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What gorgeous pic! And a happy Malibu!

This is Soooo important!


Pull ups x8
Log clean once strict press reps 67x3, 77x3, 90 x5 x5 sets
Pull ups x 7
FS 45x5, 135x3, 175, 190x5 x4 sets, 190x4
Bw bulgarians x 8 reps per leg
pull ups x7
SSB walking lunges bar only x15 reps/leg
Giant set of baby log (33#) press from safeties 33x5, 53x5, 63# plus longer chains x 6 then
6 pull ups then oh yoke carry (180#) x50 feet then bw walking lunges x 12 reps/leg x 4 cuircuits
Triceps 20, 15, 10 ss with putting stuff away


dead lifts 45x8, 135x4, 205, 245, 275, 290x3 x 7 sets
pull ups x 8
rdl’s 45x10, 95#x10, 135x10, 185x5
stepmill x 20 mins

I never really have done rdl’s. If anything I am happy I did them because it might help me que bracing that much more for normal dl’s. I am SO afraid of getting wonky on my back that for whatever reason I found myself automatically being the ACE OF BRACE on those! NO mental reminder I just did it!

Here’s a 290 vid.

These might be easier on another day , but I fund myself getting up early without an issue before work so I just kept running and got the lifting done before work.

Stinky ( neighbor who burns shit in his house and it smells up mine) has been at it a a slightly lower clip then normal. But it won’t last. The smell happens but its subtle vs overwhelming.

I can’t call a third party ( fire department or security) until its enough to warrant that and also I don’t have time to do that when its my work week…come the weekend I just know he’ll blast it again and homeboy is going down. I’ll call those firemen on him! And maybe see a few cuties in the process!!!

Why can’t this douche bag just NOT cook? He sucks at it! Or use the microwave! I honestly have no clue what is happened, maybe this stink is his him burning his hair?? ITS SO GROSS!!!


The deads look great!

What is it with this cooking guy? Maybe ge us making something more sinister and just using that as a cover up? Sounds disgusting!


I really hope he’s just a slobby single guy who leaves things a mess on his stove and cooks on it full of blown over food spills etc. He is a dufus- type of guy. I HOPE.

And not a psycho which you never know. Its so gross. It makes me so angry!


pull ups x 10
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x5, 87x6 x 4 sets, 97x3 x 3 sets
pull ups x 9
fs 45x5, 135x2, 175, 200x2 x 10 sets, 215, 225
t bar carries x 6 mins 225# regrip/set down every 100 feet ( did 10 trips in the 6 mins)
pull ups x 8

bw walking lunges x 100 steps/ 50 reps per leg
pull ups x 7
ssb bulgarians bar only (35#) x 7per leg, bar plus 10# x 7/leg, plus 20# x 7/leg x 3 sets, bar plus 30# x 7/leg

glute activation ( donkey kicks ) x 15/leg, heel raises x 15/leg
giant set of: 1) baby log press from the rack 83# x 5 then 2) 5 pull ups then 3) 10 seated claw grip rows then 4) 10-15 triceps extensions then 5) bw walking lunges x 10 reps /leg x 3 curcuits, then another set of the same but with 73# log

wall sits x 45 seconds adduct/abduct holds at top x 1 second hold mixed in x 5 sets
plate raises/w’s x 10 x 2 sets
glute activation clams/donkey kicks/heel raises x 25 reps each per leg
Malibu walk in the nicest day outside!!!

Its been a bit for bulgarians and I also am still reprogramming my neural pathways for the better new stance with leftie. I found a video on tyrign to address hip shift and one of the things mentioned was lack of coordination on a particarl side-- HELLO that’s me. Leftie has always been the weaker, always been the one to tend to cave, always the leg that was weaker for lunges.

I also have NEVER been very agile and coordinated! So I do feel better , I would rather be a klutz then a weakling. I can fix this. Or at least make an attempt to make it less bad!

No stones or sand bag today because I think I burned my finger at work, thus scooping on the ground is not ideal. The facets at my job go lava hot very abruptly and I like to wash my hands in warm water, and I wash my hands ALL THE TIME. Anyways, its got a funky skin thing going on and I can vaguely recall coming out of a bathroom and feeling like I burnt my hand at some point last week.

