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YEAH!!! I totally lucked out with my apartments! A sneaky pretty nature land green belt trail is right behind where I live! I walk there! The city keeps it plowed, cleaned, and beautiful year round. VERY lucky !!




log clean once leg drive press up 67x5, 82x5, 92x5, 102x5, 117, 122, 127, 129, 132, 87x8 x 3 sets
barbell powerclean and push press each rep 45#x3, 65x3, 85x2, 95x5 x 5 sets
barbell powerclean once push press reps 95x12, x10, x8
sand bag carries x time 150# x 2.5 mins, x1 min, x1 min, x whatever for total time carrying the bag 5 mins
rigshaw carry x time 160# first regrip/set down at 3 mins 2 seconds, then a few regrips for a total time carrying 5 mins
sand bag carry 100# x 3 mins, x 2 mins
ssb walking lunges bar only (35#) x 6 minutes
ssb walking lunges bar plus 50# x 80 feet
prowler plus 110# low handle pull 50 feet/low handle push 50 feet/high handles push 50 feet/low handle push 50 feet x 4 total trips
arm over arm rope prowler pulls x 50 feet - #110 added, 160# added, 220# added x 2 trips
viking press plus 33# per grip 10/10/10 , 43# 8/8/8, 55# 5/5/5
triceps extensions 3 x 25
back extensions
3 Mile :palm_tree:Malibu Walk!:palm_tree:

TRIP OUT–> Its been almost cold out so I had thinking of a long lost zip up fleece that I hadn’t seen in at least a year. It was a special personalized one that my old supervisor gave me, a really nice gift that meant a lot to me and was also super great to wear in the cold.

I was filling up my water bottle today and spotted a dog paw print embroidery on a black thing in one of he cubbies on the wall. It was MY FLEECE!!! I bet its been there this whole time!!!

:D!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I had just torn my closet apart Wednesday night looking in a last ditch attempt to find it! HA HA!!


A horse getting ready to go on a lil ride on the green belt by my apartments

Misc Autumm Glamour

No wonder I was a complete mess for a long time.I missed having a dog and I missed this — time walking outside in pretty areas really makes a massive differance in dropping my stress levels. It’s not safe really to go by myself all the time, but with a dog and a mace I feel much better getting out!


Today 3 Mile Malibu Walk

A few dogs see us walking by a lot. This dog below never barks, just looks longingly out the window at us.

This one however below one of these days is going to make a jail break and jump down 3 stories to say WATSUP GUYS?!!

Today’s already set to be a fabulous day-- it’s 40 degrees and I got a big honker book to finish and sugar free peppermint mocha coffee creamer. MmmmmmHMMMM!!!

I got my girl a bed and I think she likes it! ;)!!!


Dead lifts 45x8, 135x2, 205x2, 245x2, 275x2, 295x2, 315x10 (rep pr that has taken FOREVER!)
315x5 x3 sets
Below the knee/mid shin rack pulls 45x5, 135x3, 225x3, 315x3 x3 sets
SSB walking lunges bar plus 40# x120 feet x 3 trips
Prowler low handle pull/low handle push x50 feet 110# added, 120 added, 130 added x 3 trips
Viking press empty 5/5/5
plus 44# 10/10/10 , 8/8/8, rest between each grip

My girl is HYPED UP!!! The cool weather has made her super zesty!! Ha ha!! Zoomies more then I have EVER seen the last few days !!!

:palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree: I think I am in love :heart_eyes::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree:


This afternoon- 3 Mile Malibu Walk
Pull ups 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 5
A set of 20 push ups

Very exhausting day at work. Things are usually fine even with a fairly large patient load which I had today, until they start getting crazy with the parvo/misc isolation patients.

I had three iso’s today, a cat and two parvo pups. One of the puppies would lose his mind when ever anything was being done to him— which is very hard/frustrating/makes you feel like a total asshole/crappy to have. Anyone who has hates hearing baby pups scream, gator roll, loose their minds, howl in panic would agree! And he panics over EVERYTHING ANYONE did. I had to do a LOT often for this lil guy. It wears on you being the cause of screams of fear from a pooper!

Did not help when I told the intern vet that this puppy was like this and needed sedation for certain treatments and she didn’t listen to me. And of course I had to watch this puppy flail and freak out and not successfully getting what it needed done.

This is a vet intern who’s been driving me crazy since she’s been on the service my department is in- ER/Critical Care. Last week was a similar situation with a parvo pt but different frustrations. I went home last Tuesday I the same mood!

UGH. Tuesdays I don’t get a relief person to take over for me until the last 30 minutes of my shift and by then I am OVER IT!


That sounds awful. Hope Malibu gives you big hugs and makes the evening better.


Thanks Chicken!! She is! And a bunch of maple candy corns showed up at my house :D!!!

We are a candy corn household here! Black licorice and candy corns, I would make this scratch and sniff if I could!


Wow! Y’aal are going for a sugar rush! Lots of zoomies!


OH YEAH! That’s what candy corns are made for! :D!!!



