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This afternoon - Wonderful Malibu Walk - perfect outside!!! Leaves everywhere, snow is long gone!

Pull ups 5 sets if 10 resting 5 mins between sets

This Lil turkey I hung out with at work as well!


stepmill x 20 mins
a lil circuit of leg extensions and lying leg curls
pushed the tank ( 24 hour fitness’s version of a prowler) x a few trips easy-hardest setting
sauna x 10 mins

I woke up to a head ache at 2am which is weird, so I dosed up on meds and tried to get it to not turn migraine. I called out of work when it was still bad at 3am. Around 3:30 I felt I had to get up so i did and did the lil gym stuff. I think it helped move around the stuff that was migraine inducing.

ANYWHO! When was the last time I did a leg extension machine or a lying leg curl! ?? The last time as part of a normal routine was probably 1997. I started “exercising” around half way through 8th grade. I remember the day I did! I was 12 going on 13 and reading Archie comic book double digests and just decided I’m starting and did a set of situps in my room.

I grew up in a house full of older sisters in Los Angeles in the 90’s so most of them - except one or so- were joggers/runners as a method of being fit as teenage girls are like to do. My sisters put it in my mind to exercise to keep from being fat, just like all siblings influence the younger ones. They gave me good advice! Like never perm your hair, and never go out in the sun unless you want to freckle and burn! I trusted their advice!

We lived by a school that was roughly a mile around- kinda an island of it self- that they would run around. They’d tell whoever “I’m going to run around the school” and then take off, then kinda compete among the other runners in the house to see how many times they’d go.

I had a growth spurt the summer before 8th grade when I was around 12 right after I had started running myself. Before then I was a a clueless kinda big boned sized girl, not fat, not thin, didn’t pay much attention to eating or my body at all. I grew to my adult height and became taller then my twin which I’d always been shorter than and spread out a bit.

ANYWAYS! I’d run after school in our neighborhood. However by the time high school hit I was already getting a titch obsessive over stuff (and also hated running but still did it of course), and would want to get it over with as soon as possible so I could enjoy life. I dreaded it. NO joy was to be had until I got my running in- eating being part of the joy and a privilege only allowed after running, no eating except for 1 apple until I did my workout even it was all day.

Around that time my dad got a super deal at what was then Family Fitness ( now 24 hour fitness) for memberships for my entire family for $14 a year. ( they actually honored that until just last year! My dad and any sisters who still had their maiden names could use any 24 hour fitness! He paid $14 a year for well over 20 years!) So we’d get up early - the exercisers among us sisters who went to high school still- and go to Family Fitness to work out before school because we ALL dreaded it too.

I’d run on the treadmill, then I was doing 4 miles. Which if you haven’t done ever in your life for a consistent basis of say 5 days a week for years and years, I’ll just tell you takes away your will to live. After I’d get that terrible running out of the way I’d go upstairs at the gym and do a small circuit of the machines- leg extensions, leg curls, etc. Only legs :wink:

OH IT felt so good to get running over with before school where I’d sit and dred it all day. No joke. If I wasn’t able to get up before school, or none of the sisters who could drive were willing to get up either and I had no ride there, I’d run after school. I’d bring clothes in my backpack to change into and have whoever was driving us home after school drop me off 4 miles from home and I’d run home.

I’d have to wear my running shoes to school that day since it was a mental treat for me to wear non- running shoes. The running shoes kept it in my mind that I HAD TO still run! I’d only allow myself to wear fun stuff if I’d already gotten my running requirement in.

A lot of OCD stuff there mixed in if you can’t tell. If and only if I’d already did my daily exercises completed I permitted myself to wear fun socks, and cool shoes as well. I wore a uniform at my school so that was the only flare I had an option of adding to my outfits. At the time my cool shoe of choice were converse one stars. If I didn’t I’d mentally not allow myself to relax and wear shoes that running was not really allowed in.

SO! I thought of this all today as I was lying leg curling! HA HA! Its been a long time. I didn’t start getting into real lifting until I was 23 or so when my then husband peer pressured me into it. I was runner before I was anything, and running was my exercise of choice during the worst parts of my anorexia days. I just ran more and ate less as it go worse. The days I didn’t "have " to run were also days I’d not eat since I only ate to fuel the running. There’s more on that too when I’d sneak out of the house to run in the night when I was forbidden from any exercise but still crazy and under 18 living at home with an eating disorder, that kind thing. Lots of tangents this leads to in my history.

