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Thanks Chicken!!! Right now I’m trying coax my girl into my room for a nap! She likes my cow hide rug in the living room a bit too much to convince her to move the 20 ish feet to do it :)!!

I might get some triple ply knee sleeves! My sbd’s were stolen when my car was stolen and I replaced them with sone double ply Strenght Shop ones. I like those a LOT since they are very easy to get on and off and are sweet black and yellow collars!

The triple ply I think would be nice for heavy front squats. We’ll see! The triple ply ones are white and black which is OK but not as cool!

They are not sbd level supportive or even really comparable to quality neoprine ones, they are BETTER-- I think! More flexible but still very nice snug fit on the knees! Much cheaper too !

Sbd’s are a panic attack to get off. I do not miss themfor training but it sucks since they were $100. More then once my calf’s swelled up too big to get the left one off with out me seriously planning cutting them off to release the tournequete action!

UPDATE: She came in :slight_smile:


Pull ups a set of 9
baby log clean once strict press reps (35 #) x5, 60x5, 85x4
Bigger log then normal( men’s log I think that’s 90#) clean once press with leg drive x3, 100x3, 110x3, 120
Empty big log clean once strict press reps 90# x4 x3 sets, x3
Swiss bar bench emom x 10 rounds 85#x3 first 5 sets a closer grip
FS 45x3, 135, 175, 205, 215x3, 230
185 x9 or 10 not sure,185 x5 x2 sets
T bar do x3 reps carry x 100 feet 297# x 2 trips, 307 x2 trips, 317x2 trips, 327x 1 trip, dl only 347 x 2 singles
Stepmill x20 mins
Rope climber ( tricep MONSTER more accurately describes it) x 6 mins
3 mile Malibu walk! :D!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!

Conclusions are for the dl rep and carry I think lighter and longer or lighter and more dl reps works best so I’m knocking down the wt on those. Might workout ok since my 24 hour fitness has a patch of area that I could use for carries and a tbar. This might help my pre-work lifting wake up times be later since that gym is much closer and would be empty the time of morning I’d go to do it. Sweet.


OH MY GOD!!! I have a diplomat in my house!!! Malibu learned to shake!!! Wahhhhh!!! This is a definite PR for everybody!!! WooooooHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I LOVE HER SO!!!


OMG! Such a smart girl! I can tell you are not excited at all! Congratulations!


THANKS CHICKEN!!! Another update…my GIRL!! She popped into her crate on her own during the dayyesterday while we were chilling. She chose it over any other spot! This is a VERY good sign for me to seal the deal. Me seeing with my own eyes that she likes her crate. She never gave me a reason to think she hated it but dog mom guilt reared it head thinking about her in there while I was away.

Malibu let me know that we are very akin as being independent ladies who like their own space! :D!!!

MmmmmHMMMM. ;)!!!


a set of 20 push ups
stones 107x3, 140x3, 167, 205# x 5* see below
sandbag loads 200# x 5 - a good minute or so between loads but much faster then stones
sand bag carry 50 feet then over yoke bar 200# x 1 trip, carry x 100 feet then load over bar x 2 goes
sand bag walking lunges 50# bag x 50 feet, 75# bag x 50 feet
sand bag over head walking lunges 50# x 50 feet
carry the 200# bag back to its spot ( 35 feet or so)
camber bar oh press empty (80#) x 5 x 2 sets, 85# x 5 x 2 sets
zercher yoke carries empty yoke ( 185#) x 50 feet x 2 trips
claw grip rows 3 x10-15 ss with superman back extensions x 10
did some not full rom ghrs x 10 or so-
3 mile Malibu walk- we saw horses on the trail :slight_smile:

I don’t care if I am gushing. Having a Malibu seriously makes me so content! I will brag like a little girl over her as much as I can! CONTENT. That is the ever elusive, physically expensive (I need to put in a lot physical labor to get it), sensation for me to achieve on my own steam-- having a good dog gives it in heaps. I LOVE IT!!! SO LUCKY!!! Oxytocin release in spades!!! Like living in a hug all day long!! :D!!!

some vids- I know I am slow like molasses…uh…means more time under tension right? SURE!!! HA HA! :D!!!
second carry and load

sand bag lunges

They are hard to balance!

  • eventually as in took forever and space between loads–not a good “picking” day for me. Skinned my chest too on one of the loads that is gonna hurt in the shower for a while. I am chicken-breasted and have a pointy sternum in spots. I don’t enjoy the idea of bruising or cracking a sternabrae! I have a mild dislocating/popping one that is seriously unnerving to have out of whack for days.

I might be over the pain in the ass/sternum stones can be. Today’s skinned boney chest parts sucked. I think I can get most of what I want out of the sand bags. Today I also picked up the 200# bag differently to make it harder- it being wider vs taller so in a way that was a pr. I carried it more like a stone load would look like. For sure holding it more upright is easier to carry longer and more hamstring then the quad attack I felt with my newer hold. So for distance I’ll do the other grip.

I will use my tacky towel until its dead then I won’t get a replacement, switch to only stones I don’t need the tacky towel to lift and sand bags for loading. That limits me to the 200# bag until I can get the 250# one up but loading the 200# bag is plenty hard enough for me, I can just do more reps vs heavier. I am very happy I loaded the 220 one! I think that’ll do it for me for a bit until I get the stone fever again.

