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You made that look easy! How long do you usually spend on a workout?


Thanks! I am SLOW dynamically, as in I am no speed anything for the reps themselves, but I can typically go from one exercise to the next or go between sets with a smaller rest period, a minute to 2 mins.

However it takes a while to get stuff up for the strongman stuff!

The longest work out I’ll when I don’t have plans for if it’s not before work might take 2 hours but about 33% at least of that time is setting everything up and putting it all away! And stopping my momentum is not good, if I sit down and chill it’s not helpful, it’s better to go one to the next for me at least.


dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 205x2, 245, 280x4 x 6 sets
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x10, 82x9, 87x8, 92x6, 97x2, 102x1
ss with pull ups 8,4,4,4,4,4,3,4
log clean once leg drive reps 102x3, 107x4, 112
fs 45x5, 135x10, 155x9, 165x8, 175x7, 185x6, 195x4, 205x2, 215
bw walking lunges x 350 steps/125 reps per leg
baby log strict press from safties 33x5, 53x5, 73x5 x4 sets ss with tricep extensions light to heaver 20, 15, 10, 15, 10, 20
stepmill x 21 mins
Malibu walk!

I am pleased with the dead lifts! Re-set reps are harder, and I got these ok.

YOUCH! Left knee today has some patella tendinitis! Ice pick to the knee cap. A bit too tired this week to get lifting in twice on my work week- very busy days and drama coworkers.

One lady in particular-not a tech but an account rep, someone who inputs charges for things- is still mad at me going on week 2 or three–for me telling her I will not sneeze in my elbow, when everyone was sick at work. Most of my work day I work alone, going from task to task. And this woman being mad at me isn’t like I am feeling I’m missing out on talking to someone because we are not close, but the comical stone walling whenever I require interaction with her is very obvious!

To be very clear I told her I will totally hold in a sneeze if I am close to someone or sneak away to turn away from a person, and sneeze down on the floor but I will not sneeze all over my shirt sleeves in some misguided attempt to be less germy-its not! Walking around all day with snotty/spitty/germy elbows on my shirt is not hygienic.

She took this as highly offensive, and told everyone in the desks around her that I used to be one of her “top ten favorite people, but now this sneezing thing…” And she was being totally serious. She has not thought it through, but whatever.

Next thing she has some cats she has to re home due to an unfortunate event in her family. 4 of them. So she gets permission to have the cats stay at my job in the isolation ward until they can find homes. She got permission from a supervisor who doesn’t work on the floor or is involved in any isolation protocols.The supervisor was trying to do a nice thing. Besides the fact that my hospital is not a boarding facility but a hospital(!) with sick animals and stress and etc.

I came to work Monday and they were all loose in the isolation ward. Not in cages, but hanging out free to roam in the isolation room. These cats also have treatment orders-meaning since they are on my floor and in my shift I am responsible for their care.

This really pissed me off because these cats were totally unattended and can and will get into things! Like eat wires on fluid pumps! And bust out and hide in the ceiling vents! And anything can happen! I have had to help take apart a $100k plus radiology table when a cat got into it to hide! I noticed this immediately however because you’re dealing with sensitive feelings here, I had to email my supervisor- on the sly asking her permission to please support me putting these cats in cages! It was clear the lady who brought them to rehome wanted them free and roaming in the ward because she set it up that way. If this lady (an employee!) came to see the cats in cages she’d freak out.

And she did. She asked around everyone but me, who she knew had been the only one taking care of the cats, why they were in cages. A coworker told her it was me. So I hear all this and tell her that I did put them in cages and this is why, and she without even looking at me, but with her back to me! starts saying…well… UGH!!! Such drama!!!

But so of course, she gets upset-- she doesn’t understand. Sometimes at my work its frustrating. You would think people who work in the field even if its not directly medically related would NOT think" OH I work with animals all day long, and its happy land puppies and kittens and nothing bad can ever happen if I have good intentions right?"

Its annoying that the supervisor even thought this was a good idea. Anywho, I was able to get my own supervisor to back me up. It sounds so trivial and silly but a lot of times you have to be very sensitive to people’s feelings about their pets…even the freaking employees.

