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Malibu appreciates your support! STAY OUTTA THERE!


4 mile walk on the treadmill - I can’t get myself to walk outside without my girl, it seems unfair!- up and down speeds, up and down incline
reverse drags of the tank to hopefully keep my knees happy


pull ups x 8
log clean once strict press reps 67x3, 77x3, 87x10 x 4 sets, 87x7, 92x4 x 3 sets
fs 45x5, 135, 175, 190 x 5 x 8 sets, 185 x 5
circuit of:

  • log strict press form safeties 67# plus small chain wt x 5
  • pull ups x 4
  • seated rows x 10
  • triceps x 10-15
  • prowler plus 90# high handle push x 200 feet on cement (low friction)

Not a ton of oomph today but whatever. I really hope the Animal Control officer can come by my house after I get off work and check on us and clear Malibu from her house arrest. We gotta get out!

We did however see 5 big ol beefy does jumpin and frolicking on the apartment complex lawn this morning on her pee break. They were FAST and Malibu LOVED IT! Tail whipping around high in the air, head up high, lil excited whimpers–My Girl is very excited about prey animals. No idea if she can actually catch anything but she sure likes to see them and smells forever after they leave!

This came up on my facebook- and it real! MAN! Now that is cool, I hope someone local that I might know in passing takes him up on this. I sent a link to my strongman gym to pass the word if they haven’t heard already.

No idea if the link will work, I will try later if not!


He has so e other criteria too but basically it’s an open call for a local to be part of his normal training crew to train at his house. What a break that would be for someone!


I think you should do it!


YEAH RIGHT! Its a great opportunity for someone who has some serious skill though! These are the criteria:

I’m looking to add a couple of motivated individuals to my training group. These individuals must meet the following criteria:

:white_check_mark:Highly motivated
:white_check_mark:Great work ethic
:white_check_mark:Wanting to go to the next level in Strongman competition and push themselves
:white_check_mark:Willing to be part of a team and make everyone better
:white_check_mark:Has big goals
:white_check_mark:Willing to compete

Must be able to do the following…NO exceptions:
:white_check_mark:Be within driving distance of Brighton, Colorado
:white_check_mark:Be able to make it to training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 7-9:30 PM (or when finished) and during the day on Saturday
:white_check_mark:Have at least a couple years of training/above average strength levels coming in

I can check some of those boxes but let’s be realistic-- staying awake to 9:30 pm? WHATEVER! HA HA!


She’s free! Malibu is off bite quarantine!!!

Stepmill in Scrubs x 20 mins


Yay! Malibu is free!


YAY!!! :+1:


Thanks guys!!! We got our walking in just in time! A blizzard warning is set for tomorrow! I am going to be out with her in that damm snow though!

Today I get to log carrying a 92# giant schnauzer up 2 flights of stairs who did want me to carry him however he decided he can’t breathe so he sure as hell is not going up stairs on his own.

He had pneumonia and is considered infectious, unfortunately the yard for dogs to pee/poop that we have for isolation patients is down two flights of stairs…and UP two flights, this time carrying a giant schnauzer who hates it, while I’m slipping wearing my bootie shoe covers and a surgical gown!!!

UGH! I think it made my shoulder a bit upset because he flailed about on me :{ it feels like ac joint stuff. I’ll have to give it some rest. BLEH!!!


dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 185, 225, 265, 290, 315 x 5 singles, 275 x 5 x 5 sets
rack pulls just a titch above the knee 45x5, 135x3, 225 x 3, 275x3, 315x5, 345x5, 375x5, 390x5, 405x2
bw walking lunges x 60 reps per leg
prowler plus 70# high handle constant push x 2 1/2 mins, low handle constant push x 2 1/2 mins
prowler reverse drags 70-90# x 50 then low handle fast push x 50 feet x 5 mins

circuit of:

  • seated rows x 15-20
  • triceps x 30-10
  • rear delts x 10

did 4 circuits


Damn it!



I doubt I’ll ever get that kinda real deadlift!


Stepmill x 20 mins
Post Bomb Cyclone ( that is the stupid name the weather people gave it!) Malibu Snow Slurpee Sloshy Black Ice Mix Walk

I am pooped…from chores! Big ton of Laundry, cleaning stuff, etc. I have to keep moving or I will surely end up not leaving my house again today!!


pull ups x 10
stone loads 107#x 5
sand bag loads 150# x 5 x 10 sets
bw walking lunges 75 reps/leg
dead sled carry added 50# to empty frame x 5 mins, dropping/switching between fat
and normal grip every 200- 100 feet
prowler reverse drags x around 5 mins wt’s added 90-190#

circuit of :

  • back extensions 10 normal/5 arms out in a T/5 superman ( arms like a diver in front)
  • seated cable rows x 20-15
  • triceps x 30
  • rear delts x 15

did 3 circuits


If you are interested, Arnold Australia is going on and the website has a live stream, well, now its a pre-recorded thing since the time change. Pretty cool to watch!

