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dead sled carries - unknown wt, maybe around 200# x 5 mins, with drops/regrips
sand bag carry 100# x 5 mins- no drops but I did preposition it on my lap and then
up again, did some sandbag on the shoulder
dead sled caries est 200# plus dragging chains one way, then chains on top of sled the other x 5 mins with regrips every 100 feet

misc combo like this vid below- sled carry dragging chains, chains then on top of the sled, then dragging, then reverse drag etc x 50 feet, did about 3 of these rounds

then more misc stuff , a lose 3 circuits of:

  • oh chain press with steps 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1
  • dead sled power rows with chains x 50 feet
  • seated incline db press x 10 17.5’, then 20’s, then 22.5’s ( new wt each circuit)
  • claw grip rows x 10
  • lat pull downs x 10 with attachment that I can’t name, shaped like a side ways V

Malibu Walk!

ITS ARNOLD WEEKEND! I am excited! Rogue has a youtube channel that is streaming stuff too! So very excited to see stuff! No idea who will win the big men’s show. Its either Thor or Shaw…or who knows! HA HA! There are a lot of athletes I am a fan of competing, very fun to watch!

Or the 1,000+ dead lift! WHOOO! I am jazzed to see all the updates!


If you want to nerd out like me, you might enjoy this! I do watch all his vids! Its fun to be a fan of a sport! I can kinda see why football fans get amped up…but Strongman is FAR cooler.


The show! WooooHOOOO!!

The commentator who is Not Mark Henry keeps messing up everyone’s names and information! Ha !


NO one got the $50k! AHH! Thor got 1,045 # dead-lift I think.

Today- Malibu walk!

Its supposed to be another giant snow dump startign in T-minus 4 hours so before that happens I am jetting to the gym for steam room and fun time stuff. Saturdays at 24 hour can be interesting people watching, better because I don’t need to do anything so they are all outta my way.

I am feeling very good overall these days! I got a lot accomplished this weekend, all the things I needed to do. One in particular that will win a personal achievement prize on a private level was an epiphany! It changes things! GOT IT!

My extensor tendonitis on my feet seems to have subsided which is a BIG deal. I think its from the tip toe walks that I’ve been doing before bed. Now, however my ankles are feeling a bit tight. Calves too! My calves are feeling meaty and solid, and could use a massage or even just a foam rolling. I’ll get on it!

More Arnold to watch later today. I was going to save it for next weekend but I do not want to see the spoilers all over the place! I wanna see it happen!

Thor is going to win, maybe Martins will get a 3rd or 4th placing… Everyone seems to be destroying their groin and ripping up hamstrings, Brian Shaw appears to have passed out a bit on the last deadlift…exciting! I was talking to my Twinnie while watching, clapping and cheering like a doofus too! :D!!! A doofus having fun watching cool stuff!


@punnyguy found this.


What do you think?


I don’t agree with this as being one and only reason why he missed it being due to his socks. However personally I slip alll the time in socks and cannot deadlift well at all in them! Or even bare feet!

I think he probably trains exactly how he plans to pull to limit those uncontrollable factors or wierdo spoof errors like slipping happening. I am no expert, but your form breaks down when you push the limits and you can start breaking down your form from your feet too.

I think it was just too heavy for him that day! I also think deadlifting in only socks is way harder for me but maybe it’d help me it I did it more often to accommodate the risk of slippy feet vs whatever benefit not wearing shoes gives to limit your rom.


I did give extra points for blood randomly spirting from forehead…lol

I agree, just don’t think he had it that day!


YES!!! The wild blood spurt!!!


I shouted Maaarrtiiins!!! at the screen as he approached the previous best on the Conan Wheel.

Hmmm, I think I’ll have to post this in the “Confessions” thread lol.

Martins will be bad on the Austrian Oak, but Shaw is out of it, and so is the big kid with the amazing one motion log press. But Martins is top 3 for sure on the stones. I think he has a chance at 2nd now, at least 3rd imo.