There WAS a Mossimo lookalike at my job though to make my day. A lil visit from heaven by my Beautiful Boy ( I like to think that, I spotted this dog and loved her instantly ). She was a she though! And some kinda BIG cattledog rottie mix, but just enough Mossi to make me love her instantly!

And this festive dogs feets!


A view from my sister’s porch in Idaho. There’s been family strife, well, its a couple sisters who are being …yeah. Anyways this is probably the biggest family issue we’ve faced. Its sucky how its effecting my parents especially. They are not young as my oldest sister who’s house this picture is from is turning 51 in a month.

Work stuff has been ok except for the bad girl. The coworker who was I pretty close to for a couple years and who then just showed more and more bad sides of herself at work is still at it and this time its getting worse. I had spoken to my supervisors about her last year, this year, and I wrote them an email again this week saying things in writing this time to get the point home. She’s got a lot of good qualities but MAN is she acting bad.

I didn’t say this to them but its looking similar to experiences with a coworker who was a drug addict that I worked with 2 or 3 years ago. That person I caught taking fentanyl off a dog’s cage and changing it out to saline…she was swapping out the patients pain meds with saline so she could steal the narcotics.

She would be very up up upbeat then black as night in her attitude while at work which I assume was related to her drug use. There were also other things she did like just disappear, or take pharmacy keys and jack tramadol, or get her old dog to get a ton of prescriptions for controlled meds…that kinda thing.

In that case a lot of us did know what she was doing, I had seen her steal! But the higher ups told us she couldn’t be fired based on some kinda a rule or legal protection…whatever…she did eventually get put on “leave” and came back a few times, then never again. But not after being seen going through our lockers – to steal who knows. She had some kinda legal loop hole that let her not get fired but “leave” instead.

It makes me wonder if this is the case for the coworker now–like they can’t fire her. Because otherwise I have NO IDEA why she is still allowed to show up, she is so unbelievably awful to her coworkers. She walks in and you can just see this black cloud of anger around her., she is so mad at everything.

I’ve talked about her before and its the same things- bulling, bad mouthing people, being rude, talking VERY VERY LOUD, being aggressive. Now there’s a tinge of cartoon like character that makes me think she’s doing something else. In my own life experience, when people you have known for a while start acting like an exaggerated cartoon character version of themselves it means something bad is going to happen soon. They are off the rails.

I do feel for her–to a point, now I just want her out of my environment. She corners me to talk shit about people turning things we have to do together to do our job into a aggro encounter. Jekyll and Hyde , all over the place, loud and obnoxious and spewing anger.

I personally end up absorbing this and taking home this filthy, pure negativity because I tend to be too empathetic and I absorb other people’s emotions.

Work’s not the place for this though. It sucks. She drinks a lot, she drinks too much. Anyways, I did my part and will keep at it. …to get a friend who’s had good parts in my life and has helped me before all this… fired :frowning: which just feels like shit.


In my of work, people like that will get you killed. Maybe she should “woman up” and realize this:



No, just no. Stop. This is doing nothing to enhance your life, in fact, I would wager she realizes this and uses you to justify her own bullshit. Professionals, regardless of the type of job, don’t spread their own personal failing on other people. Its a harsh statement, but, we have a saying we live by: “Never be around anyone you are not willing to die with”. Want to be with her or someone like her in a critical situation? Cut her out of your life.

You work too hard and I have kept up with your log for several years. Not having met you, I can reasonably assume you are a good, decent person. Cut this person out of your life.

Well, after that serious crap:

I wish you and your family a very happy and safe holidays.


IGreat videos and beautiful pics!

You are a way better person than I am. I honestly can’t deal with work drama.
It cost me a very good job that I had worked very for. Company buy out, new co worker. Filthy, disgusting lil man. He was an awful excise for human being. I reported him and ended up getting fired. I thought about it for a loooong time. If I would have kept my mouth shut and dealt with him, would it have been okay? The answer is no! He was that toxic. The next job had one even worse. I quit before I killed that one, pretty sure I would do the world a favor.
It didn’t turn out well for me but, I could not worked with him on a daily basis. Too much filth. Life lesson. Now I don’t take any prisoners. I would tell that person…
Look! You are going to have to vomit that shit up somewhere else, I am not your trash can! I don’t want any part it. Period. I am here to do my job, and nothing else. I’m not here to make friends, I am here to make money.


