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Today- 3 mile Malibu walk !!


Dead lifts 45x10, 135x3, 205x3, 255, 295
315x9 (REP PR!) , 315x3 x3 sets
Below the knee rack pulls 45x3, 135x3, 225x3, 315x3, fail at 375, 315x5x3 sets
Sandbag carries 150# x250 feet, x200 feet, 200# x100 feet x 2 trips
Camber bar ohp empty (80#) x7 SS with claw grip rows x 10



Yay! On the rep PR!


I thought you might be interested in seeing some past strong man equipment.

“Summer Strong takes place at Sorinex HQ, which is an impressive mix of a well-equipped gym, fitness museum, library and product factory. The giant sign and stars and stripes mustache logo is unique and hard to miss. As soon as you walk through the doors you are confronted with examples of fitness equipment going back many generations from decades and centuries past, including railroad axles, anvils, boulders and various everyday objects. The message was clear to me when I looked at this stuff, that you can get fit by using whatever you have available to you at the time and place. No excuses, find a way or make one”





EYYYEEEAAHHHH!!! HECK YEAH YOU CAN!! That is way cool!!!


3 mile Malibu Walk !
a set of 11 pull ups
a set of 20 push ups

I’m pleased I can do 20 push ups but it for sure upped my heart rate!


A home PR of sorts— I found Malibu’s tickly spot. This is the first time she’s presented her belly right away when I grabbed the brushes!! She’s never done that before!!

After a good scratching/brushing she rolled around on her back and did the crazy kicking feet’s and twirling head happy dog action!!!

After the second brush down she melted into the rug, which is what I’d pictured below! Next new step will be giving her a bath! She’s a dusty girl!

A look at my board today at work. Those are my patients that I do stuff on every hour, I’m basically a ward nurse if that’s what it’d compare to in human nursing, I do treatments on the hospitalized patients.

So the day jammed by! All fairly sweet mostly and all in fairly decent shape. Sickest one was a old old old bulldog with age related diseases, nothing depressing!
A St. Bernard, a few Australian Shepards, a pug, a Ridgeback, a Swedish Vulhund, a Puli, miniture Aussie, a catahula, Great Pyrenees, misc pissed off cats, and others who made a good mix.


Awe! Happy belly rubs!
Wow! You had more patients than out local hospital today!

Stopped at the cross fit hox on my way home. They recently got a couple of atlas stones! I asked if I could try one so I would know what size to get to. I found a guy in San Antonio that makes them. Tried the 115lb and barely got it off of the ground, so I think a 75lb would be a good size to start with. I think I could have lapped it if it wouldn’t have been such a stressful day ( had to take one my peeps to the ER ) no doubt I could have if I would have been angry! :rofl:


OH MY GOD!!! HURRAY!!! You got your hands on some stone action!!!YOU’RE GONNA TEAR THOSE STONES UP!!!
:D!!! How do you like it?? When you get to the stones you can there are so many great youtube vids to help the technique!! Like this one!

Its step one! If like it, he has more on his channel for steps 2-3. These really helped me!

You can even start trying on pillows, beach ball, exercise ball, whatever so you get the idea down!!!


Thanks! I probably wasn’t quite close enough. I will practice then go give it another go! Rusty, is going to pick one up for me when he and the guy can get together at the right time.


WOOOHOOOOO!!! That is VERY exciting!!!


log clean once then strict press 67#x5, 72#x5, 77#x5, 82#x5, 77#x9 ss with red band pull aparts x 15
stone loads 108#x5, 140#x5, 167#, 205- got it up 2 times but missed the load, loaded it once, 220# got it up to chest , same thing just not able to load x 3 times
fs 45x5, 135, 155x5, 180x5, 200x4, 220
t bar carries no dropping x 1 minute x 5 times with 187# ( went about 300- 400 feet each time, I won’t lie the last 2 trips were ROUGH! )
swiss bar bench 35#x10, 55#x10, 75#x10, 85#x10, 95#x 10
t bar dl x 3 reps carry 50 feet then dl x 3 reps 187#, t bar with 297# dl x 3 carry 50 feet then dl x 3, tbar with 347# dl x 2 then carry 50 feet dl x 1 rep, 297# dl x3 carry 50 feet dl x 3, 187# dl x 5 carry x 50 feet dl x 5 carry another 50 feet
back extensions 2 sets of 20
pull ups 8, 3
stepmill 20 mins
3 mile Malibu WALK!!!

