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log clean once strict press reps 67#x5, 77#x5, 87#x5, 92#x3, 97#x3, 77#x10, 77#x5 x2 sets
stone loads 107x3, 140x2, 205, 220 x total of 5 <-- took about 20 mins but I got it loaded 5 times! Here’s one of them. I used a tacky towel for the 205 and 220’s

Then I tried to just lap the 245-nope. Today was the day I tried true tacky for the first time. I noticed a jar left in the gym last week.This is what it looks like. This is 245 with real tacky on my hands.

It was like discovering Santa isn’t real. Using tacky makes lapping the stone much much more easy! I still didn’t load it so its not going to help me do THAT but MAN.

I bummed me out!!! I am FAR more proud of myself doing the loads without the tacky!!! It gives the stone handles, turns it into a whole other lift.

HOWEVER- I didn’t load it! Looking at these vids I can see some stuff I need to work on. I took a bunch of vids today and observed this- sometimes I come at the stone to far behind it, and also I was looking down on all the loads I missed. once I remember to look ahead of me and not down at the stone it helped a ton.

It bummed me out though! Tacky really does WORK, for picking it up at least which is the hardest part…but maybe its not anymore?? I say this but also struggle loading! BUT! I think I can get it after seeing some stuff I’m screwing up once I lap the thing, I have to push it up higher on my chest…etc…blah blah.

Its just a different lift with the tacky, different stuff worked.

I thought all these thoughts then did
fs 45x5, 135x5, 185x5, 204x3, 225
camber bar fs bar (80#) x 5, 170x5, 190x5, 230, 185x5 x 2 sets, 185x4
db cleans 5x15
face pulls 3 x 15
stepmill x 20 mins
Malibu walk x about 2 miles – way hot and my SPF pants ripped a gaping hole in the side of my quad! I had to walk the whole way with my hand covering the bare skin ( hand was covered in spf and spf sleeve of my hoodie!!!) otherwise the sun would burn a hole in my femur.

So I’ll do push ups- so far a set of 20, 19, 18


Worse job ever was working at a gas station. It was what you described every damn day! Just mean hateful people.
I had worked by myself for many years and have never seen anything like it.
The worse one was in her fifties! Thought she was too good to wash dishes, cut fruit, sweep, you name it! It was a constant… I can’t do … whatever, with all of them. They all acted like this was the hardest thing they had ever done. What?

Made it 7 months and that was 6 1/2 months longer than anybody thought I would make it…lol
Then they all begged me not to go. What? “Yeah, I bet you don’t, now you will have to do your own work! Good luck with that!”


Yes!!! I can’t stand that kinda attitude!


Lucked out and it got stormy skies out! So we did get our 3 mile walk in after all.

I was rewarded by this when we came home! Sweet, gentle, grateful, Malibu Smiles!!! And paw shakes!! Now she’s sleeping at my feet and I’m about to finish reading a book!!

What a dream girl she has shown herself to be!!!


It’s hard believe that’s the same dog you brought home! She looks so happy!


Finally git to watch your vids. 220 x5 is ficking awesome! That 245 isn’t far behind!


I have a new hero. Just crazy impressive. You make me want to train harder. Thank you.


:D!! I really appreciate THAT!

WOW!!! :D!!!

THANK YOU!!! :D!!! !!!


Thanks!!! I still am super proud of the 220’s!


log clean and press with leg drive- cleaned all reps 67#x5, 87#x5, 92#x5, 97#x3, 107#x3 x 3 sets, 117#, 122#, fail to get 127 all the way over head
medley of hussafel (140#), sandbag 150#, prowler 88# added x carries/push of 50 feet each then run back for the next x 5 total runs aiming for doing it under 70 seconds and I did. Vid below!

I have to stop holding back on the runs! HA HA! I confess that I do feel silly running. :D! The prowler eats my quads!
then ssb walking lunges 85# x 100 feet, 95# x 100 feet, 105# x 50 feet
prowler push low handles x 50 fete then high handles x 50 feet back x 5 trips
rope extensions/triceps 5 x 15
claw grip tows 5 x15
viking press 25# added all 3 grips ( 1 set of 10 per grip) x 10 reps, 35# 3 grips x 10 reps
tried fat grips on some db’s in hopes to compare to a real circus db got up to 32.5
plate raises with 5’s 3 x 10
Malibu walk!

GOD. I always forget how much the prowler explodes my quads! Suppose I should do it more. I am proud of my maturity in not doing more carries this week. My knees feel back to normal! The rest did them well!! Heal up knees, and enjoy the rest for a bit but I wanna do carries again!

Turbo gym has a new contraption- the frame/sled/prowler weirdo combo thing. I picked it up to carry x 50 feet and I’m not a fan. It looks like its an all in one type piece of equipment but not really great for any ONE thing I could see straight off that I might like to do- just too much. I’m trying to find a picture online, I’ll take one next time I’m there.

EDIT: Found it. This is the new toy, I can’t give it a full review yet. Looking at how others have used it I might have just not took enough stuff OFF of it.


That was so fun to watch! Glad your knee is doing better, inflammation going down. Good news.
@ Carry medley. Do you worry about dropping a stone on your foot? I always picture that possibility when I see you pickup stones. You guys seem to always get out of the way when you drop them, but Brutiful, that would smart!