Thank you! I appreciate it. I agree.

I know now looking back that our relationship began on negative terms. I had my place in that as well. At the time we were work partners and I found myself opening up to her about negative things and it was a relief to do so-- to get stuff off my chest that I hadn’t complained about to anyone else. Because I never complained before and also because she saw my side of it and agreed, it felt validating to have someone see that I had worthy complaints.

We also were able to get things changed for the better because of it, we got the entire clinic significant wage increases from our teaming up together to present our complaints and to stand up for ourselves.

But I did my share of bitching with her too. You know the type, the person who is always ready to talk shit so you sit by them at the party…well, I fell for it then and now I can’t be too surprised that she is the way she always was. A tiger is a tiger. Now her personal life is exploding and makes it that much worse.

I did end up cutting her out of my personal life late last year and I didn’t really miss her, and now its just work that I see her and we also live in the same apartment complex too! I’ll be dammed if she is going to ruin another clinic for me though. I will work on trying to get her outta there…enough is enough.


I wholeheartedly agree, and I actually thought this today on my drive home. The next time she does it to me- anything that is objectionable- I am letting it out. Telling her flat out to stop the bullshit.

She deserves a reaction to her actions, and I will tell her straight up. Our relationship deserves that much, well I am going to think of it that way.


pull ups x 10
husafel carries (135#) x 100 feet x 5 trips
sand bag carries 150# x 200 feet x trips
tbr row/ dead sled circuit- t bar row 97# x 10 then
deadsled carry x 50 feet ( chains dragging behind it) then
deadsled power row x 50 feet
started with an empty dead sled then added 20#, then 40#, then 60#, then 80# ( added wt each circuit so a total of 5 circuits)
like this:

then added 100# and some more chains to the dead sled and it was too heavy to power row so I reverse dragged after the carry ( used legs) like this:

db benching 3 x 10 ss with 4 pull ups ss 10 back extensions
plate raises
Malibu walk!

A nice upper back attack today! WOOO HOOO! I also like the mystery of not knowing the wt I am using. I put some work in and that was what I wanted.

Some pipe burst at my apartments yesterday and they cut the water off at 11am…which I did not know about until after I had went ahead and applied fake tan on my belly. ALLLLLLLL over it.

My friend gave me some crazy super tan foundation she didn’t want. Sometimes I wonder what my belly would look like without tattoos so I put a THICK OL layer of the crazy tan foundation on top of my tattoos.

This would have been fun if they had turned the water back on. I waited until 6pm - disgusting, tan alllll over my self and my pants, full of sunscreen from walking Malibu, still sweaty and salty from the gym-before I gave in on them fixing it and drove to the gym for a shower.

It of course was rush hour and I get tired like go to bed sleepy typically by night fall even if its the day before the shortest day of the year and dark by 4:15. I was getting sleepy driving and I have trouble with driving at night to begin with let alone now that 30% of the other cars on the road have blazingly bright LED head lights and cars taller the me… and the neighborhood is festive with Christmas stuff too! It was a great drive.

The crazy gym towels which are complimentary and also like sand paper and my scrubbing STILL did not get all of the tan foundation off me! HA HA!! I cannot imagine putting that stuff on my face! You’d need to use a makeup remover to get it off completely because 2 showers and 2 scrubadubs and there is still a layer of tan on my belly!

We did ok though not having water at my house and they got it working around 8pm. The drive to the gym and back and the scrubbing woke me up.

My experiment did work as I got a general idea of what my abdomen looks like tattoo free and I also figured out that I prefer it tattooed and fancy. My old scars showed up strangely from surface piercings I had at 18 that I had forgotten about! Amazing what bit of color can do.


Malibu walk! we went a bit more nature-y this time. This girl is such a sniffer! Tail up way high, feets prancing, she loves the world of smells!

Stepmill x 20 mins ss with flipping the laundry at the laundry mat.