That 250# bag will be next to impossible to load unless I get stronger on the new stone like hold on the 200 one. So I’ll keep going but I’ll have to use the upright position to ever have a hope of getting it off the ground.


I think Malibu is very lucky ro have found you too! She looks perfectly content as well!

Awesome carries. Ouch on the skinned up chest tho.


Thanks Chicken! :D!!!

Today- 3 mile Malibu walk :)!!

We passed two purebred beagles today, and all three dogs did the exact same excited whine when they saw another dog - volume, tone, identical and it was adorable!

She is very quiet except for the excited whine when other animals are near and has only barked a few times since I have had her–when someone is knocking at my door (she also woofs in her sleep!)

She is not a real beagle though as in no baying— yet!-thank good in heaven for mutts and mixes.


Tonight- rainy afternoon 3 mile Malibu walk :smiley:


deadlifts 45x8, 155x2, 199, 245, 310, 334x3
264x8 x 3 sets- wierd wts since I used kilo plates and regular
fs emom x 3 reps 185 x 9 rounds, last round was 2 reps
sand bag carreis 150# x 200 feet x 2 trips, x100 feet x 2 trips
4x10 claw grip rows

Who ARE yoooooooouuuu??? OH MY!!!

This showed up at turbo gym! I did not try it yet but you bet I will! I touched it though- hand print seen between dl sets. The fabric is slick = hard? MY MY MY!!! 200# sand bag orb! :D!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Last night- 3 mile Malibu walk :wink:

a set of 9 pull ups
log clean once strict press reps 67# x 5, 77#x5, 87#x5, with leg drive 97#x5, 102#x5, 107#x5<- that’s a rep pr
log clean once leg drive on the press 117#, 122#, 127# <–that is a log press poundage PR
clean once leg drive for reps 87# x 10 x 3 sets
emom x 3 reps swisss bar bench 95# ss with 3 pull ups x 10 sets
stone loads 107x2, 140x2, 167, 205, forever and ever later eventually got 220 laped twice, not able to load but got it up to the height
sand bag loads each set a little higher load 150# x 8 x 3 sets- highest load at collar bone height

I tried the ball pictured above and it is impossible for me at least!! HA HA!!! I’m not sure who is going to be using this, for sure much stronger people to practice crushing it for stones because this thing is WIDE ( wider diameter then most of the stones if not all of them going up to 350#) and have many sides on it…still cool!

I am not strong enough for that! I doubt I’d get it up if it was half the wt, its so WIDE!

Flash back Wednsday to the only heavy press I have on video of 145# way back in 2012. I used to do overhead squats a lot. I push pressed the wt up.

The most oh pressing of any type I did ever was a #155 push press (only one time ) and I was about 175# or so. I will NEVER have a body wt overhead press, I know my limits, I just won’t! SO 127# on Mr Log is pretty sweet as its 75% of my current body wt!! I might have a bit more in me in about a millions years…


I found the soft stones online and they are indeed gigantor! I don’t know the exact circumference of the normal stones but holy cow, this seem just much bigger! and not cheap!!!


22 oz. vinyl
70’’ circumference
22’’ diameter
Made in the U.S.


I have been eyeballing these on amazon.
They are a little cheaper, but still pretty pricey.
Three edits later… lol



Get ROGUE ONES! They are MUCH BETTER. A bit pricer but they are worth it!!! If they have a zipper that might hurt you when you are rolling them on your body!


ACTUALLY they are cheaper then those ones you saw on amazon!!

Super easy to fill, durable too! They shape out nicely as well. I LOVE the 150# one, really love the shape. You don’t have to fill them up all the way and you can even fill them with stuff that is less heavy then sand to get the wt you want.

Get a ROGUE!!!


Gotcha! I can’t have anymore new toys right now :tired_face: I have an unlimited amount of sand though. Maybe just have to use a feedsack for now… :grin:


I bet that’d work too with enough duct tape on it!! Really!! There are SO MANY ways to do cheap diy strongman!


I’m taking tomorrow off to take Jed to the reptile exhibit. If I’m not too freaked out (I really don’t like snakes) by the time we leave, we might down the river and see what we can find.


I hope you find something! You are very handy!! Plethora of options if you have the space for big wierd things!!


Yesterday afternoon 3 mile Sweet Cheeks/Malibu walk- saw more horses!!

Then family pool party spectacular!! One of my California sisters, 2 nephews, and a niece are in town. It’s become a lil thing that I am the only auntie who will swim ! Special Cool Aunt Status Activated!! It was fun having the kids and three other sisters to hang out and gossip indoor pool side too.

Water slides, lazy river , and musc other indoor water stuff . I also realized I am afraid of jumping off a diving board! I was sure I’d totally just do it but NOPE! Turns out I am truly terrified to and I started to realize too that I’ve never done it before. New life goal-- get the balls to jump off a diving board!! It has to be fun-

However I am full on afraid!
Pile up on the lazy river. :D!!

It was a full house but adorable, full of kids and moms having fun in the water. I don’t have a lot of contact with kids ever in my life except in grocery stores or other bad places to see them so the sweet happy vibe was nice of kids just having a blast.

I also taught me girl to HIGH FIVE!!!