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The cake looks yummy! I am with you on fall arriving! Can’t wait, my fave time of year!


:D!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Bring it on!


Today- 3 Mile Malibu Walk!


This afternoon
3 Mile Malibu Walk
pull ups 2 sets of 10, 8, 7, 6


Deadlifts 45x10, 136x2, 205, 245, 285, 315, 335, 350
280x9, 280x5 x 2 sets
Below the knee rack pulls 45x5, 135x3, 225, 315, 335, 370
300x7, 300 x5 x2 sets
Sandbag carries 150# x200 feet x 3 trips, 200# x100 feet
Prowler low handle pull 50feet/push 50 feet/pull 50 feet/push 50 feet x 3 trips with 110# added
Arm over arm pull the prowler x 50 feet x 4 goes
Battle ropes x35 seconds x 3 sets
Viking press plus 25# x 20 reps x 3 grips
Tricep extensions x 25


This afternoon - 3 Mile Malibu Walk in the nearly crispy weather!!! It’s coming!

My other training clips!! My girl can now “Twirl!” and then stand in her hind legs for cheeses!!! :wink:

I also did my Ape Index for informational purposes. Ha ha!! I saw Juji and Alpha’s video and had to know mine.

It’s your height in relation to your wing span. My height is 5’8ish ( 68 inches) my wing span is 75 inches. Ha!!!

Good! I’ll take a long reach!


a set of 10 pull ups
log clean once strict press reps 67#x3,82 x3, 92x3, 97x3
77x13, 77x5x2 sets
stone loads 107x2, 140x2, 205, 220, 245!!!
fs 45x3, 135x3, 185, 205, 225
180x7 x 3 sets
box fs 145x3, 135x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225 x 5 x 2 sets
ssb box fs 35# x 5, 85x5, 125x5, 175x8, 175x12, 175x13
chamber bar fs 80#x5 130x5, 175x5 x 5 sets
chamber bar bench 80# x 8, 90 x5

db bench 35’s 4 x15 ss with pull ups 8, 7, 5
claw grip rows heavish 3x8-10
triceps extensions 2 x 15, 1x 35
back extensions a set of 60
stepmill x 23 mins
3 Mile Malibu Walks in the 70 degree weather! Much more fun for my girl since I am far more agreeable to Stop and Smells on our business walks when its not a so blazing hot. And Malibu is a BIG Stop and Smeller, kick the dirt kinda girl.

You’re just going to have to believe me on the 245! I didn’t film it but here it is on the platform!!! EYEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

The 220 took a long time to get up because I inadvertently grabbed an old tacky towel that was basically dead and I had been meaning to toss. Once I found the right tacky towel that has some stick to it still I was able to load 220. After the 220 , 245 went up like fast! :D!!! I gave myself limit of 15 mins to do stones today and no joke the 245 went up on minute 14 and a half!

You’ll just have to believe that I didn’t get help getting it up there. I didn’t measure the height of the platform and I don’t really care. I’d say it was boob height. I’LL TAKE IT!!! EYEAHHHHHHHH!!!

Here’s some of the ssb fs.


Yeeeee Haweee! How friggin awesome is that 245! Congratulations!


Thank you!!! :smile:


log clean once press with leg drive reps 67x3, 82x3, 87x3, 92x3, 97x3, 107x3, 117x3, 122x1, 127x1
97x5 x 3 sets
barbell push press 45x5, 67x5, 111x5, 121x5, 132
100x8 x 3 sets
log clean only 67#x2, mens log (85#) x1, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135
mens empty log (85#) clean and press each rep 5 sets of 5
sand bag carry for time 100# x 3.5 mins (was supposed to do 5 and I could have! But I misread the clock!)
rigshaw empty (90#) x 100 feet or so
rigshaw 170# timed carry x 3.5 mins
sandbag timed carry 100# x 2 mins
rigshaw 170# timed carry for 2.5 mins
sand bag load to platform 150# x 5 x 4 sets, a set of 4
prowler (70#) plus 110# high handle push one way/low handle push back 50 feet each way x 5 trips
prowler (70#) drags with a rope x 100 feet 110#added, 160# , 194#
arm over arm x 50 feet prowler with 194# added x 2 goes
3 Mile Malibu Walk - perfect outside!

