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There! I fixed for you :wink:


THANK YOU!!! I really do appreciate it!!! :)!!!


dead lifts 45x8, 135, 185, 225, 275, 305, 325, 345, 315 x 2 x 3 sets, 315
rack pulls 45x5, 135x3, 225x3, 315x3, 355x3, 385x3, 405x2 x 2 sets
fs 45x5, 135, 165, 185, 200, 215x2 x 5 sets
sand bag carries 150# x 200 feet x 5 trips
clean grip walking barbell lunges bar x 50 feet, 55#x50 feet, 65#x50 feet, 75#x50 feet x 3 trips
pull ups x 10
viking press empty x 5/5/5, 33# added 12/12/12, 43# 10/10/10, 53# 8/8/8 ss with pull ups 8, 5
tricep extensions x 10 ss with claw grip rows- heavy- 8,8,8,5,3,2, 1
Walk with my girl!

Its the last day of my 5 day party weekend. Yesterday was chill with extra walks for my girl. The second long walk there were tow loose dogs running wild. A luckily doofy, playful BIG doberman - cuz if she wasn’t my dog would be dead because she charged us multiple times, and a skittish Malinois that also luckily ran off before there was trouble. Gotta love owners who think they have full control over their dogs…when they do not and shits about to get real! I can’t imagine being an parent of a human child, how frustrating bad parents are when it affects your own kid.

Anywho! A very good weekend that I definitely needed. Two of my long time neighbors suddenly moved away. Stoner next door and grumpy lady who lived below me. She’s gone and luckily that means her friend who would ask me to do chores for her- such as shovel ice off the steps and snapped at me when I refused to- is gone too.

I was the oldest person at the turbo gym today- happily. All nice people as far as I could tell but HOLY FASHION MADNESS. I’m going to show my age by remarking on the guys wearing so many bright colors, big terrible anime shirts., I’m not into girls with pastel hair or the multi shade hair… Adults wearing super hero or cartoon stuff just…yeah. No.

HA HA! I I am quite happy that I am not up to date or on trend with today’s youth. I’m happy to be excluded from THAT. I turned 37 this weekend! :D!!! I feel FABULOUS!


Happy Birthday! Sounds like y’all had a great week!


Thanks!!! It was!!! :D!!!


I wish you many more to come, Happy Birthday.


Thank you!


pull ups 3 sets of 10, a set of 8 neutral grip


pull ups x 10
log clean once strict press reps 67#x5, 87x5, 97x4, 87x8, 87x7, 87x4, 87x5
men’s log clean once strict press reps 85#x 5 x 2 sets, 85x4
t bar carries 237# x 5 mins 30 seconds - some drops/regrips mixed in
box fs 45x5, 135x5, 185x5, 205x5 x 3 sets- higher box
normal fs 45, 135, 15, 195, 205, 225
anderson fs 45x5, 95x10, 115x8, 135x5, 155x5, 175x3 x 3 sets
clean grip barbell walking lunges empty (45#) x 50 feet, then 65# x 50 feet ( each trip about 15 steps per 50 feet I stopped every 50 feet- total of 110 steps/ 55 reps per leg)
body wt only - no bar- walking lunges x 100 steps/50 reps per leg no stops
pull ups x 8
zercher walking lunges 65# x 50 feet x 2 trips ( 30 steps total)
oh carry 65# x 200 feet
pull ups x 8
messed with the belt squat x a set of 10 200# on it–> this thing is useless for my particular proportions
seated oh press machine empty 5/5/5 per grip, 50# x5 x2 grips, 70# x 8 reps x 2 grips x 3 sets
empty t-bar carry (77#) x 6 minutes/ 1400 feet no stops
Malibu Walk!

Not feeling super driven today to do a ton. A bit of a break. I haven’t done Anderson fs i s a LONG TIME, and I won’t do them again. They are hard, for sure, but questionable on my back.

