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Bench press example. Start at the 5:00 mark:


AHH!! I see!


Malibu nature walk-slower walking pace since My Girl got full control of the sniffin!

Steppmill x 16 mins, then a few 1 min goes on it
Steam room!

On the weekends that 24 hour is packed. Steam room is always interesting what strangers end up talking about. It always feels so good after the steam!

Stepmill…stepmil…16 mins more then if I didn’t do it! I think it might be what was pissing my knee off. That is a new development but I also have only been doing hands free stepmill for a couple weeks so it does get more “use”.

If that is the case then I need to re-evaulate my cardio choice. Its not worth having a banged up knee over, I’ll need to pick something else.


I found the WOMEN!

Its not World’s Strongest Woman but another contest I was following the results of from the misc strongman feeds and strong-women competitors I follow. Its a month or so old but still!


That was awsome! I think I am training for the wrong thing. That looked fun as shit!


Totally! SO much fun to watch!


pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x3, 87x8x 3 sets, 87x7, 87x6, 87x4
pull ups x 6
fs 45x5, 135x2, 175, 185 x 6 x 7 sets
circuit of log press from safeties (67-72# of log) added chains x 5 reps
then 5 pull ups
then 8-10 seated rows
then triceps x 20
then 5 push ups
did 3 rounds, the final round I managed 4 reps of the log, 5 for pull ups, 8 for rows and no push ups.

I have forgotten how to push up – why would the plank position bum my knee? I think I might have swayed my belly down a bit. Oh well!

Felling good ! With a new pair of pants!


Thought you would enjoy this:


Now that is BADASS!!


I need Brute! I found a set of stones yesterday for$150 for four of them. 76 up to 184
I asked my mom how could I get the 184?in the car? (My pick up is not running well)
Her answer was… With help! Hahhaha! Sarcastic old thing.


WOW SCORE!! I hope you can get them! I bet whoever you buy them from will help load! That is very exciting!!!


:weary: Somebody already snapped them.


OH NO!!! That SUCKS!!!


Today- step mill x 20 mins hands free and the fast mode

Monday we got a surprise snow dump of 7.5 inches in the course of about 3 hours- all at rush hour. The roads were a disaster! I live within walking distance to my job thank god, and had enough food to not have to drive in the bitter cold icey roads.

The last two days it has been 10 degrees in the morning…and that made the thought of driving in the early morning not the best of ideas! I did the stepmill after work today–and I am very happy I got that damm stepmill in!

Cardio has become a different concept in my mind for me since last year. Now its more true cardio vs time on a machine to burn calories. It might not make sense if you don’t know where I’ve come from, but believe me its a change in my frame of mind that I think is for the better.


pull ups x10
log clean once strict press reps 67x4, 82 x4, 92x5 x8 sets
fs 45x5, 135, 175x9 x 5 sets
stone loads 107, 140, 210, 220, 240- lapped it no big deal, but once in my lap it felt 1,000#
tried the spider light tacky- makes the way lap easier but still the load was not going to happen since I barely could crush it up it to my chest so instead
220, then 210 x2 x 3 sets, x 1 <-- the tacky makes it easier to do reps for sure

t bar carries slow and kinda shrurged up 217x 3 mins 45 seconds with 3 drops/regrips, then x around 1 min 30 seconds
ssb bulgarians ( total of 55#) x 6/leg x 7 sets
circuit of 6 pull ups
empty log (67#) clean up each and strict press each rep x 6 reps
tbar hold 217# x 1 min- mid shrug hold/penny pinching in my butt cheeks
triceps x 20
seated rows with 1 second holds x 10
10 back extensions (pulling with my butt )
did that x 3 rounds
glute stuff- clams, donkey kicks, heel raises x30 each leg ss back extensions x 10

Malibu Walk that I was TIRED ON!

Off to the dentist. :{ I have forgotten if fillings suck or if they are no big deal. I’ll find out soon enough.

Also a note on the stone wt’s. The last few times I went to stone load someone had marked them with different wt’s! The 205 now says 210, the 245 says 240…I figure it makes up between the two stones give or take 5 pounds.