Lucky for me looking back being recovered, but to my frustrations the time being a crazy person then, my really bad times with anorexia I was young. 15-17. I was powerless legally being underage and my parents literally forced me into an institutionalized place for treatment. No discussions, no say from me. My Otherwise there’s a good change I’d never have gotten over it. I was a good kid and did not do anything rebellious really until then --eating disorders take over and I was more of an anorexic then a good kid by then, that made me rebellious by just being crazy to keep being anorexic.

Its a feeling I’ll never forget of being totally powerless over EVERYTHING. My body, my life, I had zero control permitted to me , it was taken away from me completely- for my good- but its something you never forget. I’ve been this powerless in another situation too, you don’t forget it. It changes you and gives you perceptions on what others feel when they are powerless too. I was not imprisoned by a paralyzed or hurt body, I was 102 pounds but you try telling an anorexic obsessive exerciser that their body can’t exercise- I was controlled completely by others.

All choices from when and what you do anything-shower, pee, eat- you must be supervised by a nurse, you can’t leave. Its kinda like being incarcerated, it is being institutionalized. You can’t move your own body- exercise. Its eat or we will tube you, gain weight or you will stay in the hospital until you do. You cannot exercise or you will just stay longer. Prisoner to your mental illness, you family/doctors/institutions taking over your basic care since you obviously can’t be trusted to do it!

Stuff like laying a certain way that looks like you are doing isometric hold exercises ( which we did do course being crazy anorexics! or sneaking in exercises ANYWHERE) will get you in trouble, the more trouble the longer you stay in there kept from everyone and everything you had a life about before.

I do vividly recall a few fellow long term girls telling me point blank they would just ride it out until they were 18 ( being forced to be hospitalized) and then go back to eating disorder full time madness once they had the right legally to starve themselves to death. I was horrified at this mostly because of how hurtful that’d be to my parents.

I was very sick and clung to being anorexic , but also had a lot of guilt over being so sick and causing any pain to my family. I did not intend it that way at all, I just wanted to exercise forever and not eat, having anyone sufer over me was a massive guilt trip that was the complete opposite of my intention if having an eating disorfer has any intention…

… long long story kinda short I forced on the wt I had to gain to get out, and told myself once I did this I’d never make myself run again. And I’ve kept that promise to myself! I’ll never run as exercise EVER AGAIN.

Which brings up the lying leg curls and extensions :wink: I thought all of this
today as I’m doing them. There are a few things I’ve told myself I’ll never do to myself again, running being one of them. Another has to do with hearing someone say certain things around me, certain behaviors, I just won’t tolerate. I’m pretty proud I’ve kept both promises to myself. This last week I had bazaar inner strife, but I also had some pride in doing just that.

lying leg curls!

HA HA! I did not intent to write a whole essay but I’m glad I did! Helps keep things in perspective.


pull ups x 9
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 82x5, 92x5, 97x5 (PR), 102x1
77x8 x 3 sets
fs 45x5, 135x3, 175x10, 175x8 x 2 sets, 175x6 x 2 sets
stone loads 107x2, 140x5, 205 x 10 singles
sand bag load 150# 1 rep then pulling a pad away ( increasing the height) each rep which ended up being 5, then added a mat each time x5*, x5*, x5*

  • added a mat to the top of the platform each go to make it higher, highest height of the platform to load it on was top of my shoulders)

pull ups x 11
ssb walking lunges 75# x 50 feet
prowler plus 110# push x 50 feet high handle/low handle/high handle/low handle x 5 trips
db bench 35’s 2 x 15, x 10 ss with pull ups 8, 5
tried kb presses 20#/8 per arm, did 35#/3
Malibu Walk!

My butt feels good! Not sure of it was the curls or the other stuff I’ve been adding to see if I can juice up my legs a bit. I’m proud of how my fs looked, I felt tired today and weak but my knees were NOT caved. That’s good to know.

I love sandbag loading. I do. I could have done that all day long today! But turbo gym is getting VERY popular and there were people coming in in annoying hyped up man groups. There’s a lot more people there now at off hour times compared to months ago.

I hope it doesn’t turn into the strongman version of the BB gym I went to forever across the street…with the people and the bags of accessories and the sprawl of their junk and the cameras and the neon… Its good for the gym I guess but just means I have to get there in the early bird hours if I want to be alone.