Pretty cool with the stones even if I didn’t load the 220’s fully on the platform. I kept trying to get it at a better ( lower) height but just not happening. Oh well!


log clean and press with leg drive 67x7, 77x5, 87x5, 95x5, 107
medley of db clean and press, sand bag press oh, and log clean and press- used various wts starting with a 45# db- 50#, sandbag 50#-70#, log 87#-107# x 5 runs all under 60 seconds
carries x 65 feet with 200# sand bag x 3 trips
carries x 65 feet with husafel 140#, 150#, 170#, 180#, 190#, 200# <-- might be a husafel pr, lifted from the floor
carried the empty frame ( 200#) a few times for 50 feet just getting it out of the way
sand bag loads 150# x a few times to chest, 200# loaded to the platform x 3 total
claw grip rows 5x10
tricep cable things 5x10
wide grip pull downs 2 x10
claw grip pull downs 3 x 10
toyed with camber bar squats ( bar on my back) 80# x 5 <-- I don’t load wt on my back anymore, when I do its for lunges or bulgarians, old squat injury I don’t mess with)
Malibu walk!


Today= Malibu walk!


Ended up going to 24 hour fitness to use the foam rollers. I have self diagnosed my right knee has having patellar tendionitis!

While I was there I did the rope climber /tricep eater machine x 10 mins

Seems about right. I had bursitis in that knee as well a couple years ago that made life as a tech – kneeling and crawling and up and down on my knees-- a cotton pickin nightmare! It felt like I was kneeling on bits of glass out of the blue on that knee, it ended up going away but it took over a year.

Anywho, same knee. I did foam roll and found a $3 big PVC pipe to work on my quads at ACE. The idea being to see if that helps release some tenstion. It’s a very similar feeling to the elbow pain I get when I do to many pullups or upper body pulling movements.

Hope it helps!


I use a PVC pipe on my legs before every workout; still developed patellar tendonitis in my knee from squatting.

I followed this idea, but I did # of reps, with a hip circle (band around knees), not for time:

I also “dug” into all the tendons around the knee, following this example:

Knee is better than before I got the patellar tendonitis; sounds like a cliche but totally true. I don’t do the daily squats anymore, but I always squat with a hip circle, and I also do hip circle squats (with dumbbells) after deadlifts. And I continue the self “massage”, daily.


ohhh!!! Thanks for suggestions! I’ve never thought to hip circle AFTER lifting…hmm…and I’m going to give that a try. Thank you!!!


This afternoon 3 mile Malibu walk!!

LOOK AT HER! :slight_smile:. !!! She so quiet and chill until she sees its walk or cheese training/tricks time…then the smiles come out!!!


dead lifts 45x12, 135x2, 205x2, 255, 295, 330x5 ( might be a rep pr, I’ve long since forgotten, I had more too but held off!)
265x10 x 3 sets
low rack pulls below the knee 45x3, 135x3, 225x3, 315x3, 335x3, 275x5x3 sets
sb walking lunges empty bar ( 35#) x 50 feet, 75# x100 feet, 95# x 100 feet
strict press bar only (45#) x 5, camber bar oh press bar only ( 80#) x 5 x 2 sets, 85# x 5, 95# x 5
claw grip rows 3 x 8 ss with pulling everything away
extra hip circlin!

My knees probably are acting up from my time with my lover–> any and all carries… I LOVE THEM SO! WORD!!

I’ll have to hold back a bit I guess…hmpf!! Hold back for a wee bit I can do, cut out completely HELL NO!


Wrt the “massage” aspect, I have a personal anecdote (n=1 does not equal proof, I know):

when I had the tendonitis, my (left) knee would start to throb after about 2+ hours (4 hr drive); one time, the pain got so annoying, I took my thumb and started grinding hard & deep into all the tendons around my knee, especially the big one that attaches to the outer quad; lo and behold, the pain was halved, and bearable.

I think the guy is being super safe in that patella release video, because he has to be, but in my opinion there is most definitely some benefit to massaging/kneading the tendons, and not just the muscles.