My feet are feeling better and are about 75% back to normal on my right foot, left foot is about 65% back to normal. Had a bit of a danger moment at work crawling for purchase-gecko toe-monkey foot- hold with my right foot on the slick floor when a dog tried a jail break getting out of her cage. She was a post op ortho patient who absolutely should not do that as part of her recovery (she didn’t , I caught her) but try telling a dog that.

Wednesdays at work are when I get numerous post-op stifle ( rear leg/knee) repair dogs. Tuesdays are one of the surgeons days to do mostly stifle repairs and they stay overnight.

Its basically light wt duck walks and suitcase carries for me with wiggling dogs, OR deadweight dogs with all the brakes on, OR panicking dogs who still have epidurals and don’t get it that they can’t feel their rear, OR cone paralysis dogs ( dogs whom once they get an e-collar one have no idea how to “dog” anymore and get frozen in confusion!) whatever dogs between 50-110 pounds allllll day long getting these pups outside on support walks in a controlled fashion.

I thought about my old job at the nursing home yesterday too. I was the CNA for a hall of residents at a nursing home for about 3 years. Most of the residents were there long term so I worked with them for a long time so you’d get a rhythm for helping them. Lots of bear hugs to move them around, OR one armed lifts holding them up while simultaneously changing/cleaning /diaper change, then down and then up to pull up their pants.

Nursewoman training! People and animals! Strongman alllllll days long!


Also did some home bw walking lunges for a grand total of 300 reps/leg today with the above stuff and the ones I just did. I’m living it up while I can without a neighbor below me–Dancing and walking loudly!

Also tried a plank for time in the first time in a who knows when. Some people at work are doing it as an annoying work fitness thing and I of course am secretly quite competitive but won’t do it at work! I got 2 mins and 30 seconds.


Stepmill x 19 mins- not 20! It was too hard today!
Seated leg curl
Leg extensions

I was pooped today! It’s cold and for whatever reason my body seid take it easy so I did.

I had WILD dreams that were stupidly stressing. My stress dreams typically are just like the one from last night where I am kept away from doing things I need to do because I can’t find something or someone’s distracting me.

Last night’s stress was I had to pee, but needed to walk Malibu first, but I couldn’'t find my shoes because I also was at a family reunion and sleeping at an Uncle’s house, but also kept getting held back from my pressing tasks by friends I’m currently annoyed with needed to me help them reunite with their long lost mother , all the while I still have to pee and Malibu does too and I feel very bad about it but now can’t find her leash, someone’s moved my bag with my shoes somewhere…oh and also I’m somehow 18 again and that just makes everything much worse.

This is my reality in real-life though! Much better! I am trying out a weighted blanket. I’ve wanted one ever since I heard about them!! They are supposed to be conforting and calming, so I’m test driving it now in am nap. Not just any nap,but a luxury posh sleeping dog in the sun wonderful nap!

For the machine stuff I went kinda body builder style. Reps were start with low wt then add a “plate” 25/20/15/10/5/2/1 then 1/5/10/15/20/25 , starting and ending with lighter wt ,heavier wts were less reps.

Body builders are crazy. It’s not my cup of tea - and never has been- but they for sure get my respect - and always have- because the pump sucks! It’s hard! My beef with bb’s has only ever been the people themselves
being annoying while doing the bbing NOT the sport! It’s hard!

I’m more of a BodyUser type training style, for better or worse. Use my body to do stuff and to expell and excercise the demons who run along side my thoughts. I am grateful for the outlet!


Crazy dreams are THE worst! You always wake up more tired than when you went to bed!
Let us know how the weighted blanket goes. I hve looked at them on amazon.


The wt’d blanket went back to Target! I was really excited about it since I’d wanted one for years but it’s not worth it for me at least even if it was the cheapest I have seen at $69.

Good things were when I tried it initially laying on my couch only covering my legs it WAS soothing. However for sleeping I think it was a CNS dig!! Meaning the thing works my central nervous system and it made me wake up exhausted!!!

