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My nephew with my sisters chichis getting my surprise Christmas Tree!

My sister pointing at my fruitcake fresh from the oven!

Food from Mama!

Malibu examing the fruitcake!

Malibu and DAZZLE TREE!! HA HA!!


This I also received and must figure out a way to use it without a big Christmas tree! Ha ha!!


Wow! You made out like bandit! Very cool! You know I will habe to google that tree dazzler…lol!


GET THE DAZZLER! Its $10 at Walmart and its amazing! I was memorized for well over 45 minutes in my apartment just lookin at it! HA! Its so very fancy! I have alerted all fans of lights that I know of this fabulous thing!


I got out with my sandbag! Holy cow have I missed outdoor carries!! My biceps are pumped beyond belief too.

I had it fully loaded to 150# to start but had planned on dumping some sand out so I can do it for longer lighter carries. I carried it to the trash can which was about 300 feet before I dumped out and and was holding it chest height over the trash to dump out sand! I’ve had ot do this before and it makes me start laughing at how precarious it is. All the while on the lookout so I don’t get some kind of weird “Sand dumping into trash can in a park” ticket.

It took a while but I got it. No clue how much the bag wt is now- 70 pounds or 100 I have no idea now. Its a good wt though! Oh I have missed this so!

I carried it for who know the distance around the football field ss with dancing to my jams.

Drove to the gym
pushed the tank x 6 minutes or so
bw walking lunges 100 steps/50 reps per leg
bw squats, tired a few goblet squats x 5 up to 75# db held in hands
seated rows 4x8 ss triceps 4 x 10

I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I am incredibly grateful to say that!

And texts with dog pictures to see on my phone!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!


It looks pretty cool! I am going to get mom one! The weather looks pretty awesome too! Glad you are feeling good!


The outdoor carries look great. Maybe fill some smaller bags with like 5 pounds of sand so you can just take them out and reload the bag when you’re done. Always great to get dog pictures!


Thanks Scotto! I actually did think of that but not until after! My wt’d vest has 5 pound sand bags you use to put into the vest to adjust the wt, it’d work great to pop into the rogue bag. I have 80 # work of those 5 pound lil packs of sand!


pull ups x 7
log clean once strict press reps 72x5, 87x5x5 sets, 92 x 3 x 3 sets
fs 45x5, 135x2, 180x5 x 5 sets
clean grip walking lunges bar only (45#) x 15 reps/leg, 65# x 15 rep/leg
zercher walking lunges 65# x 15 reps / leg
bw walking lunges x 100 reps per leg
viking press all one set alternating the 3 grips every 5 reps 33#, 43# 5/5/5 x 3 sets, 53# same thing 3/3/3 ss with pull ups 6,5,5,5,4
triceps 5x10 ss with some of the above and an over head bb carry of 65# a 100 feet



This afternoon
pull ups 3 sets of 10, a set of 8 neutral grip

Weirdly now neutral grip are harder for me then regular pull ups which is the opposite of my experience in the past. I don’t know what this means, they are harder on my elbows which I already knew but now harder in general! Whatever!

A good work week so far.

Me and a pup who was my buddy ( well, I mostly dealt with his after effects of a him being a dog with no tail pooping out drywall all day long for many days) for over a week right before he was about to go home! You do those kind of things for friends though, help them get over shit :wink:

Just one of today’s exciting events in dog news was one who showed up with this as a complaint.

When I worked nights we had a husky come in who was sprayed by a skunk and got a porcupine to the face as well! It was beyond awful ! The dog was unfazed and not really painful, but yeah.

We couldn’t get away from the skunk smell… as we had to restrain (hold) the dog, monitor its anesthesia etc with the skunkafied dog while he was sedated… and manually remove every quill- in husky hair. When you smell skunk that close it DOES things to you! Its a entire new experience then when you are driving by a dead skunk, this is something else. MANY ALIVE that was a long night that I will never forget!


dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 205, 245, 270x5 x5 sets
stepmill x 20 mins
bw walking lunges 300 steps/150 reps per leg
push press 45x3, 85, 105, 120, 130, 95x5 x 5 sets
seated rows 4x10 ss triceps 4 x 10


Poor lil guy! He was lyckybhe had Brute to take care of him. Drywall had to be unpleasant.

Skunk is the worst!


