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WOW!! I bet he has stories!! That is very cool!


WILD DREAMS. Involving Casa Bonita and being stuck there and unable to go lift before having to get on a plane to go to Texas that will be flying for 20 hours in the air…because I have to take care of horses and kept getting the wrong antibiotics?? Other weird shit too that I haven’t had go on in my dreams in a LONG time! HA HA HA!!!

pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps 67x4, 77x4, 92x5x4 sets, 92x4
log clean press with leg drive 92, 102, 112, 122, 127, 132

not the best use of leg drive or jerking but its up at 132

stone loads 107, 140, 205 x 5 loads, 220 x 5 loads<–higher platform! All felt really solid
sand bag carry 150# x 233 feet, x 300 feet, x 300 feet

frame carry x 50 feet 200# ( empty), 250, 300, 350, 400, 430, 460 x 18 feet<–PR wt, not an ideal pick!

I was focusing so much on my grip that I didn’t hold my lats or upper body very tight! Grip did fine, lats and shoulders and abs were way way too loose and I felt all the wt in my arm pits! I knew it was wrong right away and was able to tighten up a bit. Pleased that I had the grip power in me though. I haven’t held anything over 340-360ish pounds in months

frame carry empty x 200 feet
frame holds -“clenching pennies” in my butt and half way shrug position- empty x 45 seconds rest 45 seconds, hold 1 min rest 1 min x 3 goes
back extensions

I am very happy with how good the stones felt today, loading was the best part! Very fluid!

Part of it was using a brand new tacky towel so it was easier to pick up. I just ordered some tacky as I’m going to give tacky another try. I have only done it once with leftover stuff at the gym. I’d like to get better at loading so I need to make picking easier which it for sure does but its different when it sticks to you instead, might make loading harder. We’ll see!

I’m pleased with the sand bag carries too. That’s a decent distance when usually 200 feet is where I kinda hit my diagrammatic pressure limit/ crushed in breathing limit. Not today! 300 felt like 200. It could be the rest or it could just have been a good day. In the vid I am slow but I did the distance!

OH MY GOD my girl is so wonderful! We are loving the weather the last few days. Out in nature by my house checkin out the ducks and misc critters. She is filthy! Belly, feets, all off it form being a dog and sniffing out stuff and rolling around loving the dirt in life! I am enjoying our more nature-y walks too though I mostly concentrate on not falling on the crazy rocks, roots, and dips in the dirt path.

After nature time its brushin and wiping offer her belly and feet time. She loves this and gets excited-- EXUBERANT! I could use a rub down myself but I’m way too cheap get a big time message done and I don’t relax but tense up having strangers rub on me. Its probably inappropriate to ask a coworker to rub my feet as well.

Tomorrow will be steam room day and maybe a dip in the pool, stick to the tennis ball for my own self-foot message instead.



Malibu Walk! – before the snow dumped !
Stepmill x 16 mins faster, then 4 mins slower

That bastard stepmill is hard. I don’t care who you are, it sucks!

Steam room after and man, that steam room works for me! I felt great afterwards! My entire back is a bit activated today which I think is a good thing from the frame yesterday. I think the holds work, but I prefer the tbar since the wt is on your sides vs way in front and behind you for the frame. I’m going to do those again.

Anywho! I feel good and its a snow day now at our house!

I got a message from my former close friend / now work bully girl who I complained to my supervisors about. It had to do with her hearing from her ex. I had a feeling she has been seeing him on the down low again which is disastrous for all around her…she loves this guy and he’s a cheater. She also tried to drag me in on some complex conversation with it being the one year anniversary of their breakup. I had a feeling they were still talking whatever that means.

He’ll do it again. It might be another year between but he will do it. She’ll feel bad about herself in the back of her mind, feel shitty and stupid that she has this douche bag in her life no matter what kinda label she decides to put on her “relationship”/interactions with this guy- and in a few months she’ll be back to her bad ways again exploding negativity from the inside out.

I’ve been there with the pretending reality is not real and that a person is not REALLLY that way, they just can’t be because instead the must be that fantastical person you think they are or the guy they could be…and meanwhile you keep feeling like shit. When I was in that position for years and years I turned my conflict inside, she lets it allll out and explodes on people. It took a lot for me to see the truth, in my case I cared about my ex husband way more then I valued myself even with glimpses of the facts showing up more then once or experiencing it first hand.

