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She looks very happy, getting out for nice walks right away! I trained my dogs to sit on the couch, sleep in the bed and eat bacon on the first day. You should have no problem.


Thank you!! I sure hope so! Today was also meeting 5 people in my life- 2 sisters, my Mama, my Pop, and a coworker who is also my neighbor. She did great for all of them! Great in the car too for the 2 45 min trips it took to get there and back to my parents house.

Only iffy moment was meeting Lum the Newfie, he is a good boy but also big , black, and barks just to talk! She did ok but Lum got a bit jealous that she was getting love from my mom.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the gym longer. :)!!!


Today–went to the turbo gym! She slept through the night no issues in her crate and was asleep still when I woke up at 3:30a so I took a chance! We did about a 15 minute smell and stuff walk then and then chilled a bit before I left to the gym at 4:30a

I purposely didn’t check my phone to check on her on the nanny cam until I had done what I wanted to do because I need to know sooner rather then alter if she is going to loose it home alone in her crate. After the carries I looked. This is a screen shot of her on my nanny cam. :)!!!

I had to really try and keep my composure to not burst into tears of relief. I am holding out on being excited and thrilled over her until I know for sure this will work, I’m not getting super attached. Cautiously optimistic, guarding my heart like BIG TIME.

log clean up strict press reps 67# x 5, 77# x 5, 87#x5, 92# x 5
67# x 15, 67# x 10 x 2 sets
swiss bar benching emom x 3 reps x 10 minutes with 100#
tbar deadlift x 8 reps then carry x 100 feet with 187# x 5 trips, then a walk between/ rest x couple mins , then 187#x8 reps carry 100 feet x 3 trips, same lil rest, then x 187# x 8 reps carry x 100 feet x 2 trips
This felt great! Challenging but not overly so

They changed the load on the car deadlift frame to this set up below. I did it a couple singles then x 3 just to see if I could. It has 2 #100 plates on each side and the tires. No idea how that correlates to anything except the thing itself.

The fire that was on it before was on the side so I tried it out. I’ve never really flipped a tire much except the stuff animal like ones at 24 hour fitness.

This one says its 440#. No clue the right form so I just braced and was careful,I think instead of my lumbering speed yo’re supposed to be more explosive and blast it with your a bench/push up type push with your pecks…

I do remember the massive bicep pump these do from the stuffed animal 180# and 220# ones I’ve done! I flipped this thing a total of 3 times and my biceps for sure feel it!


Dog stuff Malibu update: I think she is leery of most men. We went out for a business walk ( the idea to exercise vs smelling) and she got freaked out by a guy. We were walking faster and I attempted to pass him and she got scared seeing him and slipped her collar! She got loose and ran away!

Those super fast thoughts were there of course for me of “oh , well that was fun having a dog, she’s going to run away and I’ll never find her” fly by my mind. BUT! I called her and she came back! I tightened her collar, went home , got some slip leads from my job that I have a drawer full from work and got her leashed up again. SO slip leads along with her clipped leash to her collar, and we went back at it.

I think she is going to be a low energy exertion requirement dog. I think she prefers concrete jungle to nature type areas to walk. She did great when I changed the plans and walked her by my side around my apartment complex on the road in a circle for laps of about a mile. The nature type bike trail I think freaks her out too much. That’s cool with me.

She’s very different form Moss and Nigel. Those boys I walked like a daily prescription for at least 4 miles a day everyday. That amount was after months of working on them when they required multiple 4 mile walks a day. It took a long time to get them to where just that amount was enough!

Eventually after a year or so Moss just one day was fine with a mile before work and only longer walks of 5 miles on my days off 3 days a week. When this happened I was super proud.It wasn’t until he went really lame that we stopped this too, then the cascade of his behavior for medical treatment started to happen and that was that.He no doubt declined faster in his aggression to others when we couldn’t walk as much because he was lame.

Nigel- the dog before Moss- I used a wt’d vest with wt plates in as well to wear him out multiple times a day. Malibu might be ok with a mile or so? Maybe less? I dunno! I’m used to much more! I will learn hopefully if things keep going ok.

