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That was the last log, now this is the new one.
A re-intro: My name is Brute. I'm an ER ICU veterinary technician, dork, and general good natured weirdo.
I'm 5'8" plus a few centimeters, right now I'm around 165# give or take a few. And I'm 29 years old.

today was deadlifts at RMLC. I love those round plates...
bar, 135,185,225, 245,265,285
305x6 (PR!),315x3(PR!), grinder 335, fail at 345.
295x4,x3,285x4x 5 sets,285x3x 2sets, 275, 225x21, 245x8,x2

chamber bar squats- i'm still not sure how much this weights. If the bar is 45, i did 115x8x5 sets, 135x5x2sets, 145x3, 155,165,175

ghr's bw a 8x4 sets, a misc reverse hyper set.


Yeah buddy!!!

Keep killing it Brute! You're an inspiration (and a total hottie wink wink)


Look at those motherf@ckin DL numbers!! Serious shit.

And, you have awesome legs...really...awesome.


:smiley: thanks mashy and giterdone!!


MORE PRs! Freaking Awesome.
So your new gym has a fur rls GHR contraption?


Wow, DL PR first post of new log... sweeeet :slightly_smiling:


as Nikki pointed out, what a fantastic way to start a new log.
all those PR!
way to go girl.


hey Hallowed! YES, Turbo gym does have a real ghr bench! that is very exciting action :slight_smile:

thanks nlmain and Nikki!

clean and jerk
111#, 121#, 133#, 138#, 143 fail, then 121# x3x7 sets, 133, 138, 133x2 singles
then 99x8,x7,x5,x5
Bulgarian split squats 105x10/leg, 125x8/leg, 135x7/leg, 145..then i didn't feel like it anymore..eh


Wow on those bulgarian split squats! Single leg work is so tough.


thanks nadia!

I went to RMLC at about 8am and did some ghr's.I'm not sure i'm doing theses correctly :{ I kinda press way hard onto the pad because my quads get practically bruised and very red --but i can feel it in the tippy top of my hamstrings so word.

5 sets of 8 bw, then tried with a 25# did ten or so.

having this new work schedule is incredible!! i end up with three days weekends!! I feel like its summer vacation :slight_smile: i'm still tinkering with what this means for my workout schedule, but so far its been fine. just not so hot of lifts after a ten hour shift, but plenty of time to rest and do whatever on the weekends. I feel very lucky :slight_smile:

....but i still end up being free and ready to go blasting when everyone's asleep, everything is closed, and the cops are on the street bored and looking for easy tickets. I go to walmart alot :{


how do you not injure your hamstrings? How many times a week do squat vs. dead for example?? fuck.


What's up with the wonky weights? Do you have access to bumpers now?


Totally groovin' on your deads... a bit jealous maybe even :wink: Great work.


hey Bre!--i'm crazy. I'm not the smartest when it comes to training because I am ruled in a large degree when it comes to working out by weird sorta OCD type stuff--and for me i've always had a squat thing.

I don't train heavy regular squats that much anymore, at least not for reps. just reps of various types of squats. In the past i used to rep out regular back squats every day, with incorrect form of course, but every day.

When i get sore, its rarely hamstrings but back soreness, more like lower back fatigue. or sore quads form front squats. for some reason my hammies are fairly oblivious to things :{ not sure why except i must not be training them as hard as i could? or i'm just crazy :)! whohoo!!

hey bobbi! yep! they are funkafied kgs! they have em at my local 24

thanks n8tive! i'm plenty jealous of you too GRRR !

i'm sitting here waiting for turbo (RMLC) gym to open up so i can go bench. I'm not sure how my benching is coming along, or what i'm going to strive for at the meet for my attempts. I'm note sure what i'm going to attempt for any of the lifts to be honest :} I'm just hoping for a real chill fun thing, i get far too nervous and blow it if i put pressure on myself.

I think after the meet i'm going to really give an effort to the snatch and a real clean and jerk. have one day a week of the various lifts. My version of clean and jerks still are not quite regulation, but i'd like to change that. Still going to do mainly powerlifitng type stuff, but i love any party explosion type movement. so word!


I have confusion about how to do GHRs too. I push hard with the feet against the plate as well. I did read on elitefts the other day that you want to keep your feet neutral--ie don't let them point out.


thanks nadia! yeah, i gotta watch and learn again for those things. i do point my toes out, but i just was copying what the dude in the video was doing! blehh

today was bench day so of course it was lame!
extra lame for some reason too. eh. I did various sets for various wt's and i'm not even going to list them. they were nothing to shout about, nothing remarkable in anyway except they were not hot.

i left the turbo gym feeling like it was an uneventful endeavor, so i popped by the closest 24 and did some cardio for 35 mins. a few sets of HITT thingies mixed in.


Hey there, just marking a spot here.

When is the next meet again??


I think you are probably just really conditioned. the more often I squat and deadlift heavy, the less likely I am to be smacked down by DOMs and contining to go heavy frequently becomes a less daunting task. My take: conditioning.


hey MiM!!!:slightly_smiling: meet is December 4th

speaking of with today's workout was the last of the rep party ones. I'm not real happy with how my squat looks or feels, but whatever. I haven't been giving it my all in that, having to much fun doing other things.

I need to figure my attempts,so this week will be that mixed with ss cardio i suppose. I need to try squatting without doing other things first. i need to figure out if my form is a fatigue issue or an all out bad form slip to old ways. we'll have to see.

overhead squats 95x8,115x10,x9,x8,125x6
front squats 135x18,x12,x10,x10
squats bar, 135, 185, 225, 245, 265

didn't like how those felt or looked. so i did some misc benching 95x14,115x6,125. some bw rows.

then back to squat again 135,185, 225, 250, 275. need some definite attention to that. i doubt i'll get very far in the next week or so, but that's ok. wt's been pretty decent:) today, after a few sodas in pants n stuff was 164. so i'mhappy with that :slightly_smiling:


hey owlie!!!! :)!