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That is worth exploring…thanks for the intel!!


Today- Malibu walk! Some kid threw something at her! It was a toddler in the bush! She yiped and jumped but that was it luckily!

A set of 11 pull ups <–not very pretty and I can tell but better then zero


a set of 8 pull ups
log clean once strict press reps empty log (67#) x5, 77#x5, 82#x5, 87#x5, 92#x5, 97#x3, 77# x 8 x 3 sets
clean once strict press reps the mens log- maybe 80-90# x 3 reps
fs 45x5, 135, 180, 200, 215, 230, 240 <-- been a LONG time since I got 240
190x8, 190x5 x 2 sets
tbar carries 187# x 3 mins 11 seconds no drops, went about 840 feet, then x 1 mins x 2 trips didn’t count distance just counted time for these
swiss bar bench empty bar (35#), 55# x 10, 75# x10 x 3 sets ss with pull ups 5,5, 4, 3
claw grip rows 3 x 8
stepmill x 20 mins
3 mile Malibu walk!

Then I did all my chores! WOOOHOOO! Done for the weekend.

Its been forever for getting my fs back. Its better I guess because I’ve been able to fix a lot of my form flaws- mainly left knee cave. I don’t care so much if I drop my elbows a bit, but I was aghast seeing the knee cave and set out to stop it.

Also today I held back on the lifts almost like I was being visited by a Wave of Chill. Full on surfer, hey man, no big deal, no exhaustion, no ouchie anything, I was just done! :slight_smile:

The carries went well and I was pleased with my grip, it wasn’t the limiting factore. The limiting factor on those with that wt at least is FOREARM EXPLOSION PUMP!!! I’ve had to walk it out holding my hands above my head to help get the blood flow to normalize to the rest of my body!


BREAKING NEWS: My sister’s dog’s graduated from puppy training class!!

Lola and Leroy, my sister’s bullies :)!!! That’s the kinda texts I wanna see!!!


log clean press with leg drive reps 67#x5, 77#x5, 87#x5, 97#x5, 107#x5, 117# x 3, 127# x 1
reps with the mens log - unsure the wt- empty x 5, added 10#x5, 15#x5
stone loads 107x3, 140x3, 167, 205, 220 lapped twice, loaded successfully once
sand bag loads 150# x5, 200# x2 x 4 sets
sand bag carries for max time 150# x 1 min 40 seconds ( about 315 feet walked slow on this because I was trying for a longer time but didn’t get it)
sand bag timed carry 100# bag x 3 mins 15 seconds went about 700 ish feet
zercher yoke carry empty yoke ( 185#) x 50 feet x 4 trips
clean grip yoke carries empty ( 185#) x 50 feet x 2 trips, 225# x 50 feet, 265# x 50 feet, 305# x 50 feet
empty oh yoke carry 50 feet
triceps 5 x 10-13
some t bar rows 4x5

The creeps come out at 6:30p at night at my apartments. At least that’s when I got ding-dong-ditched by a weirdo creep attack with a note/gift?? from my disgusting neighbor.

The guy next door who’s been burning food and smelting the medal off his stove, smoking out his kitchen and thus stinking up my entire place multiple times a day since we share a wall and ventinlation it seems with STINK-- has been at it again.

He was good for a few months but that last few weeks it just gets worse and worse. Because he doesn’t clean his stove. Every time he cooks it burns the stuff on his stove or whatever garbage is happening there and it smokes!! And it STINKS.

I’ve seen smoke billowing out his door !! There’s no chance he has a smoke detector that he keeps batteries in because it’d go off!

I told this to the apartment people months ago and he chilled but I told them- again- so they saw the massive fire hazard this gross guy’s lazy cooking is! I made a point to say I worry about my dog being home alone if the place caught on fire while I was gone!!!

Anyways, I have been complaining to the apartment people about him and sent more updates on his continual smoke outs this week. Last night I hear a knock on my door. I never answer the door normally but look through the peep hole and wait until no one is there to ever open my door. I looked in the peep hole and there he is, with a towel over his shoulders. ???

He left this :

Uhhhh Creepy!!! ??? Crazy looking treats! I hope this is a kind of awkward attempt at a peace offering and he will now stop stinking out my place with his cooking. That or he is just displaying more of his creepy weird.

Yesterday he had his door wide open and you could see all the junk , clothes, slobby mess walking by on the common landing. SO GROSS.

If this fool tries to get crazy in any other way, let’s just say he better not…Don’t stink out your neighbors!! It’s only polite! Don’t creep out your neighbors!! Ughhh.

I tend to put up with more then I should and once I’ve had it its well past the time I’ll forget about it. However I draw the line instantly on some important things. Like BURNING MY DOG ALIVE WITH YOUR KITCHEN FIRES YOU STINKY ASSHOLE!!!


I would get a nice thank you card and tape to a fire extinguisher and leave at his door!

  Thank you for the surprise gift for Malibu! She loves treats! We got you a gift as well. Stay safe! 

Can’t imagine why I don’t have many friends :rofl::rofl::rofl:


HA! I have thought of taping a smoke detector to his door but I felt thast was a bit too aggressive!

As for humor, this dude is not getting any happy funny notes from me!!! When you stink out your neighbor constantly, your chance at a light hearted gesture is DONEZO!!!