Yesterday she sleep for most the day after our adventures. We watched the 114# girl dead lift 431# on my IPF’s World Classic Powerlifing youtube on my smart tv. YEAH–114# with a 431 deadlift!!!

Fingers are still vise grip tightly crossed that this Mama adjusts well to what kinda life I have to offer her. She’s opening up more to me and is sweetly endearing in it–but I am holding back!

I’ve never owned a real street dog stray, I had only had lost owned dog and an owned but dumped by the owners parvo puppy. You can really tell for her humans were mostly things she ran into here and there in her life and not steady providers of a ton of affection or protection for her. I think her cautiously gentle nature is what lead her to be picked up at all. More dog as an animal then dog as a pet.

That’s FINE by me as long as she is not aggressive and won’t flip out on me in her crate. So we’ll see! So far its going well!


What a good girl Malibu! What did your family think of her?
Strong lifting as usual. The tire didn’t even look like a challenge for you…lol


Thanks Chicken!!

My family- loves her! I think they really want me to have a break with dogs! My mom is really happy too…she kept telling everyone “Sindie just needs a dog!” She didn’t tell me that directly in a way to let me get there on my own. She’s known I’ve been having a rough time since Moss passed away. He loved her!

I’m lucky I have people cheering me and Malibu on! The foster lady really thought I was a great fit for her and kept saying how happy she was hearing what I had to offer her. I hope the positive hopeful energy makes it work out for us!

  • My fingers are vice gripped and fiercely crossed *



Stone loads 107# x5, 140x5, 167x5, 205
FS 45x5, 135, 175, 195, 215, 225, 180 x5 x3 sets
Deadlifts x3 reps emom x ten rounds with 205
Ssb walking lunges 75#x100 feet, 95x100 feet, 125 x100 feet
Claw grip pulley rows x15, ss with back extensions x 10, see with camber bar presses x5
Did a couple x 5 of the camber bar before I started the SS’s
Walk on treadmill x 2.5 miles

My girl is doing well! Yesterday we also met 3 people and a dog. 2 were men , one a lady, and one male little dog. She was sweet and gentle with everyone.

Getting to the nitty gritty for formulating her schedule while I work. I am currently out of my house with her in her crate. I’ll be gone for roughly 4 hours, a couple hours longer then yesterday to simulate and gauge how she will do while I’m working.

I am going to be able to come home during my work day to let her out, but that is unclear when I’ll for sure be able to,it might be at noon or it might be later.

Anyways! :D!! Here she is now on my webcam. She slept through the night fine, she is however smart. She will try and take bits of her food out of the crate when I put it in. I feed her only when it’s crate time and put it in there so she is enticed to go voluntarily.

Moss was great about that. Very few times would get try and trick me by grabbing his food temptatuon out of the crate and not go in. I think this girl might try that but ain’t gonna jive with her new Mama! I’m loving but won’t tolerate nonsense!

I think we will get along great, I hope and pray we do!


The bar is 80# but it doesn’t mean the same with the way it’s shaped. Cool though!

MY GIRL!!!:D!!!


Today I hope to spend again watching the IPF world’s on my smart TV with Malibu. uniterested in most sports watching bit absolutely get it’s lure if it’s something you’re into!

They have commentary too, full on stats and lil bios on the lifters and SLO mo replay for the IPF big meets and it makes it so much better watching!

I highly suggest anyone who is even remotely into PL give it a view! There’s a plethora of vids to choose from. All the fun stuff of a PL meet without the hours of waiting in-between. Also nice to hear people who know what they are talking about comment on form!


Today- 5 mile walk just me , not there yet for that long of walk with Malibu

Things are gong well for us! Big test comes Sunday through Wednesday when I go back to work and she’s up in her crate. I think it’ll go well! I sure hope it does! ****

I do need to get her used to the leash walks. This will take some training at least on my part. I am not sure how to even start. My other dogs were big powerful breeds who took a lot more dominance to direct-- I think a harder hand would be the wrong way to go with her. She was a stray until six months ago and most of that six months was being pregnant, nursing puppies, held in the pound in Houston, transferring up here, then in a medical boarding facility for her heartworm treatment which lasted a month, then a week at the foster’s place, then I got her 3 days ago.

