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Sand bag squats! Um, hard with the 150# which is the wild video above. The 75# bag felt great.

I found in my youtube travels a fellow special lifter who also cannot load any wt on his back! His injury was from a bad yoke run, mine was from who knows…could be years and years of good morning squats with heavy wt that I did not knowing they were the wrong way??? Or the one time I busted my back up doing wild deficit -with chains and a lot of inner turmoil -deads? Who knows.

ANYWAY! Its exciting to hear ideas for stuff from a fellow weird lifter. Just like me he can tolerate front loading but nothing on his back more then 120# - which is pretty much my limit too. And he can’t use a leg press! HA HA!!! ME TOO!!!

One of the things he was showing was of course front squats but also goblet squat style stuff, so it made me wanna try goblet/sandbag squats.

The newer slightly wider/toes out fs are my attempt to just keep trying to get a hold of the hip shift I’ve been doing. Knee cave I have ALMOST got a handle on, but I shift my hips.

I also gave myself some slack too, I did ok. I am not symmetrical, I don’t have even hips. Left side drops lower then right even with zero wt. I will just continue to do my best and not bust myself up tyring to do form hat ain’t right for my body.

Like with my back squat, my proportions led me to be more of a good morning style squatter because that’s just how I naturally squat - to this day, in day to day whatever that puts you in a squat position.

Doesn’t make it safe, but for years I beat myself up over it when…really it was just my mechanics. I wasn’t lazier then other lifters, it was just how my body did it. And it did NOT work out for me! But other lifts CAN!

Also why this newer stance for fs will get a bit of time to test out but not too much if its bad for my body. I’ve been doing the walking lunges also with a more toes out style step and my BUTT is blasting from that change!


The time off was really good, as in suddenly my joints all felt fine! Uh…yeah, I know, training like I do is hard on your joints. I want to list it here in my log so I remember how good a rest feels.

Things have finally settled down for me at least. I am feeling about 97% back to my normal self after some stupid stuff this year. It takes me a while.

I’m gearing up for Turkey Day and a LOT of family coming into town! Just cleaned my house, all my chores are done for the weekend–I feel fabulous!


Excuse the clothing, but it’s so you can see my lopsided hips. As long as I can recall they’ve been this way, right just is different, left always lower in a squat.

I don’t know why I’ve not looked into it
before. I noticed it years ago doing ohs in front of a mirror when I trained those alot.

I found an article today that suggests stuff I never considered, like to try to reposition one foot vs both based on which side you are wierd on. I’m going to give this a shot. If it goes nowhere oh well, I’ll go light and see what the wts do.


dead lifts 45x10, 135x5, 205x3, 245x 4 x 6 sets
clean grip reverse alternating lunges bar x 10/leg, 65# x 10/leg x 4 sets
zercher reverse alternating lunges 65# x 10/leg
anderson zerchers 45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5 x 4 sets
db bench 35’s x 12, 37.5 x 10 x 3 sets
seated cable rows 4 x8 ss with tricep 4 x 15
mixed in walking lunges
tank pushes x 6 minutes
arm over arm pulling the sled until too many people got in the way
Malibu walk!


I think you are on the something here. We are all put together a little differently. Recognizing this gives you an advantage so you know how to work around it.
I have a hip shift thing going on myself. I know part of this is self inflicted, but my shoulders, I am not so sure, I think they have been that way since I was hatched.
Hope you figure out how to improve your situation.


Thanks! I have no idea if trying different things will work or not! But I got nuthin to loose!


I agree!


Got extra walks in friday in prep for the sleety/icey/rainy day stay inside today with my girl. Freezing rain started around 8, and luckily we got out and walked before then.

I did misc machine pressing, rowing, hamstrings, light barbell mp’s and 300 steps/150 reps per leg of walking lunges at 24 hour fitness. Also experienced seeing a guy explosively and repeatedly knee’ing one of the soft tires they have there. Very bazaar and very intentional. He was younger then me and wearing pastels so I’ll leave it at that.


I’ve been sent pictures of FEASTS TO COME !! My Mom’s making FRUITCAKE!!!




So jealous! I have never made a fruitcake but love to eat them!


pull ups x 7
log clean once strict press reps 67# x 5, 77#x8 x 4 sets
bw walking luges x 100/50 reps per leg
fs 45x5, 135x3, 170x5 x 5 sets
viking press empty x 5/grip 3 grips, 33#/10 per grip 3 grips, 43# x 10/ grip 3 grips ss with walking lunges and triceps 4 x 10
claw grip rows 4 x10
back extensions

I jinxed myself! Yesterday I told a coworker who was hastily sanitizing her work station after a sick doctor was there, that I couldn’t recall the last time I had a cold as it must have been over a year.

I have a bit of one now! HA! Just nasal congestion so far but it kept me up. I got up at 1 this morning finally ceding all control after being up most of the night due to lady hormonal stuff… and I don’t have any help today on my shift…its going to be a long day.

BUT ! I lifted!


Half the staff at my job are sick!! Patient Zero being an intern doctor who managed to infect us all!!

I’m still nursing a cold from my infected coworkers, however I also got to walk into this :slight_smile: MY JOB IS THE BOMB!!!

Mama and babies are all doing great!


dead lifts 45x10, 135x3, 205x2, 255 x5 x 5 sets
stepmill x 17 mins
walking lunges total of 300 steps/150 reps per leg
triceps 4 x 10

I woke up feeling a bit better! I’m glad because if I were still sick I’d have to miss turkey day with all my family in town!

One of my sisters who is currently living in town with my parents has a compromised immune system - she goes on and off treatments for lymphoma. And my Uncle is an elderly man too.