Today- 3 mile Malibu walk!

I’m going to head to the local gym today here soon for some swimming and sauna action. My quads yesterday felt like hamburger from the foam rolling, and my right knee has calmed down a lot. Not its lefty who is pissed! How it goes I guess. Leftie is angry on the lateral side. I discovered when I was roling my legs this week I have some pretty tight IT bands so there’s that to consider.

I did splurge and order some triple ply knee sleeves that were $25! A lame color but too cheap to pass up. I’ll use those for heavy fs days and maybe stones and heavy sand bag carries.

Today I am sore in my traps!! And upper back!!! Exactly where I want to be hitting for stuff! The never ending list of things to work only ever expands more and more!


Today- Bu-Berry 3 Mile walk!

BUSY day today, cats just take forever. Even when they are nice they take longer to do things! I had 3 kitties today, 5 dogs. All nice but needing a bunch of stuff often.

I woke up today and leftie knee felt fine! Went to work and then they BOTH start getting angry. Not terrible but hmpf. The bending on my knees, crawling, and scooching into cat cages did not help!


This afternoon- shorter Malibu walk ( 2 ish miles, ITS HOT)
pull ups 8 ss with 8 push ups, 7 ss w/7 push ups, 6 ss w/6, 5 ss w/5, 4 ss w/4, 3 ss w/3, 2 ss 2 rested about 1 min between pull up sets


Dead lifts 45x12, 135, 205, 255, 295, 320x8 ( rep pr!), 340
275x5 x 3 sets
Midknee rack pulls 45x3, 135x3, 225x3, 315x3, 340, 375, 395
315x5 x 3 sets
Viking press no clue what the wt means, used a 25# 4x10 ss with pull ups 5, 5, 4, 2
Claw grip rows 4x12

Viking press thing is very cool! Very specific parts of lats and biceps, triceps for it. There are a ton of grip options and I did a different one each time.

Pleased with the rep pr!! Knees are feeling better. Resting them up a bit from carries.




This afternoon
Malibu Walk !
pull ups ss with push ups 9 with 18 push ups, 8 with 10 push ups, then 7 with 7, 6 with 6, 5 with 5, 4 with 10 push ups, pull ups 3, 2

Episode of minor rage at work. A new girl told me about some of the other techs giving her shit. The long and the short of it is girl bullies, egos, laziness, and meanwhile the patient is being compromised due to someone’s attitude problem. “Its not my job” mentality when IT IS YOUR JOB! Its more like “I don’t want to do that, its below me and my amazing skills”.

My heart was racing hearing about it and it surprised me how long my heart rate was elevated! That shit gets me instantly mad, like full on Cesar Milan RedZone Rage Aggression. Picking on someone, then putting them in a bad spot of having to choose to stand up for themselves (they wouldn’t take over the patients care so she could get off her shift!) or compromise the patients care–an innocent animal, a human’s beloved companion!- because Erica Ego sees it as below her or not her job.

EGOS. Bullies. No place in taking care of patients in need! I told my supervisor about it. It hit a nerve too because I’m on a bit of an ethical quandry about saying something to them about another bully tech. Its the one who was acting up so badly a few months ago, then was talked to , then improved…well, she’s at it again. It hasn’t effected me directly but I hear about it.

It really pisses me off. One the one hand I don’t want to get involved since its not directly involving me, but then I really hate seeing someone get away with it and I can see it going on. I’m getting to the point again where I don’t feel sorry for her if she gets fired and thinks she deserves it.


You did the right thing. You had to say something, Brute. This kind of drama is terrible. Bummer it’s effecting your work, but yeah. You had to say something. Right thing.


Cool. I’ve been doing something similar. Alternating sets of 8-10 pullups with sets of 8-10 95lb bench. Combining a short chest and back workout, kinda doing an upper body day, instead of my usual 4-way split.


UGH!!! The PUSH UPS kick my ass!!! MAN! doesn’t take long for me to loose my ability to do push ups!


This right here is why I am not a team player. I have a hard time dealing with all the drama. Why can’t they just do their damn job! Grrrr!


Brute_fury, ChickenLittle tagged you over on my thread because I posted something about stonelifting. Your stone lifting is impressive: stone loads 107x3, 140x3, 167, 205, 220 lapped twice, loaded successfully once. I bet there aren’t many members at your gym lifting the 205 and 220 lb stones. Impressive work.


:D!!! THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it!!..however there DEFINITELY ARE people at my turbo gym who lift those stones!!! Ladies included! I have a great gym- Iron Warrior - that I go to that has a TON of things I am lucky enough to play with!

Its 24 hours, key code entry , so not only do you get all this super cool fun stuff but you can go ANYTIME!!! And do carries INDOORS!!!

I still really appreciate your comment! I hope to get better and better at those stones…today I learned a bit more about it too in a way. Thanks for stopping by! :D!!!


Its a lot of pride and ego- at least in my perception.

There is a very specific kind of particularly female aggression that displays this way. I think of myself as a woman’s woman who like to cooperate, but there are a LOT of mean girls who have chips on their shoulders and get a kick out of putting others down to inflate their precious ego. NOT COOL when its your job to be a team!!! Not cool in my book at any time!!! Whatever you are!