We’ll see. We all have gone through some kind of distorted dumb relationship… I don’t judge her about it because I get it. I will continue to give the same advice of stay away. I hope she stays away form this guy for the sake of her job and all around her. I kept my end of the conversation straight up and did not invite any kind of talk about “what ifs” for this particular dumb guy, who is not a bad person but definitely has hurt her repeatedly and seems to think what he did was a just some character flaw of his own and not something that ruined a relationship. Ugh.


Love the Malibu video. She’s so happy she’s acting like a puppy!

Do you know how old she is?


Thank you for noticing the glee!!! The rescue estimated her to be around 4, her teeth look about right for 4…I hope she lives a nice long ling life with ME!


Today Malibu walk in the snow–some bursts of running in snow boots after misc critters or just because it felt good!

That is a workout if I did it longer then I did, but Malibu gets way excited with the running and it can go from fun to catastrophic falls fairly fast I predict. I want to do more conditioning work, just seems like a good idea.

I will spend some more time on that damm stepmill. But not today!


I thought Malibu would enjoy this picture:))



HA!!! I enjoy this picture!!! I am a fan of all of it! :D!!


pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x5, 90x7x3 sets, 90x6x2 sets, 90x5
pull ups x 7
fs 45x5, 135, 175x7x6 sets
bw walking lunges 50 reps per leg
pull ups x 6
circuit of: baby log press ( total of 43# of log wt) from safeties with chains x 8 then 4 pull ups then 12 cable rows then 10-15 triceps then oh carry of empty yoke x 50 feet (105#) x 3 circuits

db press reps then oh hold the db’s the number of reps in steps 17.5’s 5 reps/5 steps, 4 reps/4 steps, 3 reps/ 3 steps, 2 reps/2 steps, 1 rep
tried it with the empty baby log (33#) 6/6. 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1

90# x 7 reps is a press rep pr! I got 3 sets! :D!


Yay! On the PR!


THANK YOU! I appreciate it!


dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 205, 235x2, 270x6 x6 sets
pull ups x 8
stepmill x 20 mins faster first 16 mins, a speed slower last 4
5 min break to go see what I wt- 169#
back on the stepmill x 5 mins doing 30- 60 seconds faster/slow intervals

I feel good! Deadlifs felt ok on my ql. I can’t for the life of me figure out those standing ql activation so I have began to do bird dogs again as part of a warm up.


pull ups x 10
log clean once strict press reps 67x3, 80x3, 90, 100x3 x 3 sets ( any rep over 1 rep is a PR for 100) , 90x5 x5 sets
log clean once leg drive reps 90x3, 100x3, 110x3, 120x2
t bar carries 197# x 5 mins, first regrip at 400ish feet, next regrip after 200 feet, regrip every 100 feet ( did a total of 1,000 fete in the 5 mins)
pull ups x 9

Tried some fs and some Bulgarians and even some stones but my right knee was NOT about it at all. A bit swollen from --who can pin that down to one thing? So Instead did more upper body. That is a big change for me!
Circuit of : baby log press from safeties with bands
then 5 pull ups
then reverse sled drag x 50 feet (did 150, 200, 250 #)
then 8-10 claw grip seated rows
then carry the sled I was dragging ( dead sled) x 50 feet
Did 4 circuits of this
More reverse sled drags with 250# x 50 feet ss with triceps x20-10 x 4 sets

I got out of the gym and was shocked it was snowing as much as it was! Slow drive home then I got out with my girl in the snow and we got lucky! One bit of luck being we saw a BALD EAGLE chilling on the top of a tree, then it took off all majestic-like ( it was actually very cool and indeed impressive!) and flew over the lake and towards the crazy motel across from the lake!

I’ve never seen one in the wild before! :D! Very cool! We lucked out again because the minute we made it back home the sun came out, so I completely missed that blinding intense snow/ sun combination that makes you feel like you have burnt your retinas and gives everything the appearance of having a tan once you are in normal light again. VISION-tans SUCK!

