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A bunch of stuff
Husafel carries (135#) x 100 feet x 4 trips, 145# x 100 feet
sand bag carries 150# x 200 feet x 2 trips
dead sled carries with chains dragging behind- ss with attempts at sled pulls like this:

No idea the wts, I added 20-40# each time to it, did handful of trips

dead sled carries x 50 feet with chains draggin behind- up to 340# ( 200# loaded on the dead sled) x 50 feet

prowler high handle push/low handle push/ drag x 50 feet with 90#, 140#, 190#

arm over arm prowler pulls ss with battle ropes x 45 seconds ss pushing the prowler back the other way

Just a bunch of pushing, pulling, carrying in various ways. I do like the dragging of the chains behind you feel. No idea what it does or how to correlate it to wt, it just makes it a bit different. DRAGGGSSS
stepmill x 20 mins

Worked on doing the stepmill without holding the handles- I did it for maybe 6 minutes of the 20 minutes at the end. I have a lot of trouble doing this! Its hard! I can’t use it without looking at my feet either or I’ll fall off the steps, I don’t have the best depth perception.

This will be a goal of mine-- hands free stepmillin it. I can do this! I’ll have to go slower but its a start on working to be less klutzy, I actually now do focus on every step when I am going up stairs–especially with old lefty leg, keep lefty from cavin. Its akin to a a very miniature walking lunge going up stairs!

The pushing and prowler I expect are going to piss off my feet. I self diagnosed myself with left foot extensor tendinitis. Also this can take a LOOOONG time to calm down, which makes sense. Oh well. Its not too bad but I do get out of a chair like Grandma Moses, my extensor tendons are pissed and have been for a while!


Currently watching this. HA HA! Check out 5:27 seconds in HA HA HA!

I personally have NEVER seen that degree of Lat-Hair celebrated quite like that before!!


Malibu Walk in 10 degree temps
Stepmill x 20 mins–> hands free! No problem!

BW walking lunges 100 steps/50 reps per leg
glute stuff x 25 each leg


One more day of this year and I’m closing it up. This was a hard year for me. My car was stolen which sucked!!


But it was an awesome year. It was the year got Malibu!
And ya never know, with some work, things may not be beyond repair with the other.


No, that relationship is well and truly over. I didn’t want it this way but I see that it belongs in my past.


pull ups x 8
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x5, 92x5x5 sets <–might be a pr for reps
fs 45x5, 135, 165x2, 180x5 x5 reps
pull ups x 8
bw walking lunges 50 reps per leg
giant set of womens log (67#) strict press from safties with chains ss with pull ups x 5 ss with seated rows x 10 ss triceps x 20-15 ss 12 reps per leg bw walking lunges x 4 circuits


Malibu is to be listed in the 2018’s PR POST!! Which is this one! I don’t know why my text looks like this too!

Stone loads! 205, 220, 245 using a tacky towel!! So proud of all of these!!
Sandbag Carry's 150# x400 feet
200# x150 feet
Deadlifts 315x10 , 335x5, maybe a few more rep prs

All log pressing was a PR since this year was when I started to over head press regularly . Best ever strict press I think was 102#. With leg drive 127#.
Husafel 200# x 50 feet ( did not pick it up from the floor but from a box)
Better Front Squat Form-- much better
Rig Shaw 470# or 475? x 5O feet
Maybe others! Oh yes! Hands free stepmill! Ha ha ha!!

Intraworkout nutrition too started this year. Caffeine, dextrose, salt in my water during my workouts. Ala The Rhino. This also helped me stop a bad habit and I got over a hump for my ED past–this has been very beneficial.

Read 28 books, 14 were non fiction and four were complicated scientific ones. From the Fatal Shore to Gulag Acopelago .

Performed better at my job, I recognize that I am very appreciated and respected by my clinic. I am someone others look up to. This is an awesome feeling!

Got a DOG and not only that, but the best girl ever!!! She is the true highlight of this year! Absolutely! She is a true angel, I hope to have her in my life for a very long time!

Finished that Foo dog tattoo! It only took since 2006! That mother fucker is finally done!

Saved up $3.5k to add to my savings, on a single person’s Denver apartment renters budget. Being a cheap bastard!

Made major changes to my habits that showed up and made a difference in my daily life. Dropped old habits that were no longer benefiting me at all. Started the life long work of Self Mastery.

I am a different person then this time last year. The old Brute was good, but I like this Brutie much more and I think others would agree. Goals for the new year? Cracking my knuckles Keep going! Keep going! Keeeeeepppp going!!


I understand. Looking forward to a New Year of strong work and Malibu love.
Happy New Year Brute!


dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 185, 225, 265, 280x5 x 6 sets
pull ups x 8
hands free stepmill! x 20 mins

All I had today but I am pleased. I’ll get you back Mr. Deadlift…I’ll get you back!

New Years I was in bed way before 12am, but I did wake up to snap crackle pop. I however, thought it was the pipes bursting in my apartment since it was BEYOND COLD New Years Eve where I live! It was fire works! HA Ha!!!

Negative degrees and snowin! A very crisp, peacfully invigorating way to start the year. My parents sent me a message from Lum the Newfie to let me know he is more than ok with it. :)!!!


