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I think we just have EXCELLENT TASTE!!!


dead lifts 45x10, 135, 205, 245, 285 x 5 x 4 sets, 285x4 x 2 sets
handsfree stepmill x 20 mins
glute activation 25 reps per side hydrants, kicks, lifts

I remembered to brace my lats today and it made a big difference. I woke up my left ql a bit- which had a big issue years ago. No idea if it was torn or just really, really strained but at that time it took me out of lifting for a while.

So this means I will add some ql activation to my warm ups! I do lateral band walks and glute bridges and other hammy glute stuff normally so adding the ql now.

I can say this home diy rehab stuff has made a difference in my feet! Pretty much the day after I started I felt a difference the morning after. Tip toe walkin REALLY helps!


I will do this! The vid starts where he talks about ql stuff ( 10:00 ).


pull ups x 10
log clean once strict press reps 67x3, 77x2, 87, 92x5 x 6 sets
pull ups x 9
fs 45x5, 135x2, 165, 185, 205x2 x 10 sets
t bar carry x time 197# x 5 mins *
pull ups x9
sand bag load over bar ( yoke at below boob height) 50x5, 150x 5 x 2 sets
bw walking lunges 100 reps / leg
circuit of: baby log press with chains ( set at my sticking point height, added wt each set) from safeties x 8
then 5 pull ups
then 8 seated rows
then tricep extensions x (did heavier each set reps 30/25/20/15
then plate raises/w’s x 10 – for 4 circuits
glute stuff 25/side x donkey kicks, clams, heel raises

*with a few regrips BUT! I stopped and stood holding it x 30-45 seconds a few times with it! HARDER then moving with it I’ll tell ya that!

Malibu walk!
LOOK at THIS GIRL!!! :slight_smile:

:D!!!My Baby’s been very happy lately since I changed how I walk her. I’ve decided to let her “have her nose” on the return trip from our walks- as in she can sniff where ever she wants and stop and much as she wants on the way back home. She has handled the privilege very well.

I am a big believer in walking with dogs as a form of bonding but also as a from of leadership training as well and of course exercise for them, but this girl has so far proven she has earned privileges of a lil dally in the smellzone… This face was after one such walk followed by a Kick-ass Karate Daily Dog Trick session!

I love her so much! She is very honest with her feelings! And incredibly grateful in her lil doggie way!


A bit of a hardcore work week this week for me. There isn’t much predictability in my job in terms of patient load so I never really know how many animals I have to take care of. It can go form 3 patients to 18 within a course of a few hours.

Lucky for me I feel I am pretty much made for my job and get a lot of satisfaction from it. There’s a new blood donor kitty who I was taking care of that is ridiculously affectionate-- jumps out of the cage straight into your lap to purr like crazy, circle, make biscuits, head butt, and drool alllllll over you!

There’s also the 8 month old lab who has seizures and is out of his mind and howling- continuously- for hours. Also walking in circles but its not at ALL cute when its on a 80# lab who is totally to of his mind and SCREAMING the entire day. Walking and pooping and walking in its poop…and screaming, and knocking over things, and SCREAMING!!!

Neurological patients are the absolute worse to deal with. Give me
an aggressive cat or a parvo dog any day of the week.

Thank god yesterday I had a tech assistant who could be that screaming dog’s special personal friend since I had 17 other patients to care for. She earned her gold stars for sitting with that dog --with sound proof headphones on- until the meds kicked in. She - the tech assistant- is a lot younger then me and handled it very well too!

all end up doing that kinda shit task in my field…fairly often too! We all made sure she got a special treat too for her work- a gift card I think. That kinda stuff never would have been done at my old clinic. Appreciation for the staff. It makes such a difference!


What is a blood donor kitty? If it’s just a cat whose owner is donating it’s blood, why isn’t it just a simple process of donating, and then leaving (sounds like the cat stayed at the clinic?)?

I like all animals, but cats are my favorite. That one sounds like a keeper!


It is hard to believe that is the same dog you brought home. She looks totally different and happy! What a smile.


How many would you like? I have every color and size available.


Heheh. Thanks for the offer! But you’re too far away.

I am gearing up mentally to adopt one from the local humane society in the spring; it’s been over 2 years since my last kitty.


Too bad. I could hook you up. TinkTink is a sweetheart. And MeeesterFrisky would love to sit in your lap. And Ralpie purrs the loudest.