Arnold down Under

Tons of people at the turbo gym today but it was NOT annoying! This rarely happens to me! Maybe because everyone was watching the owner go to town on benching so they were all chill and focused or on their best behavior. As well as there was minimal rap/lame-o young people music on!

I splurged and ordered some rebhand warm pants-- compression/hip heating briefs I guess you’d cal them. I hope they help! Ol right hip has been broadcasting to my brain quietly but persistently… letting me know deep down inside hip socket or whatever has either arthritis or some weirdo tendinitis? It feels like the socket itself.

No idea the correct term except its akin to a mild version of old hamstring injury youchie . I think squats exacerbate it, so the idea is try these warm pants in the same theory as knee sleeves keep my knees warm and toasty. We’ll see! I might have just got a pair of $55 pair of shorts instead.


Today- Malibu Walk!

My apartment has set up a gym, a few cardio things and some free wt’s. That’s nice to have for snownado days! However, it there any chance crazy stinky next door neighbor guy might be there I will avoid it like the plague.

He’s a runner so there is that chance he’d be on the treadmill making eggs or something stinking up that place as well. MOFO still tries to talk to me EVERY time I pass him on the shared stairs–and every time I ignore him like he doesn’t exist or that I am deaf and keep walking. He just talks at me anyways and I never respond, I keep walking.

Its an odd sensation for me to be blatantly rude to someone however he deserves it. I have thought about it I can’t even pretend that I can talk myself into letting that go! Its a new thing for me to implement in my life of giving douche bags ( male and female) what they deserve which is NONE of my positive energy!


…as I was walking to my mail box I encountered another person I go out of my way to avoid and it was not Stinky next door–former close friend/work partner Mean Girl!

She lives in my complex right next to the leasing office, now new gym, and laundry room for my apartments.

I didn’t recognize her and was walking in the opposite direction but she called out to me and I ended up walking in and checking out the laundry room and gym so more with her…yeah…

Nice enough though they do have a small stand up lil cable pully for thing all kinds of movements, one of those stand up trx things, a fe of kb’s, db’s up to 50’s but… I’ll save going into that area of mu apartment complex for snow storms because I’d run into HER there instead!


SO COOL! The internet these days! Wanna watch some pro’s ? HERE! They have the women as well- its linked to the Arnold Australia page. SO cool to be able to watch this so quickly as it happens!


pull ups x 7
fs 45x10, 135x2, 165, 180, 195, 200x5 x 5 sets, 180x5 x 5 sets
stepmill x 20 mins
that’s pretty much it! Did minimal triceps

My shorts came! I give them an A+ so far! Oh my…I preface this by saying that I have not the best circulation- I can’t complain because I HAVE circulation! HA!

But I do get that Raynauds syndrome often, even in the summer. My feet and hands are always cold to the touch typically. Pulling on these shorts was very nice right away! Warm but not make you feel lazy warm like when you wear flannel or fleece. So far so good for the $55 shorts!


Dear Diary Moment!

I’m struggling with internal anger. For lent I had decided that every time I think about a certain thing in my personal life from the past that I’d tell my self “Let it go! Drop it!”

This topic that I have been angry about is something I truly have thought about everyday- in anger- multiple times and day for a prolonged period of time, all ending in anger and me cussing out people in my head in imaginary confrontations with them. You know the drill. I’ve had epiphanies here and there, understanding of things etc but its still plaguing me.

I had been doing remarkably well telling myself to “let it go!” and it’d work! I’m still telling myself “DROP IT! LET IT GO!” a LOT, but the self instruction to “Drop it! Let it go!” was working.

I don’t know if it was due to my hormones or what but this week I have been slipping and arguing with this person in my head again. I’m still so very mad. I know I will never get a resolution either, so I have to get over this on my own by self instruction and drills if I ever will stop being angry.

As I was sitting here before logging this lifting day, I thought about another person I had successfully let got of the anger and pain from. It was a significant thing to do as well since this was a big life event, significant relationship for me that effected me entirely. It took a long time but I did it.

I was brain storming, how did I do that? Because I do remember the specific day it happened. It was while I was walking Moss on one of our long walks. Something just happened and I found I didn’t think about him anymore in that way, it just dropped away. I am still trying to recall so I can maybe repeat the process to stop this running anger in my head.

I was brain storming still trying to recall what caused that …when lil Malibu comes over to me and puts her head by my knees wanting affection. :)!!!

MY GIRL!!! She will give me that. The unburdening of it all in chunks and pieces , and that final salute goodbye to the anger–I know it! I interpreted her sweetheart actions as her telling me she’s working on it. She will due the job just like Mossimo did :)!!!

Lots and lots of walk to come I hope. Working it alllllllll out through walking My Dogs! Take care of the ones who take care of you! Yes Ma’am! I will do my best for you Malibu Francis Fury!