This women has always seemed to like me, but she doesn’t know me that well. I think she sees one side of me which is ( not to be conceited but it is true) someone who is very gentle and kind to the patients, and I am lucky to have a lot of patience in general as a personalty trait. I am basically a nice person by nature- I was born this way.

However, I don’t live in fairy land where things never go wrong! Tough love! Protect the ones in your life who rely on you for their safety!!! Wake up!

UGH so annoying. Now that I think of it she might be mad at me for telling her anyone who goes to Disneyland as an adult without a child is silly…and she retorted pretty angrily that it made her feel like a kid again ( she’s 42!)
…or that when she’s on dating sites she needs to open up her age group and that older men can look pretty damn good for a long time to which she showed me a face and told me she’s doesn’t want to date anyone older than her…she’s 42!
…or that riding a bike on a busy street wearing headphones is a bad super irresponsible idea–she told me she needs her jams…yeah, maybe she had other reasons to not like me besides the sneezing!! HA HA!!!


Wow! I agree with not sneezing or coughing in your elbow. Nothing like running around with snot on your shirt all day. No thank you!
Hope the knee feels better.


Ha ha!! Thanks!!


Today I woke up with pretty angry knee still so I did different things. I have been meaning to try out the 24 hour fitness’s t-bar for carries and it went well! My main concern was that there would be people getting in the way- or I in other people’s way- or just not having free space to do it. I wanted to do them and I needed to go light.

The space they have to do it in was free early this morning when I went but typically has lots of people doing things on it with trainers etc.

I put on my thickest knee sleeves for my workout today even though I wasn’t really doing anything to anger the knee but it won’t hurt and I DO love being swaddled by comfort and support in those sleeves. My knees always feel so safe and cared for in them! HA HA!!

t bar carries unknown wt of t bar plus 90# x 5 mins 30 seconds
then again x 5 mins after a few mins rest between- goal being work the traps
db benching 4x12 ss with pull ups 5,5,5,5
db shoulder press 4 x10 ss with pull ups 4,4,4,3 ss with seated rows 4x10
triceps 3 x15

Malibu walk (I continued to wear my triple ply knee sleeves!) in the COLD!!! MY!! 19 degrees! We hustled!

Knee high Compression socks, triple ply knee sleeves, two pairs of addidas pants were my leg layers. Upper body had a bra/tank top combo, a thermal hoodie, a fleece zip up, another flannel hoodie, and then a Dickies jean jacket. Two pairs of gloves and a pair of mittens! I prefer wearing layers for warmth vs having to wear layers to protect form the sun and being roasting. I’ll take colder any day of the week.

I think I am going to swim today and or sauna. Something like that. I have to roll out my leg too in hopes to help alleviate my tendinitis.


That’s a lot clothes!


Today- Malibu walk! Another 21 degree morning!

My knee is feeling better today, and I’ll continue to take it easy on it. Yesterday got some extra long walks with my girl and I think it helped it to flush it a bit.

ALSO! Malibu had her 6 month post heart worm treatment test-- she passed with flying colors! She did great at the vet and won the hearts of the everyone in the lobby being the sweet gentle girl she is!

My weekends have been going by so quickly and its not because I am doing more or am busier. Its because I’m calmer! December 2017 I was NOT this way at all.

If you would have told me I’d feel this content, calm, and really good about myself I would have believed you – because I’ve done it before, I’ve gotten over bad things and have the ability to do it and I know that. 2017 Brute still needed to see a few more things and put a bit more time between things. She also needed to wait and do her time, bide her time before she was ready to met the girl who would make this Better 2018 Brutie come out.

This girl!



I am SOOOO happy for you!


Thank you!!! I really appreciate it!!!


pull ups x9
log clean once strict press reps 67x4, 82x4, 87x6x4 sets
fs 45x6, 135x2, 165, 180x6 x4 sets
bw walking lunges x total of 100 steps/ 50 reps per leg
sand bag carry 150# x 150 ish feet felt wrong on my clavicle so I stopped there
log strict press from safeties in the rack baby log (33#) x 3, 53#x4, 65# plus chains x 6 x 4 sets ss with
clean up oh barbell carry x 50 feet 95# ss with
pull ups x 6 ss with
triceps x 15-10

Nice! Also the ridiculously huge sandbag they just got at turbo gym. That has to be at least 300#. I do like that its somewhat human shaped/clinindical. I’ll never be able to pick this this up!