Here’s one of the 100 log press sets. I know I did a 1/2 rep on number 2 but I don’t care. I also know my right side is weaker on that press! I’m right hand dominant so who knows why?

This work week was again half slow for 2 days, then the following 2 days were ball busting. 15 plus patients Tuesday by myself and Wednesday was 16 patients but I had an assistant thank god. I could have happily taken another extra day off work ! HA! I’ll plan another lil mini break again in a month or so. I did get some Gus time though!

I’m off to the dentist for a cleaning and check up. I have a feeling I have a cavity at least. I got good dentla insurance this year so I’m going to see what my toofers are doing.

If its not too much damage on my wallet the next will be get some blood work done. I feel fine but I’m around the age that my sisters had started to show misc things and its been well over 11 years since I had blood work done.

I did blood work THEN because I was worried I was jaundiced. Picture below was way back then in 2008 and my elbows were yellow!
My labs were fine! I just um… just realized that I had been eating too much powdered cheese flavoring on my veggies that turned my skin yellow on my elbows, underboob, and hands! Food colorin’ gotta settle somewhere!

EDIT: Dentist went ok all things considered! I do need 5 fillings , so next week I get started on that. Not bad for projected costs so far which is a massive relief!


You gotta check this out! It’s the live stream of the whole show of the Arnold Qualifier in Santa Monica last week. It’s a live stream vid but has commentary!

The log press! Holy Cow!

I’ve been enjoying the blurbs around YouTube lately, tons of good videos for nerds to watch of incredible lifters!! Long videos as well for the dweebs like me who sit and watch this on their weekends !


I’m partial to the generic tabby look, but I have to say Gus is a very handsome fella!

Also, Martins Licis is my new favorite strongman channel.


YES! He is a character!


My bro science perspective: what you’re doing on the press is normal -your stronger arm (right) is supporting the weight while your weaker side is pressing it up; then your strong arm finishes the lift; you see this a lot in bench presses.

If you use dumbbells, that’s the only way to tell which is the weaker side; with a barbell, you don’t know. My .02


pulll ups x 10
husafel carries pick up from floor 100 feet 135#, 145#, 155#, 165#
husafel 135# x 188 feet <- lifted this off a box mid shin height and NOT from the floor in attempt to get a really good hold on it for distance
stone loads 107, 140, sand bag mixed in 150# X5, stones again 205, 220, 240 fail to load<- platform just a tinch too high for me for that 240

sand bag loads 200# x 7 total loads, I did not count the ones I couldn’t get to rest on the top, just a bit too high

sand bag carries 150# x 388 feet, 150# x 200 feet, 200# x 100 feet, 200#x 75 feet
circuit of: low handle prowler push (90#-140 loaded on it) x 50 feet
then high handle push the prowler x 50 feet
then reverse drag the prowler x 50 feet
then db benching 30’s x 15
then 5 pull ups
then 8-10 setaed rows with a hold
did 4 circuits of this then another circuit of : battle ropes x 45 seconds
then arm over arm prowler pull x 50 feet
then triceps x 20
did 3 circuits of that
db rep/oh step and hold 5/5,4/4,3/3, 2/2, 1, 1 with 20’s x 2 goes

I feel great! My knee is not blown up today, so sweet! I nearly got out the tacky and did some stone tacky try it out stuff but the gym was PACKED. Not with people working out but its weight in day for a power lifting meet they are hosting tomorrow.

I am a bit too shy to do crazy klutzy stone stuff unless I am fairly alone in the gym. I sound like a snowflake but the mere presence of others around really throws me off. I’ll wait until a better time.

The gym has opened up a second location in Grand Junction and in doing so some of the equipment that used to be there is now in the new gym. No more rigshaw which I do miss, they moved a few of the racks, some bumper plates, and a number of the mats that I used to make the loading platform lower for stones.

I guess I’ll have to get better at loading! Or find some way to decrease the height. I don’t really want to do stone over bar- as in use a yoke - I prefer the platform to load onto. I am pretty happy I can get the 220 up with some inches to spare. I have hope I’ll be able to acclimate to the higher stuff.


HMMM! That would make sense! I did not consider that…I have noticed that I eventually DO typically get my right side to push up, but its delayed. Huh! worth tinkering with!