I’ve been able to get out a lot this weekend already with my girl. The weather is just too perfect not to! I gotta go get a pair of pliers to open up my dumpster keg that I scored! It has a small amount of beer still in it and I want to drain it and load it up a bit. Its roughly 30# now, I’d like to make it 50 or so and do some long carries outside.

OH YEAH–> I just got word of family coming to town for Thanksgiving which means feats of strength competitions after eating pumpkin pie!! ts already being planned. Preliminary events will be- arm wrestling, car pushing down my parents driveway ( several cars to choose from!), a misc even for reps most likely push ups, carrying event of an object of choice down the driveway, and special individual skill.

You get to pick anything you think only you can do out of the competitors and if someone else can do it better then you, you loose. It can be anything, the splits, back bend, 3 point shot with a basketball, etc. My sister can do some weird dance moves…not sure what my brother in law has hidden in his bag of tricks… I can do a cartwheel but I bet my nieces can too…HA HA! I am very excited! I will train that day like a normal thursday before going down to eat all that food so I will not be fresh… I have to pick a decent skill I know I have no matta what.

I think I can talk my coworkers into arm wrestling practice at slow times at work. I’m going to look up some youtube pointers, HA HA!!!


How much weight did you used in thw last front squat video?

All Excellent!


Thanks! The last video I have on here of a front squat was an ssb front squat onto a box from last week which was 215. Box squats are MUCH easier then normal squats for me at least!


Thanks for the answer, I haven¨t done one in my entire life, but I will soon.



log clean once leg drive reps 67x5, 82x5, 92x5, 97x2, 117, 97x5x3 sets
barbell push press 45x5, 65x3, 89x3, 111, 133, 139.6 ( ha! kg plates!)
front squat push press combo 45x5, 65x3, 95x5, 105x4, 115x4, 115x3, 110x5 x 2 sets
Did these because I found an old lifting log from 2009 where I did these a lot and I remember liking them…not so sure now?

sand bag carries 150# x 200 feet x 3 trips
rigshaw carries 90#x100 feet, 200x50 feet, 250x50 feet, 310x50 feet, 370x50 feet, 420 x50 feet, 470x48 feet (PR), 420x50 feet, 310x50 feet, 200x50 feet

prowler drag with rope x 50 feet - 110# added, 160#, 200#, 200#–> LIKE THESE !!
arm over arm prowler(70# empty) pulls x 50 feet 110# added, 160# added, 180# added x 2 trips, 160# x 50 feet
claw grip rows 4x10
triceps 4 x 10
seated hamstring curls 3 x 8
back extensions x 50
Malibu Walk in the Gorgeous Outside! Its much more comfortable being out in Full Vampire Anti-UV Fashions when its below 75 degrees. AND when its colder then 30 I put the mask up a bit higher :wink:

I’m happy my grip is doin ok! The 470# rigshaw was a nice PR of 5#. The prowler drags with a rope are great, small lil steps using my butt, also its a lot of hammy/quad pinching away the distance. The 139.6 push press was nice too, the best oh anything I’ve done in years and years.

I got the keg opened and drained! I will grab a bag of sand maybe tomorrow and a funnel to fill it up a bit. I’m going to attempt to change some lifting days around, but not sure how or if it’d work. I’d like an outdoor lifting day for a few long light carries, but the park isn’t really an option. Eventually I’ll get it together.

Me and My girl watching old world’s strongest man replays on youtube :D! Pretty SWEET!


Today so far- Malibu Walk!

I have the wrong sized plugs for my keg. I gotta go back and return these $1 parts at Lowes ( or just not because its a pain!) and get a different thingie! Might do some misc gym stuff just to get out of the house a bit in between trips to Home Depot since Lowes doesn’t have what I need.


Dead lifts 45x10, 135x2, 205, 245, 280, 300, 320, 340
275x5 x3 sets
Clean grip reverse alternating lunges total reps not per leg 45x5, 95x10, 105x10, 115x10, 125x8, 135x6
Barbarll bulgarians bar on my back 45x5/leg, 75x5/leg, 95x8/leg x2 sets
Anderson zerchers 45x3, 95x3, 135x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x3
Stepmill x20 mins
Curcuit of lying leg curls and leg extension machines 8/8, 10/10, 10/10

Changed my dl reps to full reset each rep. I think my hammy is ready for that.


This afternoon- Malibu Walk!