I do like picking up people though…too bad the last person I hoisted out of the blue got a offended! HA HA! It wasn’t meant to be anything but exuberant fun but I doubt he ever forgave me for pulling that.

Some guys really like that though… Mu ex-husband did and he was a big guy but thought it was cool that I could carry his 240# ass around. I also wouldn’t let him carry the bags of dog food for our dogs out of Walmart since I liked to do it myself.

In my late 20’s I was with a guy who REALLY liked it. Which is comical when you consider that I was 155# at the time but still within 10# of his own body wt and also the same height. He had a big time muscle thing on girls which again is wierd only in that I was quite thin but I was his BIG girlfriend probably because I did have a bit of lean bitty muscles. Which might have been more then he’d seen in his real life.

That got old fast having your guy call you BIG when you are not and you are a recovered ED chick!! He meant it as a compliment and enjoyed how I looked so I couldn’t get that mad. I also was requested to arm wrestle and body slam this guy, which I happily did.


dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 205x2, 245, 275x6x 4 sets
pull ups x 8
stepmill x 20 mins
giant set of reverse sled drags with 90# ss pull ups (8,8,7,5) ss seated rows 10-8 ( lighter to heavier ) ss triceps 20-10 (same thing, lighter first set heavier each following set) x 3 circuits
walking on cool self propelled treadmill x 10

Here’s my last set of deadzos.

Pleased with these. Of course the never ending tinkering we all do to make them better , etc.

Work drama has improved immensely. Women is now speaking to me and on good terms. It took her a bit but she came around on her own without me doing anything which is very cool with me.

Malibu had some drama ! A dog tried to bite her butt while we were walking on the trail. of course some people are not always paying attention, and she’s fine. I learned from it.

I’ve been trying lately to pay more attention to my part in things- why this came to be how someone thought of me, what did I do to give them that impression, what can I change my ways accordingly to avoid stupid shit in the future.

I have many examples! Also reminding myself its not always me, sometimes it just a someone making a bad choice , a person making a mistake, sometimes its not personal its a fault of their own. Beating myself up for something I have no control over won’t get me anywhere but frustrated. Anywho! This year continues to be a very important year for me, PR’s in a different way.


warm up set- 9 pull ups
log clean once strict press reps 67x3, 82x3, 92x4x6 sets, 97x2, with leg drive reps 107, 117
pull ups mixed into everything after below x 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 6
high box fs 45x5, 135x5, 175x5, 205x5, 225x3
bw walking lunges x 50 reps per leg
stone loads 107x2, 140, 205 x 5 total with 5 mats, then pulled away a mat each single ( to make the platform higher) load x 5 more loads- a PR 205# height of 51" in vid below- I tried to use my boob at a height reference!

stone loads 140# at 51" x 5, 140# x 5 at 52" , 140 x forgot the reps at 54" video below. You can’t see it in the video but I have mats on top for the height.

bw walking lunges x 60 reps per leg
t bar carries 197# x 6 mins - with regrips/drops
bw walking lunges x 50 reps per leg
giant set of baby log press from safeties with bigger chains ( no idea the wt) x 10 ss pull ups x 4 ss triceps x 10-15 x 3 giant sets/3 circuits
plate raises mixed in x20, 20, 15

If anyone is interested like me in cool strongman training videos check this out! I’m jazzed for the series!

OK, off to do my chores!


Whoopsie! Before I got do laundry, here’s a log set of 92#. Not sure if I OVER arch or not. I doubled up ( warmer belt with a normal lifting belt on top) just in case.

Body wt has been hanging out at 166#. I’m feeling good too. Still!


Those stone loads were awesome. Very smooth! I think your form in these just keeps getting better!


Thank you!!! I hope that is the case! I won’t lie…I have watched nightmare stone loading accidents on youtube and it makes me scared–stones falling on knees and breaking bones, bicep tears…stones …breaking your bones!..so I do try to pay respectful attention on those!