She , whom I have mentioned in the past, is not the most stable mentally. The last few weeks she’s been having a real hard time dealing with depression. Growing up with her she was more then challenging for my parents- running away, being dramatic, etc that kinda teenage stuff.

So for sure her personality has a degree of drama laced in it, but she has been through some seriously scary health issues dealing with her cancer…but also perhaps her cancer getting as bad as it did was a result of her mental issues not being able to address things when stuff might have been able to be caught? I have no idea. regardless she’s dealt with a lot of stuff and faced times when she was given a terrible prognosis.

I am venting a bit here. I can’t tell her this obviously and I can’t share parts of it to my immediate family because that can be problematic as well. Being the type of person she is she also interacts with some CRAZY on the fringe type people who are attracted to her for whatever reason and she to them as well. I worry for her…but she’s an adult. And there’s not much you can do. She is also very head strong and has a lot of pride about stuff …I’m sure many can relate to feeling this frustration.

She is also incredibly religious–and she thinks she see’s visions from God. Part of it being drama? Part of her really thinking this? Part of it maybe actually happening? I would never put anyone down or even think its beyond the realm of possibility that this type of stuff DOES actually happen but I gotta say it gets irritating when she uses it so much to explain things… When she explains her bazaar actions…I just…part of it is almost disrespectful to religion in a way! UGH I can’t explain myself properly but I needed to vent.

It can be a bit overwhelming hearing it from her , the crazy and the pride and the not having a way to wedge reason in… These guys though that she meets …they are just…yeah. I want to shake them. Bodily. Pick them up and throw them through a wall.

I know its a two part deal, she gets something out of their relationships but…there never seems to be a shortage of douche bags and weirdos.


I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family. I understand the need to vent and I want you to know just about every family has someone like this. I will spare you my stories but this quote has proven very true for me: “you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.”


Thanks Scotto!! I appreciate it!!


Yesterday afternoon my cold took a strange turn and my eyelids and face started swelling up. Everything that can run was- eyes, nose, throat. I moaned most of the walk with my girl after work!

I have never had weird eye stuff from a cold before! I let my family know this and also we made a decision that I will not be Patient Zero infecting 3 elderly people, 2 immune compromised adults, 3 regular adults, and 5 kids with whatever disease I picked up so they can all look forward to driving home to California with it.

I will however be the lucky recipient of a Ding Dong Ditch load of Thanksgiving food later today from my twin who will hopefully be wearing protective gear. I have been assured that any and all Feats of Strength Clash of the Titans competitions will be filmed and texted to me. I have instructed my twin in various arm wrestling tips via text as well.

I did lift though! I took a pm/night time cold med last night and woke up a bit wasted from that but got this in.

pull ups x 8
log clean once strict press reps 67#x5, 77x5
men’s log clean once strict press reps 85# x5 x5 sets
fs 45x5, 135, 175x5 x 5 sets
newer thick ol farmer’s handles empty (72#/handle ) x 50 feet, 122#/arm x 50 feet, 172#/arm x 50 feet x 4 trips, empty/72#/arm x 200 feet
db benching 35’s x 10 ss with pull ups 8,5, 5
seated oh press machine per grip 10/10, 25#/ side 10/10, 35# x 15/15 x 2 sets, 40#/side x 15/15 ss with claw grip rows x 10-15
triceps x 20, x15, x10
bw walking lunges 300 steps/150 reps per leg
tried out one of those tables that hangs you upside down x a few

Pleased with the handles! I haven’t done handles consistently in a long time and I had no idea the wt of these until after I finished doing the carries and stood on the scale with one. Not bad for not training them, could have done more but this was a nice wt to use.

I love Thanksgiving! Mine will be a bit off but how can it be bad when I have this?

Today walking my girl a guy with a cute butt ran by. I not only noticed it, I also appreciated it. Then he ran by again! HEY NOW! :D!!!

My heart works JUST fine. And looks like everything else is back on track as well! WOOOOHOOOO!!!



:smiley: I just love her so much!


Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry, you couldn’t be with your family. Hope you got fruitcake anyway!


I SURE DID GET FRUITCAKE! I just popped it on the scale, its 3 pounds!


tbar carries x 5 mins 30 seconds with 207# - had some regrips, felt solid
tbar dl only 167, 257, 307, 327, 347
barbell push preses 45x5, 89x5x5 sets, 111x4x 4 sets
stone loads 107x2, 140x2, 205 x5 single loads
viking press plus 33# reps per grip 10/10/10, 43# 10/10/10, 53# 10/10/10
That’s it!

I am almost over the cold. I lucked out with a LOT of leftovers form my family’s Thanksgiving Day Feast! OHHHHH BUT THEY MIGHT NOT LAST THE WEEKEND!!! The green bean casserole will for sure be gone by sundown.

My Mom’s cooking is THE BOMB. I also got a few lil gifts too! One being a dazzling lil Christmas tree! I love it! It sucked msisng the get to get together but I heard all about it.

Having as big of a family as I have sisters I don’t know well at all, they being quite a bit older then me and it can be awkward on my end of things. I’m the sister out of all of us who lived a life outside of contact with them for the most part for years when I was a young adult.

Trying to connect quickly in a day and be a “good” aunt- to any of my nieces and nephews really…when I really don’t know them! I don’t beat myself up over it, its just how it is. As long as I’m not on the family shit list I am fine with that.

The stone loads felt great today. It’d been a while since I did them because I have been trying to rest my feet- loading stones works my feet a LOT, I grip the floor like a tree branch.

My feet also feel almost totally back to the normal they were say 7 months ago before I screwed them up inadvertently wearing too big of walking/work shoes! HA HA! The little things that can be big things!

Anyways, I’m feeling good all around. They reopened the field finally after having it either torn up or fenced up for a good 18 months. I have a goal of getting outside again for some long romantic carries with my sandbag.