I think for some people with issues it’s listed to help it’d be great, but I don’t have those, I just thought it sounded snugly and comforting. It wore me out instead!!

So back to Target it went. If it was only $20 I’d keep it for the few times I like to stay put on the couch and force myself to chill instead of getting up all the time to futz and do stuff, but not for $69. That’d be all I’d feel ok using it for since sleeping under it really did make me wake up feeling like i had a Benadryl or some type of sleep aid hangover.

Nope! No CNS drain from sleeping with a blanket for this girl!! However that might be just what makes it work for others. It’s supposed to help various things, but it was a bit too much for me!


Today- Malibu walk in the COLD with 30# wt’d vest

No more blanket, but I got this instead! EEE!!! :)!!!

My girl being lovely in the serious glow of my Halloween/Festive tree. I got this thing from the grocery store when they were selling their Halloween stuff half off. It’s meant to be a store display only, or staked out in a lawn. It’s INCREDIBLY BRIGHT!

HA HA! So it’s better being on in the daylight! When it’s on in the dark, it’s simply no longer dark in the house, but purple instead :slight_smile:


Malibu being a Doll And A Half !

She is always ready to go outside. No matter what, SHE IS DOWN! Sniffin , chasing critters , kicking thr dirt, whatever is outside she is into it!

In the next couple weeks I gotta get her test for heartworm again. Hopefully she’ll be clear. If not luckily I can get her treated at my job. Such a wonderful girl!


Ugh! That didn’t sound comforting at all!
I already have a CNS drain while sleeping. Hudley the dachshund! Sleeps on my lower legs. Grrrr!

Wow! The Halloween tree is definitely purple. Don’t know if that would go over well in my house. Jed barely tolerates the Christmas tree…lol Because it’s too bright with the lights dim.

I love those porcelain trees!

I think she may be the happiest dog on the planet!


Time in bed superseded getting up in the slick icey roads to gym it before work anyday this week. We got abbot 6 inches of snow in my neighborhood sunday and the roads were still bad until tuesday. I’ve been able to get my girl out every day regardless for our 3 mile walks! Snow/Sleet/Freezin–Malibu is ALWAYS down to go on a walk! :D!

I have a Snow Baby! This was our first big snow together and she walked most of the time in the deepest swaths of snow drifts possible, major zoomies before and after going in the snow!!! I I feel great ! HA! The time off did wonders! HA HA!!


I was beginning to wonder if y’all were okay!


pull ups x10
bw walking lunges x total of 100 steps/50 lunges per leg
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x5, 87x6, 92x5, 97x3, 87x6 x 4 sets
fs 45x5, 135x2, 175, 190, 205, 205
165x5 x5 sets <-- new stance and grip and probably new (slower) speed since I had to concentrate the whole time
pull ups x 9
bw walking lunges x 100 steps/50 per leg
t-bar carries 187# x 5 mins 3 seconds , first regrip at 3 mins 20 seconds then regriped/dropped a few times
pull ups x 8
clean grip walking lunges 65# x 100 steps/50 reps per leg
sand bag squats 75# x 10 x 2 sets, 100# x 5, 150# x 2 x 2 sets
vid below! HA HA HARD!
zercher walking lunges 65# x 16 steps/ 8 reps per leg
seated oh press machine empty reps per grip ( 2 differant grips) 5/5, wt added per arm/side 20# x 10/10, 35# x 8/8, 45# x 8/8, 55# x 8/8 x 4 sets
ss with pull ups 5, 5, 5
triceps 2 x 10
ss bw walking lunges x 84 steps/ 42 reps per leg
stepmill x 24 mins

Malibu walk!

I also want to list the 42# of groceries I carried up 3 flights of stairs in one trip- I had a big box!

I also want to brag that it was ALLLLLL Business/Wholesale Costco goodies and was $109 for a good week and a half worth of food! The Business Costco’s sell 5# things of cottage cheese for $5.99. mmmHMMM. Keep it REAL, real cheap!


Thanks! :)!!!