Fillings are indeed no big deal. My dentist is a swift, efficient , to the point chick and we were done in 50 minutes.
I haven’t had a numb mouth, lips, and tongue in a VERY long time! I’m attempting to smile for my sister’s group text thread after getting out of the place in this picture !
2 down, three to go next time!


Pull ups x 10
husafel carries, pick up from the floor (empty/135#) x 135 feet, x 100 feet, x 100 feet, x 140 feet
husafel carry from a platform x171 feet, x 202 feet

sand bag carries 150# x 280 feet, x 310 feet, x 232 feet
log clean once/leg drive reps 67x4, 77x4, 87x4

tried the new big titan log which is 95# empty x3 reps x 2 sets, 95# x 5 x3 sets, 105, 115
prowler low handle push x 50 feet
reverse drag x 50 feet
low handle push x 50 feet
high handle push x 50 feet
Did 6 rounds of this, 45 second rest between goes using 90# added to prowler
Then prowler reverse drag x 50 feet
low handle push x 50 feet
high handle push x 50 feet
Did 2 rounds of this, 45 seconds rest in between goes using 140# added to prowler

prowler arm over arm with 140# added x 50 feet ss triceps x 15 x 4 rounds

db press reps/then hold over head x steps 17.5# 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1 ss battle ropes x 45 seonds ss claw grip rows x 8 1 second holds x 3 rounds

I feel good!!! I am getting there on my peri-workout nutrients ( lil walmart energy drink mixes with caffeine mixed with salt mixed with dextrose in 3 liters of water). I started this about a year ago and its been very beneficial. My hamstring tear I now know was probably due to micro nutrient deficiency, as in I burned out all my electrolytes and magnesium during a taxing session, kept going because that’s what I do and STREAD! There goes my muscle tissue.

I feel best going into lifting on an empty stomach. I just do. I’ve tried to eat a small meal before lifting and it never feels good at all, my body just doesn’t like it. Its not a massive fast since I lift first thing in the morning.

The intra workout drink has made a BIG difference in my performance! Now I am getting over some hang ups I have had and doing better with my post workout too. I hope to see good results so I can keep it up! I have some hard, barnacle like habits to break, and they ARE in fact chunking apart gradually. I am not perfect but I’m getting less mentally caught up in old, old, OLD mindsets that served a Brute that I no longer am. This is a big deal for me, might sound stupidly obvious to most people but its a big improvement for me. And I feel the results!

I like the new titan log! Its 10’’ I believe, 95# empty but the nice thing is the handles are closer together compared to the other lady log. The closer handles make the clean and press a bit easier, at least that was my impression today. I’m going to give it more of a go for strict pressing.


Husafel ( 135#)

new titan log - bigger diameter


Malibu Walk

sled drag/push 180# loaded on it x 10 mins 45 seconds- mild speed/pace
the tank ( 24 hour fitness’s prowler type thing) x push and drag x 10 mins 45 seconds moderate pace
arm bike x 3 mins
glute stuff
steam room x 10 mins

Quads and hammies feel flushed and juicy! January of last year I measured myself and put in in a email I sent to myself. I opened it last night and then I measured last night to compare to current size.

I have grown a bit- 2 inches on the biggest part of my legs each! I’m not mad about this at all! I have a bit of leg mass to build up still. I dropped a lot of size in my legs when I got Moss due to TONS of walking everyday for a good few years and working 2 jobs etc, stress, misc injury.

1/2 inch bigger biceps/biggest part of arm, 1/2 inch bigger calves, other wise I stayed the same. I’m ok with that! My waist, underboob, biggest part of back, my chest , and hip/butt area is exactly the same. I’ll never have a big butt, but I can definitely get bigger legs according my past leg size! I have in fact noticed them getting better! A long way to go , but better!


Did the forum just change colors? HA HA! It looks different compared to 25 mins ago! FANCY! Could be my crazy antivirus scanner…

Here’s an idea I want to try. This link starts mid through the video on Brian Shaw’s way of training Conan’s wheel. I wanna try this! The height of the prowler or sled begin so low can be a pain in my ass, well, pain in my back and my ankles. This height would be a great way to go if it works on the yokes at the gym to try!