Me TOO!! I yelled MARTINS!!! HA HA!!! That was fabulous to watch!! I keep laughing at them calling him The Dragon!

He got 2 reps on the Austrian Oak!!

Oh gosh…Shaw’s hammy looks so painful! You can see he is nearly in tears at times! Gosh! Poor guy!!


I just watched the last of the show and Brian Shaw’s personal YouTube vid. Everyone looks destroyed after completing.

Everyone! I can just see them seeing spots and loosing their hearing with the wild intercranial pressure, fixing to pass out at anytime. It’s a very unglamorous Arnold, except for MAARRRRTIIIIIINS!!

Brian’s a bit heartbreaking to see on his video, wrapping that hammy and just going at it knowing it’ll be painful. Plus you can tell him withdrawing was a kick in the nuts on top of being injured. I know that shit HURTS!! Hammies!!!


The strongman competition was good, I was glad they didn’t have another max effort frame carry up a hill. I think calling back to the foundations of strength sports, husafell carry around a circle, natural stone to shoulder is an improvement and I was so waiting to see that Wheel of Pain!

Thanks for tipping me of to Martins youtube channel, it was a fun follow leading up to the Arnolds. I think he surprised a lot of competitors in this field.


I agree, Go Martins! It made it very exciting to finally have the Arnold come around after watching everyone prep so hard!

If you don’t already Kale Beck’s youtube is a great one to subscribe to as well- its allll strongman talk! Starting Strongman I think its called, or just Kale Beck. Watching his preview vids have been very nerdy strongman fun.

WSM is in May, and in California this year! I hope everyone gets healed up in time to go!


Stepmill in Scrubs x 20 mins

After work Cardio. WAY too cold to get outta bed before work with it being snowy and minus 4 out. My joints also are a bit achey perhaps due to the moisture and cold, so stepmill vs squats was a good pick. DONEZO


Pull ups x 10
log clean once stric trpes reps 67x3, 77x3, 92x5 x 10 sets
fs 45x5, 135, 165, 180x6 x 10 sets
pull ups x 8
circuit of:

  • log press form safeties plus big chains add 5# per circuit- stood on scale with log oh for last set , wt was around 84# at top
  • pull ups x 5
  • seated rows x 12
  • triceps x 15-10 add wt each time
  • lat pull downs x 10
  • w’s x 10/plate raises

did 4 circuits


Fun day today! The theme was 5 mins.

  • dead sled ( no idea wt, 130-150?) plus 70# carry x 5 mins- with drop/regrips switch fat and normal grip
  • sand bag carry 100# x 5 mins
  • dead sled plus 70# plus 2 big chains to drag behind the sled for one 100 feet trip/ put chains on top of sled to add to carry wt on the 100 feet way back, regrip/drop every 100 feet x 5 mins
  • dead sled plus power row x 50 feet, reverse drag x 50 feet, added 20 # each 100 feet x 5 mins ( total wt added 20#, 40#, 60#, 80# I think?)
  • prowler arm over arm 100# sandbag on prowler (prowler is 70#) x 5 mins ( it takes a bit between each 50 foot pull to turn the prowler around and then unravel the rope so NOT constantly arm over arming for 5 mins! Estimated 5 50 foot pulls
  • prowler plus 50# constant high handle push x 2.5 mins then constant low handle push x 2.5 mins = 5 mins total
  • battle ropes 45 seconds on, 30 seconds off x 6 rounds

Malibu POWER SNIFF walk x 30 mins. Basically let her guide me and sniff, dog-stare, dog-look at something for 3 mins then turn away then stare again, wherever she wanted. She loves it!

This was a really fun day so far. My legs are JUICY and pumped up big time-- calves, quads, could use some hammy pump but that’ll be for next time, upper back, lower back, biceps! Overall good “lifting” day!