I live on a dead end road and people just drive out in the middle of the night and toss them out.


This is why, in general, I much prefer animals to people.

(sorry for the derail, Brute!)


My clinic has Canine and Feline Blood bank. We sell blood products ( whole blood, packed red blood cells, plasma) to other clinics who need them for their patients and we use our own products for the animals that need blood transfusions.


Just like people! We give transfusions for various reasons exactly like people! For dogs to be a blood donor its a voluntary process.

If an owner is interested in having their dog be a blood donor they get a evaluation by the vet for free, free blood work to see if they are a candidate, and once all that passes they come in every month or so for a donation. The blood bank team draw their blood and we use that blood for the blood bank.

The dogs MUST enjoy it though! And believe it or not a lot of big goofy dogs don’t mind a blood draw. They get treated like the heros they are too by the blood bank team. Its a feel good thing for the owners as well.

For being a blood donor they get free blood work, free nail trims, and also other discounted stuff if they ever need veterinary care at our clinic. Honestly though , a lot of people just want to know their dog helped out some other dog in need by donating blood. They donate for 2 years or so I think- on a voluntary basis- then they “retire” and they still get all the benefits they did for being donors.

[Blood Bank]()
Certain dogs are better donor material- greyhounds, labs, newfies, pitties. They have the temperament to not care about getting blood draws and they size to make it safe to donate. we type their blood as well.

Cats don’t typically volunteer for anything! So we have 2 blood donor cat colonies of about 5 cats each that live at out clinic. We find these cats at shelters, area shelters will give the blood bank staff a call when they find cats who they think have the right temperament, size, and health status to be a donor. we type them as well, for cats its necessary to make sure they only get the type of blood they have or its fatal. Purebred cats typically have a distinct blood type, so if we have a cat that has that rare type its important for those sick cats who need that type of blood to have a place where their vets can get the blood products from. We ship our products all the way to Japan, its that important.

To find a cat blood donor, the blood bank team ( who are vet techs like me just work only in the blood bank) will go to the shelters and pick up out the cats. They are strays who need homes in the shelter before they are blood donors. Workers at the animal shelter who if they meet a cat they think would be a good donor, they give the blood bank a call and we check them out.

That’s where I come in, as they live in a isolation ward for 2 weeks to make sure they are healthy and happy- not going to infect the other cats with infectious disease, and also we interact with them to get them socialized. We do blood work, get a basic idea of where they stand medically and personality wise.

So my part in that is I take care of them in the lil iso area- which is not a bad place just isolated so they don’t pass on anything to other patients- for 2 weeks. I get to love on em as do all the other staff- and we get an idea of the cats real personality.

They too go through testing to make sure they will be good candidates for blood donors-- they have to not freak out for blood draws too! Once they pass all this screening the cats will go live with the other blood donors in the cat colony. Here’s me in one of the colonies so you get an idea of their place! Its a very popular spot for when we give tours of the clinic. The cats get LOTS of attention, from the staff and from visitors.


They live there for 2 years with the other boys - we only use male cats since they get along with other males, typically females are not as easy to keep with other cats- and then they “retire” and go up for adoption.

Usually by the time they are up for adoption, the cats who are blood donors already have a list of staff members who want to adopt them and take them home. Because they get to know all of us so well and someone falls for them!

The former donors get the discounts too and free blood product for life if they ever need them. If at any time during their 2 year stay at the blood bank cat colony, something makes them not a good donor for various reasons, they still get to stay in the colony until they are adopted to a new home. We take very good care of our blood donor kitties ! they get very well taken care of!

Here’s Gus in my lap–the one I was talking about --who is a purr monster. He has already passed a few initial tests to be donor.

Its a bad video, its not easy filming this guy one handed while he head butts you, very aggressively affectionate!!!


Get you a kitty buddy!!! :)!!! Pets are such a gift!!!


SNOW! Sloppy, freezing rain is what the weather person says, but its here! Today so far
wt’d vest walk ( 30#) with Malibu in the snow!

Currently deciding if I want to get out of the house and do more…or not! Its a very inviting to stay at home today!