I don’t want to be hard on her at all, I think a gentle approach is what is going to work on this girl. I however have zero personal experience with training a former gentle stray how to heal on a leash!

I emailed a trainer my friend recommended so we’ll see. I do think getting this leash business figured out will really solidify our bonding. BIG TIME. She so far seems that she could be totally fine without training but I want to enjoy our walks and now they are unorganized with her unsure where to walk–I think she’d enjoy them too once she learns to walk by my side. I need training.

Yesterday we watched home type shows-- Grand Designs, House Hunter type stuff. I could not watch them for months because they made me too depressed- because I was lonely and super down. Like how watching a super romantic movie when you are alone e or had a rough broke up is awful. For some magic reason I enjoy them again-- the house shows! :wink:

I’ve texted the foster who had her with updates. She has sent back a lot of gratitude and really is happy she got a home with me! :)!!!

We have people rooting us on so we can be a lil family and it means a lot to me! Help give me confidence that Hey, I AM a good dog owner! Team Malibu Francis Fury!! :)!!!


Sounds like y’all are doing just fine. I got HotRod when he was 6 months to a year. He still can’t walk on a leash. Gets all spastic! But we have worked it out. I’m not perfect either. You girls will figure out a way to make it work.
Go Team Fury!


dead lifts 45x10, 135, 185, 245, 280, 310, 330x3
265x8 x 3 sets
fs emom x 10 rounds with 175#
sand bag carries 150# x 200 feet x 2 trips, x 100 feet x 2 trips

SHE is doing GREAT!!! SO far so good on being in the crate while I am at work, today was the first try of me going to the gym before work and so far…so good!!! :)!!!

Her foster sent some pictures of her with her puppies!!!

And a screen shot of her being great in her crate while I am at work!!!

Its still very early days and i am well aware that things could change but I am ENJOYING THIS!!! :)!!! Today when I was driving back from the gym it was raining and hard to see. I thought " BE CAREFUL!!! Malibu’s at home and she needs you to make it home safe!!"

That’s exactly what I have needed. Someone to come home to who it matters that I exist. My family and everyone I love of course ( not just of course, I know I am incredibly lucky to have them!) too, but its a very different feeling of purpose. It’ll be a year tomorrow that I put Mossimo down.

Feeling this after not quite a week with a new dog that I don’t know that well yet ( I LOVE HER!!! I LOVE HER!!! I LOVE HER!!!) solidifies this and gives me confidence that even if she doesn’t work out ( I am pretty sure she will!!) , I can and will try again until the right one steps into my life. Malibu is an angel I’ve needed no matter how long she is with me.

My past for sure has darkness that I defeated with my OWN inner fortitude. I have faced serious underworld shit and come on the other side!! I have knowledge stitched into my heart that was hard won. Nobody can take that away from me. No one can convince me that I do not know right from wrong, that I don’t know what is tolerable and what is not.

Anyone who attempts to use my past-- that I survived in every breathe I take- as an attempt to veil their own actions towards me has zero place in my life at all.

I take my responsibilities seriously, but have learned I can’t do it all or keep it to myself and that I can trust the right people at the right times when I need help. I know I can and WILL rely on these people when I need them again. I will do the same for them happily!!!

My heart ain’t broken!! IT WORKS JUST FINE!!!
330 x3 dl’s today too!


So happy for you brute ! your post made me smile , love it!


I’m with Spock! This makes me so happy!!!


X3 congrats on the new love!




log clean ince strict press singles 67#, 87#, 107#, with leg drive 117#, 122#
77# x 10, 77x5 x 2 sets
stone loads 107# x 7, 140x5, 167, 205
140# x 5, sand bag loads 150# x 5, 200# x 5 singles
t bar dl 5 reps every 100 feet 207# x 800 feet ( set down some, turned some), then x 4 100 foot trips with a short rest ( 20 seconds or so) between
stepmill x 20 mins

My cns is a bit tired from all my personal excitement! Who cares though??

Week one has been a success!!! I’m so proud of my Malibu! Today I should get a new tool to try and fix our some what dysfunctional business walks. An easy harness that leads from the chest–we’ll see! I will figure it out. She’s been a real dream girl so far so she’s getting some extra leeway on the walks- I really don’t like the pulling but this girl is doing so well otherwise. its not her fault I can’t find a way to teach her that works yet.

NO MATTER—>I have a dog to walk! :D!!! She’s opening up and showing more normal dog behavior…I have spotted her twice now gently picking up my addidas sandal to nibble, kinda carry it away like a puppy by the scrub of the neck…no idea her intention there but she responds great to NO! I think this means its time to find her a toy.

I have a kong for her that yesterday she started to chew vs sucking on looking for the chicken inside. I think this means she’s letting her hair down a bit! So I will find her a toy that will help her be playful!

A year ago last night was when I sent My Beloved Mossimo to heaven. I’m so thankful I have a dog to be with me a year later. I won’t ever celebrate that day and I will won’t forget it. It was a hard task to do something I worked on planning for months to sent him out the right way.

This does not overshadow my excitement over my girl now though! We’re off for an adventure today - just getting out of the house together and joy riding in my car!

She’s so easy to be with!!! :)!!! :)!!!


She sounds like such a sweet girl! New toys are fun. She’s probably never had a toy :slightly_frowning_face:

I am so happy this is working out!

Hope y’all have a great day together!

Sorry to hear about the sad anniversary, but glad you are not letting it interrupt your present. I’m sure Moss would have wanted you to be happy!

800 feet? Wow!


Thanks Chicken!!! I think you’d love the tbar rep/carries!!! I really like them!

I have a bit of a extended version of a reply that’s more Dear Diary related! I’ll post below!


For the carries I was stuck mentally trying to do max wt for somewhat long distance tbar/frame/rigshaw/handle carries and hit a wall a while ago. My hands and callouses turned into tight cramped lobster claws.

That one exercise I kept doing and doing more and more effected my hands so much my other workouts paid for it, knees too! I couldn’t grip straight bars/pull up bars with as much force since they were still sore and calloused in the tbar/frame shape! It also made work hard the next day drawing blood, restraining, using syringes- you get the idea. Also my knees felt I might blow them pushing it so far.

I get stuck on exercises a lot and do them over and over add more and more wt, distance, reps, or whatever until they have limited payoff for actual training progress and it becomes wild. Instead it turns into my own brain compulsively circling the rut.

Its an obsessive compulsive behavioral thing. WAHOOOO!!! :D!!! I know I have this in my brain chemistry and I give myself a lot of leeway in training because of it. I’m MILES ahead of the level of compulsive behavior with exercise I historically have been. Break thoroughs in this are celebrated!

Adding those freakin dl reps in the mix for to the carries themselves makes me feel ANY wt I use is TOTALLY a worthwhile workout. Upper back lights up, triceps, forearms, good conditioning movement thus successfully braking the rut in my brain of heavier and longer and heavier and longer equating falsely in my mind as more worthwhile.

Its not a even close to a logical frame of mind even for someone who’s been lifting long enough to know better, but its my default thought rut just like my default hair color red.


5 mile walk just me Malibu isn’t there yet and probably is not a distance girl. I’m figuring her out!

I am still feeling the cns drain from my wonderful new life! :)! I’ll happily take it since Malibu is doing great! Yesterday we had a blast of visiting my family, being stuck in traffic for an hour, then hanging out and finishing a book on my couch! :D!!! THIS IS SOOOOO NICE!! We spent the longest day of the year in bed by 8:30p. :)!!!

We are on day 6 or so on “cheese sits” training and she is doing so well :)!!! I filmed her today to share with her foster and with the internet at large.

Here we ar ein teh only picture I have together so far. I am in Full on Dog Mom Mode with multiple layers of sunblock clothing on, hat hair, scratching a happy dog butt :slight_smile:

She’s currently chewing on a bone in front of the window. I have missed that sound SO MUCH. It triggers sound brain muscle memories of happy content times before, and presently!! I am SO LUCKY!!! :)!!!