Off to the eye doctor. I need new glasses, frames and all. The styles these days…I will NEVER willing wear the style frames of glasses that I had no other option than to wear in the 80’s-90’s. BIG frames. I have been there! I’ve worn specs since 1982 and I do not need to relive those fashions I had to wear as a kid ever again.

Those however are the in ones to wear. FORGET IT! I have looked around and my preferred style is now dated and hard to find. I hope I can get lucky and get some frames that are not big ol 80’s style. I see youngsters with them on- by choice!- and I just sigh. They are NOT cool then or 30 plus years ago!!!


Super cool vid! I had no idea existed, World’s Strongest Team! I don’t know if they do this anymore but is way cool! Some of these guys are still around and looks a TAD different now .


stepmill x 20 mins , bathroom break stepmill faster x 5 mins
db benching 25’s x 30, 25’s x 20
circuit of:

  • t bar oh press from safeties - empty tbar unsure wt est 55# x 10
  • seated rows x 10
  • trcieps x 10
  • w’s/ plate raises x 10

did 7 circuits
eliptical x 15 mins
incline some what fast walk on treadmill x 15 mins
steam room x 10 mins!

NICE! I have DOMS. I can’t remember the last time I had DOMS, its been a LONG time. I think my high, medium wt, slow fs from Wednesday are the culprit/

You know what? I’ve changed teams. I am on team high squat now BROTHA MAN.

I don’t and won’t compete, they feel much better, and I actually have DOMS in my legs. When I first started lifting I did back squats this way, high because I didn’t know any better and my legs were sore all the time. And I had big built legs.

Once I was alerted that I was dong them wrong for powerlifting rules I changed to a below parallel for depth. Doing this I instead felt sore in my lower back vs my legs after squats. I ended up messing up myself - doing things not perfect yes and on my own - but I did the best I could with the guidance and information that I had. The below parallel back squats at my BEST shot at good form really were more like very heavy squat mornings. My leverages being a big part of that. I eventually had to stop back squatting all together- and leg press too- because I hurt myself, trying and trying and failing so many times that my body can’t handle any wt on my back with out danger scary back pain. Hard work and effort does not equate to aptitude.

ANYWHO! I’m on The High Road now. The High Squat is my buddy again! I lost my leg size for various reasons but I do miss having muscular ones, maybe I’ll have them back again someday.


My girl is having a strange week! She was overdue on her rabies vaccine when she was at my job last week and bit the assistant holding her. I’m not upset about the bite, it happened when they tried to go for a rectal temp and that is a fairly normal reaction but an unfortunate result of the her not being properly restrained. Thankfully and luckily the guy she bit is ok, but since the bite broke the skin it had to be reported to Animal Control.

This means she is on Bite Quarantine! For 10 days after the bite! That means only walks outside for pee and poop, and not leaving the property of my apartment complex, no contact with other dogs, no car rides, basically house arrest for dogs!

She is a good girl and has handled it well but for sure is wondering why we are not on our long walks on the trail I can just see it on her face! She’s good about it BUT I can tell she was a LOT of questions! And cabin fever! I’ve been taking her out according to the rules and letting her stand and smell etc but no exercise walks.

Also we have been doing more inside training stuff. She goes BANANNAS! LOVES to do tricks! Her face makes it very clear!

Out of the blue she also has decided she likes peanut butter!! She did not like it all and refused it when I first got her and I tired again few months after and still she turned away. This sounds small but a dog who likes peanut butter is so much easier to give pills too should she ever need to be on medication and to have that peanut butter to use as a tool to help her be more compliant for medical treatments. Its a BIG DEAL!!!

Monday can’t come soon enough as that’s when the Animal Control officer will check her out and clear her so we can go out on our walks again! I however might not have noticed she likes peanut butter if I had not been scrounging around brain storming how to make her toys and mind puzzles to keep her brain occupied during her quarantine!

Look at this FACE! She is HAPPY!


If I were not properly restrained while having my rectal temp taken, I’d be in jail for manslaughter…

Just Sayin’…! :wink: