech (nurse) do both, collecting from males and inseminating the females, getting estrogen level blood work, spinning and checking out sperm viability on a microscope, packing and sending sperm to breeders, and also having them breed in the hospital! …its just…no no no. Cats too which is ever weirder!

They have a “shag carpet” full of pheromones from bitches. Its the most awkward thing ever to deal with on my job and luckily I typically get to walk away from them and I DO! It is however big $$$ for the crazy breeders who choose breed dogs.

I absolutely hate talking to clients who call with pregnant dogs who are delivering puppies…or whatever. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Spay and Neuter everything! No female wants to have puppies or end up with a pyometra ! She will be more then happy being spayed!

It absolutely feels like spring over night almost, its wonderful outside again. Malibu learned to jump on top of an ottoman that I have in my house as one of her tricks, and lookie here! SPY CAM of her putting her foot on the bath tub going for the peanut butter blob :D!!!


Look up Aquapaw slow treater, I think it’s going to help


I will check it out!!! Thank you!


Her step! In the works!!


Oh my !! The aquapaw looks like it’d totally work! It’s like what Chicken was saying!



Try collecting a first time stallion. Helmet required and safety boots.
I once breed my mare, boyfriend arrive and had to ask what the big box in the fridge was. Stud sperm in our fridge. :crazy_face:


OH MY GOD NO!!! NO NO NO!!! HA HA!!! You are gutsier then I am!!!


pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps ss with 5 pull ups each 67x5, 72x5, 77x5
82x5 x 5 sets
fs 45x10, 135x2, 165x2, 180x2, 195 x6 x5 sets, 175x8 x 3 sets
monster walk lunges x 400 feet
circuit of :

  • claw grip rows x 10-15
  • superman back extensions x 15
  • w’s x 10
  • baby log strict press reps/ overhead hold steps (33#) 5/5 etc, 6/6 etc, 7/7 etc

NICE! I haven’t figured out yet how to do the triceps correctly, I have checked out video but come gym time I had forgot! So I didn’t do them to not risk any ouchie shoulder.


Dear Diary Entry,

More epiphanies have been going on for me the last week since I wrote about my anger issues. Suddenly, I am seeing things, and reading things, and hearing things that click more and more. Its a massive relief to know what you are dealing with, then you can do the right steps.

I think it means something if I keep getting these moments of insight, and that they are happening closer together–I am taking it as I am on to it and getting closer to dissolving the nasty residue. It feels real and solid. Its a relief to know and figuring out what exactly was going on.

I had come far though really! Last weeks anger was an improvement! From the initial disbelief, confusion, cognitive dissidence, hurt, then thinking I needed to explain or enlighten, then to being angry, now I am seeing things for what they really were. I never forgot though that I had seen the problem right away- I did not however act on it.

I felt I let myself down not acting on it. That time is over, because I did act on it eventually. I am a slow learner, but I DO LEARN!

So! What can I do now that I have figured this out? I can be more confident. I have been very lucky to have been raised in a loving household, I have people who give me good advice!

I have people who do not want me to suffer and truly only want the best for me. I have earned those people in my life as well by being good and wanting the same to them. I have people who believe in me and will back me up when I am confused. I have people who will tell me I am not thinking straight–and I have trust in them to listen. I can do that for myself too, I am very capable of being my own adviser.

I have sculpted my mind a great deal in the last year and change. And its getting better. Slowly and steadily.


Long time, probably don’t remember me. Wow, you’re still logging the Powerful Women, I’m impressed. Holding the fort for everyone. Was just about to ask you about the dogs. But I see a great story there anyway. A dogs gotta eat & eat & eat.


I DO remember you!!! :D!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Come on back!! :D!!! Here’s some happy doggo stuff too! An adorable puppy who is being fostered by a coworker. He has a hard story but this is the part that makes me smile - every time!