Everyone has their halloween favorite but the only thing I can ever use candy corn for is this


a set of 10 pull ups
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 82x8, 92x5
men’s log clean once strict press reps 85# x5 x 2 sets, 90x3, 95x1
back to the ladies log clean once strict press reps 77x 5 x 3 sets
stone loads 107x2, 140, tacky towel for the rest -205, 220, 245 loaded once successfully, 245 up but missed the load twice ( I count any successful lap as progress!)
fs 45x5, 135x3, 175, 200, 205
185x5 x 3 sets
box fs 135x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x5 x 3 sets, 245x3
ssb fs lower box empty (35#) x 3, 125x5, 175x10, 195x10, 215x8, 235x3
db bench 40’s x 10 , 35’s x 12 x 3 sets ss with pull ups 8, 5, 4, 4
claw grip rows 10,10,10, 8 ss with keg carries ( focus on keep the keg at boob height and tight to body) 50# keg x 50-100 feet x 4 trips
Stepmill x 20 mins

I feel good! Love the box squats a lot. I filmed my normal fs and I’ve been going a bit too low- pointlessly low, I’m not saying it in a way to compliment myself but to say I just drop and don’t get anything outta it. I do feel better about my knees for sure, they are doing their job staying inline and not cavin in.

I got the stone on film!! :D!! This is a higher platform than the first one as well, not a lot but maybe a few inches.

Here’s some box squats too, ssb fs ones that are AB OUT/UPPER BACK ATTACK.

ALSO I can still do a hand stand. I don’t want to do anything wild like handstand push ups, but I to be able to do a handstand!


AHHHHHH!!! You and many just leave me more bags to buy when its on sale!!! :D!!!


You made that look easy!


log clean once leg drive reps 67x5, 77x5, 87x2, 97, 107, 117, 127, 107x5 x 3 sets
barbell push press 45x2, 66x2, 88x2, 111x2, 122x5, 133, 137, 111x5 x 3 sets
sand bag carries 150# x 300 feet, x 200 feet x 2 trips, x 100 feet
200# x50 feet, x 100 feet x 2 trips, x 80 feet
deadsled carries empty ( 150#) x 7 mins with regrips /drops then right up again
ssb walking lunges bar plus 20# ( 55#) x 5 mins
prowler (70#) plus 110# low handle drag 50 feet/low handle push 50 feet/high handle push 50 feet/low handle push x 50 feet x 5 trips
prowler drag with lop grips 110# added x 50 feet, 160#, 220# x 2 trips
arm over arm prowler pull 110# added x 50 feet x 2 trips, 160# added x 50 feet x 2 trips
arm over arm prowler pull 110# added x 50 feet ss with tricep extensions x 15

What a great day already! I woke up ready to roll at 3:30a on my day off which hasn’t happened in months-- I LOVE IT! I like getting up and started early! I consider this a sign that my state of mind is about 95% back on tract after the crappy stint of months- basically since November of last year- I had before getting my girl. Really, I do!

The drive to turbo gym is 1/2 the time and none of the traffic wildness! I don’t enjoy driving, I have bad depth perception and fairly poor vision too so I am super cautious and drive like Grandma Moses. Traffic starts coming out at around 5:15 on that highway I use to get there, and rush hour traffic is the worst!

I tired some new tips : walking lunges I have been doing differently the last two times I did them. Not going super low, but concentrating on pushing up vs knees to the ground each step with longer strides.

For log press with leg drive I changed my foot position. For the clean up, I have wider stance toes out, then once its clean up to my chest in the rack position I moved my feet like my fs position ( narrow stance, toes forward). This made a BIG difference! Kinda qued my mind to use my legs.

For the sand bag carries I tried feet in that same narrow stance too! It works! I had seen a video of a strongwoman at a meet who’s coach was telling them hips back, kinda frog leg position -which is what I did thinking it was easier. Its not!

I watched Alpha’s vid on keg carries for that que to walk with toes straight forward. What made me want to try it even more was learning it puts less wt on my FEET! My FEET have been giving me feed back the last couple months-- tightness in the area on top of my foot. I get up from sitting and my feet get creaky, it does goes away after a few steps.

A few weeks ago I thought to stretch that area, pushing my big toe down and holding my toes in ballerina point x 30- 60 seconds with my hands. HOLY COW. It worked right away to relieve the tightens but I was sputtering like a baby and gasping while I did it!

That says to me I need to respect my feet a bit more!


It’s Back…that feeling of being so indescribably grateful for having a dog at my side and such a GOOD GIRL TOO!!! I’m one of the lucky ones!


Today so far- one Malibu Walk ( we might do more!)

OH MAN! I wish I could have an entire day of just morning time, say 2 hours of dark dark before dawn and then an hour or two after sunrise that stretches out an entire day…! Its so peaceful and fantastic! :D!!!

CHILLY and MISTY and lil bits of frost on the grass today. We might go out again before it gets real cold, supposed to be 25 for a high tomorrow and snow!!! I AM READY! Got my girl a puzzle toy too to keep her occupied if we can’t get out in the bitter cold tomorrow…we will try!


First snow of the year, a success!!


Dead lifts 45x8, 135x2, 205, 245, 280, 300, 320, 340 – uhh, my knees caved on this! Uh uh not cool!
275x5 x3 sets
Clean grip reverse alternating lunges total reps not per leg 45x5, 95x10 x5 sets
Ssb walking lunges 75# total x 100 feet x 2 trips
Barbell bulgarians reps per leg 45x5, 65x5, 85x5, 85x10 x2 sets
Prowler for 50 feet low handle push/high handle push/low handle push/high handle push #110 added to prowler x 5 trips
Viking press empty per grip 5/5/5, 40# 10/10/10
Empty leg press x 20

God I need some leg boosting. I gotta figure a way to do this with my previous injury limitations.