  • crossing fingers I’ve been able to take her since about mid July on 3 mile walks everyday! I’m going to just consider this part of my daily activity now- a true daily luxury -:D!!!*

Pull ups 4 sets of 10, a set of 8, 2, then some misc set of 3-5 for a total of 60


Wow! I’d happy with 6! :rofl:


You can do it!!! They all add up in the end! I started at one, WILD, sorta “pull up”! I barely had a chin up too.

One of my favorite lifting accomplishments is being able to do pull up/s! I aimed for a set of 10 and it took about a year and I am still so very excited I can do A pull up!


a set of 11 pull ups
long clean once strict press reps 67x5, 72x5, 92x5, 102
82x10, 82x5x2 sets
stone loads 107x2, 140, 205, 220, 245 got up but failed to load onto platform
fs 45x5, 135, 180, 200, 220, 225
185x8, 185x5 x 4 sets
box fs narrow stance ( normal fs stance for me) 135x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5 x 2 sets , 245x5, 245x4
wide stance box fs 205x5
husafel carries empty (135#) x 150 feet, x 200 feet, x 200 feet, x 100 feet, x100 feet about 30 seconds- min between goes
sandbag carry 150# x 100 feet
prowler (70#) plus 130# low handle push x 50 feet/high handle push x 50 feet/low handle push x 50 feet/high handle push x 50 feet x 5 trips
viking press empty reps per grip 5/5/5 , 35# added 10/10/10, 10/10/10, 25# each grip ss to the next grip 15/10/8
db bench 40’s x 10 x2 sets, 35’s x 10 ss with pull ups 8,5,4,5
tricep extensions x 10 ss with pull ups 3,3,3
Malibu Walk!

I woke up at 1:45 ready to roll, so I did! had the gym to myself! Stones are really a pain in the ass. If it wasn’t for how much I like the feeling of loading them, I’d stop. I still might if my tacky towel dies…I really don’t know. I do wish they were not glazed. I know its so the stones last longer but it makes the big ones so slippery when they used to be just plain ol concrete!


Today- I nearly didn’t do anything today, surprisingly tired and sore! Not really sure the culprit but whatever. I did this and it turned out to be good day!

Log clean once leg drive reps 67x5, 77x5, 87x5, 97x5 x 3 sets, 107x3 x 3 sets, 117, 127
t bar carries 187#x 1 min 30 seconds, 207# x 1 min 30 seconds, 207# x 1 min x 5 trips
ssb walking lunges total wt 80# x 5 mins
sand bag carry 100# bag x 4 mins 50 seconds
prowler (70#) plus 30# alternating low handle push and high handle push every 120 feet x 5 mins, prowler plus 70# same thing x 3 mins
prowler drags (I guess they are called reverse drags) x 50 feet 110# added, 180# added, 200# added x 50 feet x 2 trips, 110# x 50 feet
arm over arm prowler drag 110# x 50 fee, x50 feet, 160# added x 50 feet x 2 trips, 110# added x 50 feet
claw grip rows 3 x 10
Malibu Walk

Its happened just like I was afraid of. Today at turbo gym a guy was filming 2 girls doing lifts. He was a photographer, big ol lense skinny jeans, totally not for lifting shoes. Not a friend who was helping them see their form. The “stars” were wearing sports bras and doing things with chains on their necks. Its FULL ON body builder gym shit, instagram annoying watch the girls do things in limited clothing and a chain on their necks.

Last week I forgot to log that there was a girl doing that too with some guy she was with. Who was filming her, but doing strongman stuff in costumes. They seemed nice so I tried to not hold it against them…


UH! I think the timed carries might still be redirecting my venous blood flow an hour or so after doing them. HA! As I type now my arms still don’t feel back to normal, but better after the walk!

I did some activity today which is all I was aiming for. The timed stuff always breaks up into bits my normal mind set I get for lifts, its a whole other lift when you do stuff for time. Its a good for me in more then physical ways.

Yesterday was so gorgeous out, me and my girl did double trail walks, Far too nice to stay inside. My girl… She’s the BOMB! I’m so glad I met her!


