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Totally weird!


fs 45x5, 135x2, 180, 205, 225, 235, 245
195x5 x 3 sets
log clean once strict press reps 67x5, 77x5, 87x5, 92x5
mens log clean once strict press reps (which is 90# I found out) empty x5 x 3 sets
leg drive reps 100, 110, 120, 125, 130, fail 135
tried the deadsled for times carries x 1 min empty, empty plus 20# x 4 goes. First 2 trips went 400 feet, last 3 300-350 feet

NO clue the wt of it but I wanted to try this thing out so
deadsled plus 40, plus 100, plus 140, plus 200#, plus whatever I ended up x 50 feet each
db bench 35’s 4 x 12 ss with 5 pull ups
claw grip rows 4 x 8-10reps
claw grip tricep extensions - pictured below 5x10
regular tricep extensions 5x10
stepmill x 20 mins

I have decided that I do like the deadsled. It has 2 handle choices- fatter grip and normal. I used the fat grip for the first two trips, then it was just too much forearm pump, had to hold my hands over my head for a bit between trips. The grips are quite soft too at least for now, which I won’t complain about.

I used my new triple ply knee sleeves today for everything. I love them! I do NOT care what anyone says, my knees appreciated the extra support.

Only weird thing is now my feet are starting to act up, well, they have been for a while to be fair. I had a weird cramp driving home on pedal foot which was dandy. I think I might have been walking strangely.

EDIT: found out the dead sled is 150#


Please go to minute 8:27 if you never heard this!


HA HA!!! I wanna be Champion of The Day!!! :D!!!


warm up - log clean and press 67x5
from the floor to press overhead 50# keg then log 87# then mens log 100#
same but 50# keg then 97# log then 110# log x 4 sets aiming for under 45 seconds
then 50# keg, 87# log, 115# log

sand bag carries 200# x 100 feet x 3 trips
hussafel x 50 feet each with an empty (140#), 160#, 180#, 200#
stone loads 107x3 140x3, 205, 220, 245 ALMOST loaded a total of 4 times. I took my time with this-- like 40 minutes spent on the 245 stone. Failing and failing but getting there ! I didn’t want to give up! I was fairly close! I used a tacky towel.

ssb walkign lunges 85# x 100 feet, 95# x 100 feet
prowler pull 50 feet/push 50 feet/push 50 feet with 88# laoded on it x 5 trips
prowler pulls with a rope misc amounts x 100 feet x a few goes
back extensions 2 sets of 30, a set of 20
3 Mile Malibu Walk

SO CLOSE!!! SO CLOSE Mr. 245 stone!! I’m excited more then frustrated :D!!! I took my time, I had nuthin but time today which in the past has been the way to go on those bastards.


245! Wow! You nearly had it! Maybe @NHLFTR needs you to help him move rocks for his zen garden!
It won’t be long before you load that thing.


I think you can put this into her dog clipping:



THANK YOU!!! OH SO CLOSE!!! I’m very pleased! :D!


I agree!


3 Mile Malibu Walk
It gorgeous outside! Perfect lighting this morning too, some steam comin off the water by the creek, crisp out!

I’d like to find how to do some home tricep stuff- as in stuff to do close to daily to built my minuscule triceps… I think I have a LONG time to go before I’d ever worry about over working them since I have to just start somewhere light and numerous. I don’t think ever even seen my triceps–part of one maybe shows.

I think my best option would be some bands.


I’m listening to a great Mark Bell Brian Shaw podcast on youtube. He talks about box squats for help in stones! I never even thought of that! Now I will throw those in. I can’t do it on my back, but I forgot how hard box fronties are. I’m doin it! I need to remember that when I’m planning my lifts before I go in. Zerchers, box squats, variety.


Also the having to be willing to drop the wt to do stuff weird or in parts to strengthen the weakness or to be more well rounded.

Stuff in my life has changed and I have a more control of the compulsive side of my thoughts around lifting. I’m so much calmer these days! I thought of that yesterday, just going in and doing it without wild expectations or wild standards or beating myself up if I DO NOT grind grind grind grind or if I fail fail fail.

There’s a place for that and it is required for sure in our minds as lifters, but for me I don’t have to worry about that part going missing in my training mindset because I am wild that way like it or not, my task is controlling it so I don’t injure myself going over board or going crazy obsessing over things that don’t lead anywhere but burn out.

I’m in this for the long haul, live to lift another day! Constant improvement, there’s so many facets to consider!


Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday afternoon Malibu Walks mmHMM!

dead lifts 45x12, 135x3, 205x2, 245x2, 275, 305, 315x6
255x8 x 3 sets
below the knee rack pulls 45x5, 135x3, 225x3, 315x5
255x8 x 3 sets
Anderson zerchers at the knee 135x5, 185x5 x 3 sets
prowler pull with a rope one way, push low handles other way 50 feet various wts starting at 88#, 176#, -227# loaded on the prowler
viking press plus 30# x 12 x 4 different grips 1 set of 12 each
triceps extensions x12, x12, x25
Had to run

Low STRUNGHTH today, everything was heavy. I had/have an allergic reaction to some really freaking cool maroon mascara that I had been wearing for almost a month. Saturday my eyelids decided to blow up like a inner-tube.

Bendryl will give me a hangover for days - and I gotta lift man!- so I tried generic once a day Claratin for the first time…ugh??? I was up most of the night, and when I did get to sleep I had whacked out dreams. Dreams of people drilling holes in my glass door on my balcony to come inside, weird people from way way way in the past. I woke up panicked and all wigged out —still had puffy eyelids!

Anywho, I hope my eyelid chills out soon. Freaking sausage eyelid. It gets old, warm compressing and cucumbers on my eyelids.