Someone melted some kinda rubber object in the good ol laundry mat by my house. Clouds of very likely cancerous mist in that place today. One day I’ll have my own washer dryer…one day.

I fell really good! A stripe of my quads and a sliver of my butt are still feeling it from the bulgarians which is always nice to have hang around to know you did some work.

I feel like I’m doing a good job managing myself lately and I can FEEL IT. I do believe those mystery blobs I was confused about months ago are indeed baby erectors–which I had not had before. All the wee muscles that show up on my back are a complete surprise since they have never been viable before. I might get in a wreck or hurt myself next week --I wanna have some proof of progress in my log to mark the spot

And maybe some triceps are trying to come out?

SHOUT OUT TO THE INSTAPOT!! I bought that thing the day my heart went underwater last year on an early black friday at Walmart–worth every penny! Its helped me change a lot of my bad habits–I highly recommend it for the lazy cook in your life!

I also recommend one of these – a lil cinnamon bun of peace and contentment to gaze at!!! Malibu Dream Girl!!!

This time last year I was absolutely not where I am today. WORD UP! Now I gotta keep going, keep going, keep going.


Look at that awesome back! Damn it girl!
And cute lil cinnamon roll.
I am so happy you are better. In a better place in your life.

Apparently stinky kitchen guy did laundry :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Pull ups x9
Log clean once strict press reps 67x3, 77x3, 87x7 x 3 sets
Fs 45x5, 135x2, 170x7 x 4 sets
Pull ups x7
BW walking lunges 50 reps per leg
Giant set of :baby log press from safeties with chains 63# x6 first set, 68# x6 next 3
then pull ups x6 then oh carry yoke x 50 feet then seated rows x10 then triceps 20-5 x 4 cuircuits
Added wt to oh yoke (did 105, 125, 145) , added wt to rows and triceps each set

Part of the cuircuit

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!! I am working all the holidays! Happy owners of our patients are making sure I am getting lots of treats!!!



dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 205, 245, 275, 295, 320, 340
315x2 x 3 sets, singles of 315 x total of 10
husafel carries (135#) x 80 feet, x 100 feet, x 100 feet, x 140 feet, x 180 feet
triceps 3 x 20 ss with putting the wt’s away

OH MAN! Three BIG dogs rushed me and Malibu yesterday afternoon and it was scary as shit. A pittie, a rottie, and a rottie lab mix all around 80 pounds running through the the bushes at you will scare the shit out of anyone. Thank god nothing happened but it could have instantly.

Malibu handled it great and I did to…it was only after the stupid douche bag owners grabbed them- and they needed to be grabbed- the pittie was beside me nose to leg and the others were very excited and egged on by each other- and after I walked a 1/2 a mile away did I get really scared- visions of being mauled by dogs and dying in the dirt holding my intestines or my jugular or detached nose…Mother fucking people. Control your animals. I know they won’t and it’ll happen again. I can only be as prepared as possible and I am.

I wonder what work will be like today?? Anything goes!!


pull ups x 11
log clean once strict press reps 67#x4, 77x3, 90x6 x 4 sets, 97x2 x 3 sets
log clean once leg drive press 97, 107, 117, 122
stone loads 107, 140, 205, 220, 245
sand bag loads 200x3, 200x3, 200x3 , 200 x 1 each set loaded it higher
t bar carries 267# x 6 mins with stops every 60 feet to regrip/reset x 20 trips of 60 feet
bw walking lunges x 55 reps per leg
ssb bulgarians bar (35#) x 7/leg, 55#x 7/leg, 65#x7/leg, 75#x7/leg, 55# x 7/leg
barbell only clean grip Bulgarians 7/leg
giant set of : strict press baby lg from safeties 53# plus chains x 10 then
5 pull ups then 8-10 claw grip rows x 3 cuircuits
after that triceps x 20 ss with superman back extensions x 10
plate raises/w’s x 10



My Big Sister’s love me to! My new shirt!

My new ZIPUP!

And that Crazy Coworker who did this at work!




Ha! Perfect work shirt! Love the beautiful smiley brute. Yay! For mamas Christmas goodies looks like you are set to ring in the NewYear!