I found a Me N Malibu bitmoji as well! It was perfect without me doing anything! HELLO DESTINY!!!


pull ups x 10
log clean once strict pres reps 67x3, 82x2, 92, 95x4 x 5 sets, 95x3, 95x4
log clean once leg drive reps 95, 105, 110, 120, 125, 127
I micro loaded the log with baby 1# and 1/2 # plates!
pull ups x 7
fs 45x10, 135, 170, 185, 190x4 x 6 sets, 190x3, 200
stone loads 107, 140x 5, 205 x 5 loads up to 50 inch platform
t bar carries x 7 mins with 167# first drop at 457 feet
banded baby log press (33#) x 10 x 3 sets ( red band)
pull ups mixed in some stuff 4, 3

Very cool new thing! I like the band feel and I am pleased with today. I gassed out a bit and did the tbar stuff mainly for upper back pump which it did! I think the higher stone loads made my right shoulder a bit over it so the band stuff was nice–strangely felt very safe and functional as well as effective! COOL!

I am off to walk my girl…she has no idea she’s getting a bath afterwards… :)!!!


husafel carries x 50 feet 135#, 145, 165, 175, 185 x 2 trips

sand bag carries 150# x 200 feet x 3 trips, 200# x 100 feet
farmer’s handle carreis x 50 feet per arm 43.5#, 93.5#, 143.5#, 163.5#, 183.5#
tried some banded lunges that didn’t really work
barbell Bulgarians bb only (45#) 10/leg x 2 sets
ssb Bulgarians bar plus 20 ( 55#) x 10/ leg x 5 sets
log clean only 67#x3, 87#x3, 107x3 x 2 sets
dead sled drags x 50 feet/push back x 50 feet 140#, 160, 180, 200, 220#
db press/walks press 5 reps, walk 5 steps with the db over head then 4 presses 4 steps with db held over head, 3 reps/3 steps, 2 reps/2 steps. 1 rep 1 step
like this

Did a set with 22/5’s, then 2 sets of 25’s, then one of 22.5’s–>> UH HARD!

I got that idea from an Alpha vid! Sounds easy which is why I was not worried to dry at the end, its hard!

For the carries today out of the blue I started to do a thing I used to do all the time–spell out words and names while I am carrying stuff. HA HA!

Its a trick to keep me from concentrating on the wt I am carrying and to just think of something else. I can’t remember why I stopped doing this since its quite helpful! I typically spelled M-O-S-S-I-M-O- H-E-R-M-E-S-F-U-R-Y ( My Beloved’s name) , or whichever athlete I was thinking about that I wanted to emulate doing the carry I was doing. Some of them names are hard to spell!

If I could pick a strongman to be like just by looks alone–not that I think he’s attractive that way- I think he looks freaking cool! It’d be Konstantine Janashia The Georgian Bull!!

Spellin that out ( in my head not aloud) is not easy but it does help when I’m trying not to focus on how compressed my diaphragm currently is with a sandbag…just keep going keep going keep going.

If you have not seen this I suggest you watch it. It was a really good World’s Strongest Man this year! Here’s the finals!

Here’s the stray parvo pitty I spent most of the week with as his nurse. He did great! He ended up loving me too! I do have a soft spot for the parvo dogs.

I faced a fear of mine with him too. Its a job specific fear- removing a nasogastic tube- that I conquered. I was/am afraid of doing this because it involves getting right in a dogs face without shaky hands by their mouth, and a pitbull’s at that which I’ve had some fears with from past experiences. I did it! Thank you stray parvo pooper! Yet another dog to help me out in my life!!!


Today - Malibu walk

And some fancy new rehab exercises to try and treat my foot extensor pain. I wanted to try some high laced shoes for work…but as COOL AS SHIT as these are

they aren’t practical for work. OH BUT THEY ARE SO COOL! If these were 1/2 that price they’d be on my feet at all times!!!

I am way too cheap to spend $80 on shoes so instead I am doing whacky toes stenghting exercises.

Timed tip-toe walks, “scale pushes” where you push your toes down on a bathroom scale to see how much pressure your toes can push(!), and “penciling”…where you pick up a pencil with your toes to work em out!!!

I LOVE THESE WILD EXERCISES!! Tip toe walking especially!!


I think you should buy the shoes. You work really and deserve them!


Oh my GOD I wish! I have no idea where I’d be able to try them on at! Ha ha!! I can picture myself walking through the grocery store with those SO EASILY!!!

I also blew my fancy shoe allowance on these bad boys …these cost me $60 and that is expensive enough for me! I LOVE these, just got em last week!!

I love stripes :wink:


Hmmmm… does the website have a free return policy? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


I bet they do! Something to think about!!


I squat in Sambas. I deadlift in wrestling shoes (Adidas, used them when I fooled around with boxing back in the day).

Were we separated at birth? :wink:

(no, because I’m an old geezer LOL!)


pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps 67x4, 77x4, 87, 97x3, 87x5x6 sets
fs 45x5, 135, 165, 180x5 x 6 sets
pull ups x 8
bw walking lunges x 100 reps per leg
circuit of banded baby log press from safeties- vid below

then pull ups x 6 then claw grip rows x 10 then triceps x 25 then plate raises/w’s x 10 x 3 circuits

I am feeling low on strength today but I did ok! I think the 97x 3 may be a rep pr? I don’t know. I want to be a bit gentle on my right shoulder- its not painful just felt wonky. I think I might drive that arm down more for presses, or something. Anywho, a good lifting day!

My girl got WILD this morning. She’s very prey driven and the morning walks around my place usually mean seeing a bunny or two, or FOXES!
She got so excited today after I heard her doing zoomies while I was in the shower which is has never happened! That girl! She is so wonderful!

Here she is being wonderful! She typically has a softer, reserved doggie face but when its time for tricks its very easy to tell she loves it! I need to figure out more tricks for her! This is about 1/2 of her trick database :D!!!


Malibu is awesome!