I DO worry about accidents during training ! I’ve stayed up late at night watching terrible accident vids of stones landing on knees, falling while doing carries…or logs falling onto heads! Then I go to bed with it in my head to be freaking careful in the morning when I go to lift!

I try and keep that in mind when I’m doing stuff. I am much less reckless then I used to be with lifts! Even more so since I tore my hamstring last year-- I will never forget the sound it made!! For sure it has its risks…and I try and be very careful.

As for stones for the most part when you lift you are positioned with your feet on the sides of the stone, but missing a load can be hairy so I just try and back up and get out of the way!

I’ve absolutely almost tripped on carries when I’m holding them in my hands and have had to tell myself slow down with handle carries especially. Or flying over the rig shaw…or getting the pinched down on the side of my foot on the frame.

OHP stuff scares me the most any pressing gets a ton of respect and caution.


Today- Malibu walk!!!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s getting there…its getting to be fall! :D!



This afternoon- Malibu walk!

A set of 10 pull ups


This afternoon- Malibu Walk !
pull ups ss with push ups 10 w/10, 7w/7, 6 w/6, 5 w/5, 4 w/4, 4 w/5, 1 pull up 1-2 mins in between pull up sets

We all had to take a DISC assessment at work. its a type of personality test! HELLO I LOVE THOSE!! My was fairly spot on- I am an Advocate.

"SIC, SCI - Advocate
Advocate style, is a steady, sociable individual who strives for positive relationships at work and at home. An Advocate can be very
detail oriented when the situation requires it; but overall they tend toward individualism, independence and light attention to detail. It can be difficult
to change Advocates minds once they have made a decision. They like people and tend to support the underdog. “my name” may take opposing sides of
a disagreement and feel frustrated if things do not go according to plan. An Advocate needs to be accepted as part of the team, and they want people to
like them. Decisions are difficult for them to make unless their parameters of authority are clearly defined, and they may tend to “shoot from the hip” if
forced to make a decision when they would prefer not to do so. [my name] would much rather have someone else make the decision, especially if they
hold that individual in high esteem and respect. [my name] tends to be moderate, thorough and dependable.
Advocates do not like conflict. Rather than create conflict in a group, they will tend to let others do what they want, even if they disagree with them.
Advocates do not like to confront people unless necessary. [my name] can be inspiring, and may be sought out for their ability to motivate the team in
tough times. Advocates have the ability to focus their attention on tasks that need to be completed, and to work them until they have been finished.
They have respect for leaders and are quality and service minded. [my name] is people oriented, but can be detail and task oriented as well. [my name] is
motivated through joint collaboration and likes to work in groups.

Advocates do not tend to be argumentative, but may hold grudges if situations are left unresolved. This tends to happen due to their fear of
confrontation. Advocates may have difficulty being direct about things if there is a fear that there will be devastating effects to a relationship. [my name]
prefers to make decisions in a way that takes an individual’s feelings into account, but will not be likely to disregard the facts when doing so. "

Pretty accurate I’d say…I um…especially have trouble holding GRUDGES. I do for sure! I’ve let a lot go they took YEARS. I absolutely struggle with that…if you think the grudges were unwarranted that is…

ANYWHO! It was a full on Seventeen Magazine “What lipstick color are YOU!?” quiz day at work with my coworkers trying to guess each other’s disc scores. HA HA! A very good Labor Day shift instead of the typical end of summer madness holiday shift.


dead lifts 45x12, 135, 205, 265, 295, 325 <-all I had today for a max
260x5x3 sets, 295, 315
rack pulls at the knee 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 375x3, 405x3
anderson zerchers 45x5, 135x5, 225x3, 245x3, 265, 215x5 x 3 sets
viking press 3 grips 5 per grip per set with 25#, 35$, 45# , 45#
tricep extensions x 25

This afternoon 3 mile Malibu Walk

You never know, some days you feel like you have it and , oh no, you do NOT! I was going for a max today on dls but nope. Thank god I thought of doing zerchers because it validated my lifting in my mind at least! I love the clenched fist sensation you get from them!

Some vids
a zercher

a viking press

I’m probably not doing these perfectly. However I feel it in my lats, triceps, and traps so can’t be too bad! I see some in vids who lean forward, I see some go more upright, no matter what I like it !


The test sounded almost as scary as that viking press thingy miving around. I was skeerd for you…lol


Ha!! Yes! The bar does bobble and wobble because it’s bent! I use this busted up bb for the Viking press set up just so I don’t ruin a good one! I don’t know the story but someone at my gym bent that barbell and warped it!


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This afternoon - Welcome to The Weekend Malibu Walk

It was rainin’, leaves on the ground and apples too! I live by a bunch of apple trees and every season they dump down. No matter how long I’ve lived outside of Southern California I still get very excited about any type of real nature-- thunderstorms! Leaves! Apples! Dogs! It all happened today!!

My back.is a bit upset from Bermese Mnt Dog Wrestling match today. Not sure who won. This dog is weird, owner is even wierder! She is very nice, very wealthy and very into her dogs. She requests that for hair clippingings we do on her dogs that we save the fur and give it to her. She then has it woven into her own hair -on her head -which she wears in a fro. I am not joking.


Oookay! That’s pretty weird!