Malibu walk then–>

sand bag field day carries misc distance to get the bag to the field then
carries x foot ball field length which I assume is 100-120 yards ( 300-360 feet) x 3 trips no stop, then distance to get bag back to car with many stops
bw walking lunges x 30 reps per leg
at the gym tbar dl’s say the bar is 45#x 5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5 x 5 sets
db benching 4 sets of 10
db clean and press 20, 15, 10, 8
pushed the tank x 2 songs on mp- ( so 7-10 mins)
reverse dragged tank x 3 mins
steam room
steam room again

I feel so GOOOOODDD!!! :D!!! I keep waiting for the tiredness and energy drain to happen but its not today so far. And I did some decent work in the field that I anticipated would be draining.

I attempted to wt the sand bag as well. I brought my bathroom scale to to the parking lot to stand on with the bag in my arms and the scale dial was turning past the 300# limit. So I estimate it could be 130# ish but for sure under 150#. Its a good wt for what I do in the field.

The other lil gym stuff felt good too. Most notably the steam room!! I had popped in there since all the swimming lanes were in use and ended up really feeling great after. The swimming was good too.

I was up later then normal last night- past 11pm and that’s WAY LATE for me- since my sister came over and talked a while. I kept getting up during the night with wild dreams and each time I got up I drank water then lotion-ed my hands and shins.

Apparently my hands got dry overnight enough to make me do this when I’m barely awake. It happens though, sometimes my hands just hurt from the dryness. Denver is very dry and I wash my hands constantly at work so things get bad quickly on my hands. Not today though–the carries were a slippery grip since my hands STILL were moisturized from the night before!

I am going to start writing my dreams down when I wake up. There’s always the familiar themed ones that mean I need to figure out what I need to crunch through to get some better cooler dreams.

My neighbor is at it again stinking up my place with his molten metal dirty trash burning stove. I contacted my apartment people again and they told me he has been warned, so its next step time. Its gotten to the point where the next time it happens they told me I need to call the fire department so a third party is able to witness it in case this goes to court for fire code violations. AND I WILL!

It takes a lot for me to complain. This is also something I am changing in my life, I will complain when I don’t like something and when its warranted. I learned that lesson on the job years ago from the toxic wasteland of environment of my old clinic.

I’m really good about that at work because it I figured out how much it effected me when real issues are hanging over me unresolved, and also that people respected what I had to say once I stood up for myself… but not so much in my personal life. The days of expecting anyone to recognize that they are acting in an unacceptable way are over. Someones gotta look out for me, and it will be me!


Training looking good, thanks for the Martins Licis videos. He’s very entertaining and his training seems very smart. Good lunchtime video


I agree!! I have implemented a few of his warm ups too! * which he shows in the third video!


Malibu Walk today, can it always be just like this??? A whole day of predawn sky? :D!!

BW walking lunges x 110 reps per leg and some wall sits. 5 x 45 seconds
Glute stuff last night

My parents gave me one of their old rugs. Malibu loved it instantly.

Another good weekend that’s still going on. Next week I get to start a new work certification. I can’t change everything about me and there are parts of me that I can use for good such as being sensitive. I don’t need to be less sensitive, there is a place for it.

Being this way has its pros and cons dealing with people but with animals it’s very helpful to be able to see when they are distressed. Dogs don’t have agendas! Cats are …cats.

It’s a long online course for low stress handling. I had my doubts before I went to the lecture I did a few weeks ago about whether it’s realistic in my specific job.
Emergency and critical care doesn’t often have the luxury a lot of times to take things slowly or even gently when time is against you often. You have to make things happen.

However! I don’t work ER anymore! I did my time! I work mostly on my own as well so I get to control the patients experiences while they in my care. Why not make it easier on them? I can. I think I have the general disposition to do that for them.

I have already known for a long time I am not built to be a certain type of person and no matter how hard I try I just don’t have it in me…and I don’t want it to be who I am anyways.

It’s not a fault that I am what I am, it’s an attribute just like I have red hair.

Having Malibu has made me see this on a daily basis as she’s a pretty sensitive girl. Nigel and Mossimo were not as effected by things and they for sure we’re NOT the type of dog to shut down over fear. Different dogs, different personalities, everyone has a different set of cards they are dealt. I gotta use what I got because I can’t change this part of me. Try not to complain about my hand, I’m very lucky!