An example of the prowler pulls, today though I pushed the prowler to the other side but you know that looks like. I like these, I did them again today because my hammies got sore saturday- friday’s one’s worked em!

I can’t find a sled at turbo gym so the prowler works no problem. The dead sled is supposed to be able to be dragged but they feet/skis are all crazy!


Oh no! Stupid sausage eyelid ! Sled pulls with SRV playing in the background, makes for a good day!


Yeah Chicken! There’s a guy and his wife who come to the turbo gym and he lifts to that pretty much every time he’s there! Sausage eyelid has now become a hot link, maybe if I’m lucky it’ll be a deflated to hot dog sized eyelid.

Today-Malibu walk

The little things! Like this dog’s feetz in his cage :)!!!

Also a total turkey of a husky who was a one of my parvo patients all day yesterday was aggressive and serious about being aggressive, snarling, growling despite being super weak and dehydrated. I went in today ready for battle again, and instead she wagged her tail and started husky talking to me (not growling and snarling but the yodally YAR YAR husky talks) and wanted affection. I’ll take it! She went home feeling much better.

Yesterday was me and Malibu’s 3 month anniversary!! It seems longer then that in a very good way!! :D!!! Here’s to many many many more with my sweet gentle girl!


a set of 10 pull ups
log clean once strict press reps 67# x3, 77x3, 87x3, 97x2, 92x3
77x10, 77 x 8 x 2 sets
fs 45x5, 135x3, 180, 200, 205x3, 225x2
165x5 x3 sets
frame carry x 1 min no drop carries empty frame (200#) x 400 feet with turns, then 4 1 minute carries with 220# frame around 300-200 feet with turns, 300# x 50 feet
box fs ( high box) 45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 180x5, 205x5, 225x5
135x6, 185x6, 205x6, 225x6
camber bar fs bar (80#) x 5, 170x3, 200x3
high box chamber bar fs empty (80#) x5, 170x5 x 2 sets
rigshaw carries x 50 feet each empty (85#) , 173#, 261#, 305#, 360#, 415, 465#
db bench 35’s 4 sets of 12 ss with pull ups 6, 5, 4, 4
pully rows 4 x 12 ss with triceps 4 x 12
face pulls 12, 15, 10
stepmill x 20 min
HOT MALIBU WALK x 3 miles!

I like the box squats.That was the best box I could find, I’ll try a bit lower next time, but honestly being able to over load the bar a bit felt fantastic. Big heel foot drive cue that helps in other lifts. Its also a newer stance I take with those being wide vs my normal narrow for front squats.

I also like my new Rehband belt.

I used it today for ohp stuff, box fs, the heavier rigshaw carries- I LOVE IT.

Its very cozy and warm and putting it on instantly made my back feel safe, very cool shape for ohp support. I’ve been having some fears that due to my leverages I have to put my back in a less then ideal hyper extension whatever to log press at times, this super cool belt gives nice support in the spots I felt vulnerable at.

It reminds me of the belts they made us wear at when I was a CNA hoisting the old folks up out of chairs and stuff. Pulling it closed today gave me a flood of memories of doing the save movement to lift up Grandma Mozzelle or Fanny Tucker from their recliner to get em into whatever chair, bed, misc thing was their next destination. :slight_smile:


sand bag carry 150# x 150 feet
log clean once leg drive press reps 67x3, 77x3, 87x15, 97x12
sand bag carries x 1 min/200 feet carried 150# x 4 goes, rest about 90 seconds between goes
stone loads 107x3, 140x3, 205, failed 220 ( I gave myself 6 tries, nope)
timed stone loads 140# x 5 minutes- first go was 15 loads, second try I loaded it 15 times in 6 and a half minutes
ssb walking lunges 75x50 feet, 95x50 feet
oh carry empty yoke ( 185#) x 50 feet x 4 trips
prowler drag 50 feet, push 50 feet low handles x 5 trips 115# added to prowler
viking press plus 25# 3 different grips each grip x 12 reps each, then x 6 reps per grip in a single set
tricep claw grip extensions 3x12
plate raises #5’s 3 x 10
3 Mile Malibu Walk

SO HOT. SO HOT. The stone loads today were supposed to be training the extension part of the lift inorder to get a better load up.

My arms are LONG. I’ll keep at it but I think the best bet for me for loading the stone is a combo hip extension/front squat load to the platform. I could just be having a mental block, but my hands end up so far under the stone when I place my arms over the top, if I do a true big big extension to load, I loose purchase on the stone. We’ll see!

I can say that the new warming belt works for stones! It took a while but I am all for protective gear now. I started with the knee sleeves about 2 years ago, now I got nuthin to prove. I won’t get reliant but I will use em.

I don’t and won’t ever compete again, so sleeves and belts I am now all about. Today I also noticed some wrist pain which maybe some wraps will help.


Question about your belt
Would you ever reccomend it for someone like me doing back squats and deadlifts? I can’t feel settled about a belt because leather things are so horribly uncomfortable


I haven’t tried it for dead lifts, but I think it’d be helpful. Its not going to add wt on the bar for you like a normal belt can help you do when you use it as a lifting cue, but I REALLY like how it warms you up!!

Its kinda like a knee sleeve for you back with some support however the warmth on your lower back and the feeling of containment is very reassuring! Not SBD knee sleeve level support, it just feels comforting!

It was pricey at $75 but worth it. I haven’t seen many competitive power lifters use them, however lately I only check out strongman vids online, I don’t think they are allowed for IPL use for chances are power lifter types just avoid them since they are illegal.


3 Mile Malibu Walk!

I think I am low on some nutrients here lately. I have lil muscle cramps here and there that are probably due to something I’m not getting enough of in my diet. Been a bit lazy on my meals…oh well.