I do like the arm over arm! As with all things strongman, I am slow and not at all explosive , however I really like this change of pace. I’ve been looking up stuff online and trying new things hear and there.

I will try the for time carries again and see how the ones I did today make me feel tomorrow- if they are worth it or not. I don’t think I’ll be sore or drained, I think they were more of a practice of being patient. Just like the f&cking stepmill. Not gasping for bretah or in agony hard, but unconformable enough to make you feel like you did something.

I got a furminator brush for Malibu and WOW does that thing work! She is my first personal dog with an undercoat so I have to learn how to take care of her hairdos.

She’s gotta have some kinda some sorta sheprardy mix in her because she is multi coated for sure. She got her first bath today with me and she did great! Post bath zoomies included with the Rub-A-Dub squeaky Clean Malibu Girl ;)!!!


Today- 3 Mile Malibu walk in THE MIST!!! :D!

Wore gloves outside for the first time this season yesterday and today, heck yeah!!


Today 3 Mile :palm_tree: Malibu Walk :palm_tree:
Pull ups 11, 7, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 2 - as many as I could do in ten minutes
A set of 20 push ups

I found this lonely dejected dude on his side by the dumpster. I’ll wash him up and have another friend to carry around :)!!!


Nice find! SCORE!


I know!!!


Dead lifts 46x10, 136x2, 205, 245, 290, 315, 335, 345
280x5 x3 sets
Midknee rack pulls 135x2, 225x3, 315x5 x3 sets
Ssb walking lunges bar plus 50# x100 feet x2 trips
107, 140 stone loads x2 each
Flipped the 440 tire 1 time
That dl’s 80x5, 190x5, 278x5 x5 sets, 328, 348
Prowler low handle pull/push/pull/push x50 feet each way with 110# added x 5 trips
Viking press with 33# on it 10 reps per gripx 3 grips, 45# 8 reps per grip x3 grips

A bit of a low power day. Felt like I had nothing to draw from. Oh well.
I noticed the 205# stone is missing. …no idea where it is. How it goes I guess. Maybe someone busted it, it happens!


Stepmill x 20 mins


This afternoon- 3 Mile Malibu Walk :slight_smile:
Shit’s getting real…the sky is October Blue


pull ups x 10
log clean once strict press reps 67x3, 82x3, 92x3, 82x8, 82x7, 82x6
farmer’s handle carries x 50 feet empty ( 43.5# /arm), 92.5, 131.5, 151.5, 171.5, 181.5 x 2 trips, 191.5, 171.5, 151.5, 131.5 x 2 trips
stone loads 107 then 140 then 150 sand bag - only did this once and slow as all get out
stone loads 140, 205 x 5 total , 220 x 3 total
fs 45x5, 135x2, 175, 195x2, 205x3 x 5 sets, 185x5, 165x5 x 3 sets
db benching 40’s x 12 ss with pull ups 9, 7, 6, 5
3 Mile Malibu Walk

Kinda lost my thunder when my mp3 player suddenly died after one 220 stone load. It was eerily quiet in the turbo gym -since everyone else had their headphones on – which made the pretty awkward grunts and moaning from a guy doing something that required those kinda sounds to come out of a person to just totally make me embarrassed for any and all involved.

Then a guy came in and put Radiohead on the big stereo! Uhh??? I have NO idea what his frame of mind was to lift to Karma Police. GOD! I bounced!

I am pleased with the 191/hand farmer’s carries. Its been a while, I was slow of course but I got it from point A to B without a major ordeal.


My Weekend So Far :slight_smile: mmmHMMM!

Besides the guy downstairs who is someone’s douche bag boyfriend who slams the doors, screams at whoever it is he’s screaming at, and peels out of the parking spaces whenever he leaves. He’s “so f&ckin mad” at something all the time.

I however come home to this!

I DO have this to escape to with my girl. I keep saying it, its the truth! She makes me very very very content. HECK YEAH.


Looks beautiful where you are!