EDIT: I did get out! I needed to do some cardio. We are all geting older, gotta do the cardio.

stepmill x 18 mins- got tired! I did it a bit faster and hands free still x first 12 mins or so
db bench 32.5’s x 10, 30’s x 10, 27.5’s x 10, 25’s x 10, 22.5’s x 10, 20’x 10 one after the other so just rest to get the next db

battle ropes x 45 seconds on, 45 seconds rest after x 5 rounds
db oh press 20’s x 5 reps, walk 5 steps with it over head then 4 reps/ 4 oh steps…etc like last week
hammy curls x 8 x 3 sets on the big ball
rope climber machine x 4 mins

I feel really zesty and active–good! Love that rope climber thing! Its HARD! Sloppy out still but the roads were good!


Gus is awesome! Thanks for the writeup, and for taking that video, I really appreciate it!!!

You and the place you work for are doing some good stuff for the animals. :+1:


It’s a great clinic!


Today- SloshSnowShoe Malibu Walk!!

It’s a really cool day out so far! We got a lot of snow , and it’s melting already. It’s a snow day without it being too cold!

I got sweaty clomping in the depths of the wet snow on our walk. I LOVE that feeling of getting sweaty/warm/ exertion outside in the snow!!!


pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps 67x4, 77x3, 87x7 x3 setx, 87x3 x 2 sets
pull ups x 7
fs 45x5, 135, 175, 190x4 x 8 sets
circuit of: log press from safeties at sticking point height 67x7, 77x7 then cable rows x 10 then triceps x 20-10 then plate raises x 10 x 4 circuits
pushed the prowler with 200# on it x 5 back and forth
That’s it!

Legs felt strong but not a prime day for pull ups, some days just aren’t! IT IS COLD! My car door froze yesterday after I pried it open and then it wouldn’t close. Very interesting trying to figure a way to get that fixed! Thankfully I did in time for work!

I’m feeling really good these days! My mind is in the right place and sometimes I can allow myself to pat myself on the back that things are falling into place that in the past always had some kinda of hangup in the way. Cautiously, carefully, patting my own back. WORD!!!


Today- Malibu Walk
stepmill x 20 mins
misc short cardio stuff on a elliptical and the self propelled tread mill

I’m de loading my dead lifts this week and I’m hormonal. My ENTIRE back side is all tenderized and sensitive–feet too! Its such a trip how the souls of my feet- not the extensor tendinitis I have currently going on for a few months- get so tender and sensitive when I’m all womanly. They are connected to something female for sure.

Sometimes I get tender hammies, inner thighs , and lower back too, which is the case today. I got a bit worried but then realized that’s the cause.

It’ll go away! My biceps are sore today from hold a Jack Russel for an hour at the end of my shift yesterday at work. Swaddling him like a baby and carrying him around with me to keep him calm and help minimize the screaming he’d do if he was left alone in a cage. He was not painful, he had bad separation anxiety! I’ll take sore biceps over screaming howling Jack Russel anyday.

Not seid dog, but an accurate description of how I feel!

Work LIT UP this week again. I however am off today:D!! HA HA HA!!! It was a real treat to walk out of work after busting my ass all day…and the place was still a crazy madhouse and only adding more and more patients. HA HA! I am not there today!

I have a coworker who I like as a person very much yet she drives me bananas. She now works the overnight shift for childcare reasons and to get extra cash etc…which is why she had turned into an annoying person for me. I come into work and its a MESS! Literal mess…just sloppy…and…well, messy.

The other thing that I get irritated mostly about is that the minute I walk in she wants to talk to me about stuff, tell stories about things, and she whines, and… she takes forever! I’m one of those get it all done now and talk later people- having tasks gone undone makes me irritated. I only relax when I am caught up!

It slows me down with whatever she feels she needs to tell me or whines about her personal life. She is a sweet person however I’m a hard ass at work.

I normally tell her to just go home instead of having her help me with anything, even if there’s a ton to do for 6am treatments. I cannot take the amount of drag-ass that goes on!!! Interacting with her is worse then me busting it all by myself on my own! We are two different style of workers and I got shit to do! She is under the impression I just want to do everything which is not the case, I want her outta my way…in the nicest way possible of course :wink:

So! Its extra special not to be there today, because it was BUSY and it would be another hustle all day type work day! Instead I slept in and walked my girl before sunrise!

EDIT: And again this afternoon!!



Lol! When I get to my peeps’ houses we have to cover what all has happened since I was there last. At first it was irritating but I have learned it’s part od what I do. I listen. Basically a captive audience.

My 94 year WWll tank commander has some stories to tell!