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New Log.
RE-INTRO: My name is Brute. I'm an ER/ICU veterinary technician, dork, and generally good natured weirdo. I live in Denver, CO USA and am 29 years old. 5'8" plus a few centimeters right now wt's 170 plus or minus a few #'s.

deads 300x4, 225x14,245x10,265x7
gm's 95x10 x 4 sets
ghetto ghr's and reverse hypers 8x2sets
24 mins cardio

Here's links to my old logs:




Fiiiiiirsssst!!! flex, roar

Edit: You forgot to add that you have a truly excellent lifting wardrobe, good taste in music, squat the world, deadlift the universe, and are generally an all-around badass.

Good lifting today. 24 minutes precisely? grin


I keep forgetting you're the same height I am.

goddamnit i should be deadlifting more.


Woot woot, 1st page anyways! Yep, still keeping track of you girl!


Your introduction really downplays your unique combination of strength and beauty. Otherwise, nice shiny new log you've got here! Kickass pulling, as always.


this place needs a Nigel pic to look more homey :wink:




sayin hi! excited for your new log---and yes, you's strong!


Wait! That's my nickname for her.


Yeah baby!! New log!

Here's to killing it, Brutiful! Happy lifting :slightly_smiling:


Where's the videos at?


WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!! THANK YOU for all the great vibes!!!!:smiley:

I return them all in kind !!!!

overheads 115x15,125x10,130x8
fronties 135x14,x10,10
squats bar, 135, 185, 225, 255, 275, reached too deep and failed at 290-- called it a day
sprints with Nigel--6 sets of 45 secs on45 off--FANTASTIC way to tire him out in the blazing sun- new tool for training :slightly_smiling:

nothing to write home about today. greasing up the pan so to speak from an impromptu deload.

PLAN- squat a few times a week, not for maxes just to get the cobwebs off. :slightly_smiling:


I haven't shown the new log love yet?!

Awesome lifting, I second Kris' post. Apart from the whole "first" thing. Obviously I'm not first... obviously lol


^^ Ha! Nikki agrees with me. After all those times agreeing with her, I feel validated and speshul. :slightly_smiling:


sprints sound like a fun thing to do with nigel. that is a big day of squatting!


NIKKI! ! ! ! ! !

WORD Kristof :smiley:


Deadlifts 300x2 WTF? grip was off MOFO. SO then 305 x ten singles,295,295,275,225x ten, 245x8, 265 x2
Gms 95xten x 2 sets,
Reverse alt lunges 95 x2 total not per leg
Overheads 95x twenty one, one fifteen x ten.

Yes, my number one /exclamation key is still busted :stuck_out_tongue: I don't feel like copy and pasting the one's today

Nigel sprints x 7 or 8. I lost count but claimed victory when I tired him out :smiley: joyous!! mmmuahhhahaha!!

OH! Alexus--the sprints are great for busting up Nigel. I'm no sprinter, but I go as fast as my thunder thighs allow without catching my shorts aflame. Not exactly HITT more like damage control for a very very big puppy:)


Here's some more


:smiley: :smiley:


Your new log/same name confused me. Heh.
Awesome deadlifting. Your deadlifts make me cry. Well, almost.
Love your sprints - don't fall over him now, eh?


hey MiM and Cal:)

benching 120x5,125x4,139x2,135 2 singles, 125x3, 130x 2.

really busted and tired from work.sleeps all fucked up again as well :{

squats 135, 185,225, 245, 265, 275,went too deep and failed 285
overheads to stretch out 95x10


How do you get 139 on the bar for bench? Do you have weird plates? I have a couple of 1.25lb plates that are great for easing up bench.

Seriously though, when will there be more video?