Today- Malibu Walk! with a wt’d vest for me (20#)
a lil circuit misc at 24 hour fitness of leg extensions, lying leg curls, seated hamstring curls, leg press with 50#-180# added, back extensions, glute stuff

I don’t know if the wt’d vets was a bad idea or not…I just felt like poppin it on. In the past I’ve over done that it on the vest walks but I think if I stick to 20-30# I’ll be ok. I’ll know by the end of the day if my back is complaining a bit- old injury I avoid pissing off. Back feedback will also tell me if the small amount of leg press was bad idea.


dead lifts 45x8, 135x2, 205, 245, 265, 285x5 x 3 sets
pull ups x 9
stepmill x 20 mins
barbell push press 45x5, 65x5, 85x5, 95x5, 105x5, 115x5, 125x5, 135
t bar press from rack- t bar is about 55# x5, 65#x5, 65#x8x 4 sets ss with pull ups 5, 5, 5, 5
tricep extensions 3 x 10

Nice energy liftin day! Might do it again next week! I gotta get used to resetting each rep for dl’s again, I did it today. Its definitely harder and I used to do it but stopped when I was so frustrated and frightened of my hammy last year. Sucking it up a bit.


pull ups x 11
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 82x5, 92x5 x 3 sets
fs 45x5, 135x3, 175, 195, 215, 230, 230, 205x3 x 3 sets, 185x5 x 3 sets
t bar carry 187# x 3 mins no drops ( ended up being 600 feet) 187# x 2 mins - re-grip/drop every 100 feet ( did 200 feet) all slower deliberate steps!
pull ups x 8
viking press empty reps per grip 3/3/3 added 33# 10/10/10, 43# 8/8/8, 53# 8/8/8
pull ups x 8
prowler plus 130# low handle push 50 feet/high handle push 50 feet/low handle push 50 feet/high handle push 50 feet x 5 trips
claw grip rows 3x12 ss with triceps 3 x 10
Maliboooooooooooooooooooo Walk!

WOOOHOOOO!!! I’m off work for the next 5 days :D!!!

What am I going to do? No idea!

Work week blurbs were: getting a arrested cat back alive with CPR so her dad could get there to say good bye. This happens all the time at work as it’s more rare for it not to happen on a shift. Suffering dying companian animals, which in itself sucks massively. However some of the deaths open a hole on your heart just seeing the loss their owners are actively experiencing. There’s no way you can’t feel it, seeing human suffering-- it’s not violence but it’s still hard to see.

Also a coworker got fired deservatedly but still sucks for her. Anothet one should get fired but who knows if that’ll ever hapoen. Also an old time Hollywood actor’s dog was a patient too.

Oh well! Five day weekend hip hop hurray!!!


ssb walking lunges bar plus 30# ( 65#) x 100 feet, 85# x 100 feet
sand bag loads to higher platform 100x2, 150x5 x 5 sets ss with ssb walking lunges 85# x 50 feet
sand bag load over bar ( over yoke bar at lower height/mid rib cage height 200# x 6 total, 200# to higher platform x 1
prowler reverse drags 90# added x 50 feet x 2 trips, 180# added x 50 feet x 2 trips, 230# added x 50 feet
arm over arm prowler pulls 90# added x 50 feet x 2 trips, 140# added x 50 feet, 180# added x 50 feet
new pressing machine thing 3 sets wt’s added 20, 50, 70 8 reps per grip 3 different grips

New Machine
Uploading: 20181101_081128_HDR.jpg…

Terrible, terrifying things I have no interest in putting over my head EVER! Even if they were 10# and not 65# and who knows what the Flintstone thing is.

Mouser block that just is not appealing at ALL!

The Your Asking For It Stone Circus dumbell.

I gotta figure out my feet. Turns out I had been wearing work shoes that were 1 and a half sized too large. Don’t even ask how I ended up buying shoes the wrong size— I’d been wearing them for well over six months and six months ago I was bit distracted with personal angst.

Turns out that is a really bad idea! Both my feet had/have been exhausted trying to grip into big canoe shoes!!!

So I got new shoes in the right size, and also have determined after today that loading stuff onto platforms and the prowler stuff I’ve been doing have been hard on them. I tend to monkey toe the ground especially with stone loading.


New pressing machine since the other has had trouble loading.


stepmill x 20 mins
leg extensions 15/12/10/8/6
lying leg curls 15/12/10/8/6
seated leg curls 15/12/10/8/8
rope climber machine x 5 mins
back extensions x 100
rowing machine x 5 mins
Malibu Walk!

I treated my self to a new tanktop/built in bra. They are expensive -in my eyes at least- since I shelled out $23 for it. I am proud of my lil traps–I worked long and hard for them, and work to keep them. I don’t show them to anyone, but you guys get it :)!

Today’s been a great day, and it started peaceful and early! Woke up in the dark, walked my girl, scored some sweet stuff on sale. I’m going to eat some candy corns!!!

Chichi’s in blankets!

Sweet Girl showing her belly!