Porcupine dog had it a bit worse! He was vomiting up quills as well as poopin them out! But he ended up ok…for now. It helped that he is a larger breed 140# dog!


pull ups a set of 10
log clean once strict press reps 77x4, 87x4, 92x4 x 6 sets, 97
log clean once press reps with leg drive 77, 87, 97, 107, 117, 127
fs 45x5, 135x2, 165, 185x5 x5 sets
farmer’s handle carries x 50 feet 72#/arm , 122#/arm, 152#/arm, 182#/arm x 4 trips
barbell mp’s with chains (new) 45# plus chain whatever wt x 10, 50#x10, 55#x10, 65#x7 ss with pull ups 5,5,5
bw walking lunges x 300 steps/150 reps per leg
That’s it!

I am feeling really good lately! Inside and out! WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!


The new stuff. I am not really sure if the chains are optimal but they did make the thing feel different. Overall not bad! Why not? :D!


t bar carries 215# x 5 mins 30 seconds- had drops/regrips
stone loads 107#, 140, 205, 220, 245 x 3 up but not loaded like vid below!

where it got kinda lost in my lap
or like this!

where I just came short
stone loads 220 x 3 total
sandbag loads 200# bag x 5 , 150# x5 in vid below

dead sled circuit stolen from a video from Alan Thrall consisting of tbar row x10, deadsled shrugs x 8, carry, then power row back like this x 4 circuits

then another circuit of reverse drags and pushes like this below x 4 circuits

decided to try this, oh chain press? SURE!

triceps x20, x15, x10,x8 ss with bw walking lunges x total of 300 steps/150 steps
claw grip rows 3 x 10 ss back extensions

Malibu walk

UH, I discovered carries with a chain dragging behind you is a very interesting thing! I guess its chain theme this week, but I like it! The deadsled pushes were not easy, the stall mats the gym has on the runway are quite friction-y! HA HA!

I haven’t ever really done shrugs so I am not really impressed one way or the other. I have a very general idea of the dead sled wt itself, I think its 150#? I added a few plates here and there between the sets.

Anyways, this tired me out! I came home and walked my girl and was drained! SO I ate the last of my candy corn pumpkins, took a bath, and fell asleep! Now I am up and sorta at them, I think it was the sandbag loading that wears me out. Sand bags-compared to stone loading --is easier to get up/lap, but harder to load in my experience.

My legs are getting there. The body wt lunges are filling them out, and when I think of this, this is how I got legsize to start with. I am also doing normal bw squats, doing them and doing the new stance for my fs makes me see clearly that for my body, squat depth to slightly above parallel is ideal for pumpin my legs!

I’ve done my time with the bottom out squats for front and back. I did the whole competitive powerlifing, low and deep squats–whatever, I don’t even care anymore. I shall have “high” squats and have better form. I have long femurs, and a long torso, and I will have marginally high squats.


I just listened to a JRE show, and with Jordan Peterson on it. One thing he said that I want to list in my log.

"Its actually really hard to put yourself together and you have to do that in ways that you can’t trumpet.

Most of the things that are wrong with you are kind-what would you call it?-low, second rate, and embarrassing. They are all your stupid little habits and your proclivity to procrastinate and all the little things that you are minorly ashamed of.

And you have to work on those slowly because the probability that you’re going to be able to fix them quickly is low.
And you can’t really brag about it because its just so embarrassing to admit that they exist.
Its just sorta painstaking, private work. And you can’t get a lot of social status for it. Its effortful, embarrassing, humbling and difficult. "



I was getting tired just watching you! Damn on the stone loads. You almost had it!
The deadsled thing looks awesome. Look at those arms!
Great work in here as usual.


Thank you!!


Pull ups x9
log clean ince strict press reps 67x4, 82x4, 92x4 x6 sets, 97x2, 97, 97 (singles)
FS 45x5, 135x2, 175x2 190x4 x6 sets
BW walking lunges 250 steps/125 reps per leg
Baby Log press from safeties 33#x5, added chains 55#x5, 65#x5 x5 sets ss with oh yoke (105#) x 50 feet ss with tricep extensions x10-15 ss with pull ups ( 7, 5, 4, 3)
An example of the baby log press with chains. Nice!!

I am happy I got up to lift today! I didn’t think I would as I had a different day Sunday and got home late. I went to a lecture for 7 hours for work in a part of town that I cannot stand! So I drive home frazzled from the small stupid streets, one ways, pedestrians and bikers everywhere…just irritating in general. It’s a stress factory anytime I go there.

It was a good lecture though! Just sooooooo lonnnnnnnnggg!!!