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Hope you figure it out soon! Muscle cramps are no fun!


Is it this what you are doing on the squating video?: fs 45x5, 135x3, 180, 200, 205x3, 225x2

Best regards!


Thanks! The video is of a set of front squat box squats!


Thanks, wow, very strong, petty you don¨t “flex”, hahaha!

All the best!


This afternoon- Malibu Walk

My eyes are back to normal! Big time party today!! I’ve been Maximum Redhead (blondie blond eyelashes) for a week, I’m happy for the return of BLACK BLACK BLACK mascara!!!




This afternoon- 3 Mile Malibu Walk
pull ups 11, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3

A very small dog!

That is my finger with the chichi forelimb on it!


Deadlifts 45x20, 135x2, 205, 245, 295, 315, 340x3
275x10, 275x8 x2 sets
Mid knee rack pulls 45x5, 136x3, 225x3, 315x3, 375x3, 395x2
315x8 x3 sets
Andersin zerchers 45x3, 135x2, 205x2, 245x2 x3 sets
Wide stance anderson zerchers 135x5 x3 sets
Log press from safeties 67# x3, 77x3, 92x2
Prowler low handle push/low handle pull #110 added x50 back and forth 2 times a piece x total of 3 trips
Viking press empty x5 x 3 grips, 12 reps each grip , then 6/6/6 per grip in one set


It must be tiny!


3.5 pounds! :D! A sweet lil thing too! Got stuck in a fence!


Awe! Poor little critter.


She did ok!


a set of 11 pull ups
log clean once strict press reps 67#x5, 77x5, 87x5, 92x4
77x15, 77x8 x2 sets
log clean once leg drive reps 77, 87, 97, 107, 117, 127, 87x5 x 3 sets
stone loads 107x2, 140x2, 205, 220, lapped and got this far (vid below) with the 245 stone 4 times!!!
fs 45x3, 135x3, 180, 200, 215
175x10, 175x5 x 2 sets
farmer’s handles carries empty (43.5#)/hand x 200 feet, 93.5#/arm x 1 min (200 feet), 103.5#/arm x 1 min (200 feet), 113.5#/arm x 1 min (200 feet) , 113.5#/arm x 1 min(200 feet)
camber bar ohp empty (80#) 3 x10
viking press 35# added 10 reps each grip (3 grips), last set 6/6/6 each grip in a set
claw grip rows 5x10
stepmill x 20 mins
3 Mile Malibu Walk!!! BEAUTIFUL OUT!!!

I’m counting the 245’s not loaded but better as a positive. I just cannot load them to that platform height. I need to figure out a lower platform, I have used all the mats I can find to make that one lower! No clue why the video is sideways.

The 205 and 220 loaded very well and I am proud of those. After the 220 I tried for about 10 mins on a stone I thought was the 245 but it was 295! It was puzzling just how much that this did NOT move at all, but I went ahead trying it for ten minutes until I figured out it was the wrong one! It stayed totally cemented to the floor the whole time.

HA! Once I found the 245 I am happy I could lap, and nearly load them as many times as I did! Tacky towel for the stones 205, 220, and 245.


Me and Malibu’s first photo shoot!! :D!!!


Oh man! You almost had it! Grrrr!
The first photo shoot is a success!
Absolutely gorgeous! Both of you!


Thanks!! SO CLOSE!!!

Poor Malibu is very much like me and is a real Homegirl. HA HA! She gets nervous in other people’s house, however show her another animal and she’s instantly interested! Its so hard to get a picture with her! She either looks scared and depressed or is looking for rabbits in the other direction!


log clean once leg drive reps 67#x5, 77x3, 87x3, 97x3, 107x5, 117x2, 121x2
bb push press 45x2, 89x2, 97x2, 111x2, 116x2, 121x2, 133, 111x5 x 3 sets
medley of carry x 100 feet then run back to the next thing x 100 feet then carry the next thing x 100 feet with 150# sandbag, 135# husafel, 200# rigshaw x 4 trips
then 150# sand bag x 200 feet straight to 200# rigshaw x 200 feet then to husafel x 100 feet ( no running in between just carried some of them longer distance)
ssb walking lunges bar plus 40# x 100 feet x 2 trips, plus 50# x 100 feet
rigshaw 200# x50 feet, 310x 50 feet, 360x50 feet, 420 x 50 feet
sand bag loads to higher platform ( neck height) 150# x 5 x 3 sets
prowler plus 110# low handle pull x 50 feet/push back x 50 feet x 5 trips
prowler drag with rope 50 feet with 110- 200 loaded on prowler
tried arm over arm prowler pulling- interesting and I am probably doing it wrong
battle ropes x 30 seconds x 3 goes
3 Mile Malibu Walk :wink:

I feel good! Its one of those gorgeous almost fall days and walking Malibu this afternoon was fantastic! It supposed to be 88 tomorrow but sooner than later I’ll be melting in glee walking my dog in crisp fall weather!! AHHHH!!! :D!!!

The medley was fun! A bit of a conditioning day today. As I am typing my traps are sore --I gotta figure out what exercise caused this so I can make sure to do it again!

ANYWHO–> the real deal is that my Mama gave me some special cake she made – Maple Candy Corn Upside Down Cake. YES. ALL THOSE. She makes her own maple frosting. And she added candy corns just for me!!!

Thought of that cake while I was pushing the prowler was inspiration…and now I get to eat it!



I think I got sore from the arm over arm!! I know this is a wierd view but I want it here to check to see my technique. I promise you there’s a prowler at the other end of the rope!

It’s gotta be this or the battle ropes that have lit up my upper back! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS that’s what I am aiming for!!!


Ha!!! YEAH definitely not the same!!



3 Mile Malibu walk !